Starting from 1st January 2k14, All GBKEY users who are interested to continue using new updates will need to pay 1 Year activation.

Q: what is 1 year activation, and how much it will coast ?
A: 1 Year activation will permit user to use all new updates starting from 1 January 2014, unlimited unlock No credits needed, and price is 40 eur / Year.

Q: where can I buy 1 year activation ?
A: you can purchase directly from GBKEY SW, in Config Tab, or contact oficial resellers with stock available here :

Q: If I do not want to Pay, I will not be able to use GBKEY SW ?
A: You will be always able to use all versions of GBKEy SW released before 2014 ( using new ver of SW will get New models disabled)

Q: WHat is advantage of this Activation?
A: Responding to Users Poll, with this activation, no more credits needed,and no more limitations nor packs

Q: I want continue pay credits when I need, cause I do not have quantity of phones
A: Use latest ver of GBKEY released before 2014 (Using new ver of SW will get New models disabled).

Q: What about My credits I did pay before ?
A: If you have credits in your account, and you pay 1 Year activation, you will always use your credits after 1 Year...they will not be lost. (or spend in Onlinse services like LG Codes)

Q:What about pack1 I did pay before ?
A: Your pack1 is always available, and you will always able to unlock phones that need this pack.

Q: I have no pack1, can I unlock phones that need this pack with 1 Year activation ?
A: Yes You can do durant 1 Year after payment, when period of 1 year is over, you will need renew or buy pack1.

Q: I did buy GB-Key in 2013 but I did regiter it with User/pass in 2014, what I have ?
A: All GBKEY Registred from 1 January 2014, will have automatically 1 Year of Unlimited use, after 1 year they can only use sw ver released before end of their activation, unless they renew activation

Q: If I buy GBKEY in December 2013, is it better to wait till 2014 to have 1 Year of unlimited unlock ?
A: If you think you can not get benefit of 40 eur with GKEY in 1 month, perhaps is better for you.

Q: I have quantity of phones and I need use this activation now, can I do ?
A: If is the case, let us know and we will make it possible

Q: Iphone check and LG codes are included in 1 year activation ?
A: these are externale services, and will not be Available in new ver of GBKEY starting from 1 January 2k14

Q: Why is activation expensive (40 euro) ?
A: If you do not earn 40 eur/year unlocking phones, start thinking of change sector

Q: How long I will have Free Features if I pay 1 year activation in February 2014, time to finish MY credits
A: Period of 1 year will start from the day you make payment , so you will get Free Features till February 2015.

if you have any more questions, let us know and we will replay with pleasure.

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