Information in this Thread is already in Forum, but as we are receiving each day tens of Email asking us to activate GB-KEY, so I did Make this Thread separatly..

-You are a new User and you just received GB-KEY
-You just activated you Infinity product to use GB-Key...

How To activate...

See VIDEO Please :

Remember that is important use : an Email, as a User, Password can be any of your choice, and in reseller case, write the correct reseller name that did sell you the important for waranty, retrieve info or reset data.

After Activation, You can Use Gb-key.
Remeber your User/pass, or better keep a copy of the file : NCKSO.INI in case you use in another PC or you do format, you will need that data.

Hope is clear

any other questions, plz Open New Thread, and not hijack others threads.

Best Regards