Why should we use XP?

Eventhough GB Key support Windows 8 but your device may not support the driver so better use windows xp

Not SUpported Models

Phones with Intel AtomCPU are not supported yet

zte-g r250 pinout

Almost phones work with lg gw300 rj 45

GBKey asking password

Check the link:

What Is Error (Wrong User or Password) & [How to Solve It]

Read about PACK 1


Qualcomm Dumping Program

Download from the link:

GB Key Drivers Link

Index of /updates


If you have Huawei y320 and you need unlock,just select Huawei Panama, fill IMEI and calculte your Unlock code.

Vodafone 555

Try Holding Backspace or Enter Button

sfr 118

Select OT2000 / OT2010 and try unlock,
also try make backup selecting MT6250 and USb cable. sfr118 and ot-2040 same this is spd cpu type

ZTE zali

connect phone in "Download" mode:
press and hold Vol+ Vol- then insert USB cable into the phone.

alcatel 1030

Download Driver and try:

Alcatel OT 918

You Need Alcatel Android Driver and CDC Serial Driver. Driver found in the support.

ZTE V-768

You need Broadcom_smartphone_USB_Driver.rar
Method: Direct unlock

zte blade 3

Neet to root phone
New security so needed firmware

ZTE Blade G

Check the Link:

ZTE Blade G unlocking with GB-Key

alcatel OT-4007

-put non accepted sim inside phone
-click direct unlock and connect power off phone to USB
-power on phone and check if all oK, if still ask code, enter manually NCK (you get it in LOG )
-go menu ->setting and make : FACTORY DATA RESET

OT6010 Bloqued counter unlocked

For more:

OT6010 Bloqued counter unlocked [User Report]

zte blade v unlock

Phone must in FTM mode
Please select ZTE Blade G and do Unlock

Alcatel virgin vm575

v575 : Alcatel _> Cable MTK , the last one in the list, unlock with simple USb cable

doro 612 / All Doro

You can also use Generic MTK Method that should work for all Doro phones

with rj45 cable+ FTDI

huawei G5520

-select huawei-cable mtk-g5520(USB)
-click direct unlock
-conect usb cable to power off phone

TMN ZTE Easy48/R255

Check the link:
Error Unlocking TMN ZTE Easy48/R255

vodafone v860

check the link:
vodafone v860 unlock done

alcatel ot 232

se Alcatel s210 Cable

Check the Video:
unlock alcatel ot 232 via gb key locked to orange armenia gsmservicearmenia - YouTube

Beeline E600

Check the Link:
Beeline E600

Alcatel OT-V860

Use windows XP Operating system
Install the driver:
connect usb cable to Power off phone and check in Device Manager, if new device appears, install it ( Broadcom USB to Serial).
when Driver installed, si do JOB... Direct Unlock

zte staraddict II

Note: Staraddict 2 = Alcatel OT-995 with Qcom CPU .. Supported
Staraddict 2 Plus = Intel CPU .. Not Supported at the moment

connect POwer On phone to USB need FTM mode

Success Report:
unlock staraddict 2 with gbkey done

6030 preloader drivers

Direct unlock blocked alcatel 6030 idol done in sek. with GBKEY v1.55 beta2
SUccess report:
Post Here Your Success Unlock Stories With GbKey


Success Report:
wrong code for SFR StarAddict (NOIR)

Zte open

Success Report:
Zte open unlocked

huawei g6

Success Report:
huawei g6 unlock done gbkey

vodafone v860

nokia usb cable (ca-01)/or anyother micro usb cable
Insert Correct Driver from Support
Check the Video:
Vodafone Smart 2 Direct Unlock - YouTube

tele2 phone v2

Sometimes you get problem drivers. So uninstall old driver and install this one.

zte g-r250 user code

Use Generic MTK and you can read User code for almost all MTK phones ( 90%)

Alcatel OT-303 but code wrong

Reset/Format the phone and try code. 100% solution.


Dipendra Pathak