Q1: I receive GB-Key and SW do not ask for activation, but give message User/password Error
A: Contact with your reseller, to provide user/pass, coz he already activated your GB-Key

Q2: I Forgot My password, what can I do ?
A: Make request from WEB GB-Key | First in the World and provide user + SN, you will receive pass in your email 24h/48h

Q3: What can I do if I forget my User ?
A: You have to give proof that you are the owner of the GB-Key SN, this is done to protect users that lost there GB-Key to be used by thief. (Proof can be history log, reseller confirmation etc

Q4: Can I change my User / pass ?
A: This can be done by Team members only and is not Usual, so before activation, please think well about it

Q5: Where to download last version of SW, Drivers etc ...
A: All Updates are annonced in this Section, and there Mirror thread for download, last ver of SW is always in GB-Key | First in the World

Q6: Codes are too small on screen, can i make size large ?
A: Put cursor in screen and use +,- to make it larger and smaller.

Q7: When I buy GB-Key, can I give free codes in Forums ?
A: NO. The tool is yours and you can do Unlimited Unlock, but never post free codes for beggers, that can be a reason to block your Key (a simple consultation on server for imeis we'll know if codes are done by your GB-Key or no (even you edit operation Log).