zZ-Key Release zZNkToolv0.08b MASSIVE NOKIA UPDATE.

Are you ready for more???

Whats New:
1-Introduced Full BB5 Flashing ULTRA-FAST over USB.
-New & Old Flashing Protocol Supported
-Infineon XGOLD 213 Flash Procedure Supported
-Auto-Dead Mode Selected, soft detect when phone is dead or not connected.
-RPL Certs Backup Read/Write added over USB.
-RPL Simlock SL3 Read/Write added over USB.
Supported CPU:
Rap3Gv3 (All)
Rap3Gv4 (All)
Rapidos (All)
New Rapidos (All)
Rapido Yawe (All)
Rapuyama v1.1 (All)
Rapuyama v2.1 (All)
BroadCom (All)
Infineon XGOLD213 (All)

2- Direct Local Mode Only with Cable USB (Exclusive)
-Now is possible read/reset user code on BB5 blocked phones without special cables, just USB.

3- Improved SL3 HASH Read Procedure, Now is More Fast and 100% Guarantee Without Remove Battery.

4- RSA SL3 Procedure Improved, More Fast and More Secured .

5- Windows 7 (x32 and x64) Compatibility.

6- Fixed minor details.


Some tests:
- Nokia C3-00 full backup RPL via USB
- Nokia C3-00 flashing 100% ok in less than 2mins
- Nokia 5130 flashed ok with our zZKey
- Video showing Nokia C1-01.1 Xgold213 sucessfully flashed with zZKey:

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