In order to prevent "Unexpected applet status" issue in the future we recommend to update your 4SE cards with the latest card SW updater.

Important Notes:
- The updater should be used only once and only for serial up to 000000000B33.
- SN after 000000000B33 are already updated and dont require to be updated again.
- NEROkey cards dont require any updates for now.
- Update requires a internet connection.

Procedure for update:
- Connect 4se card with reader(make sure you dont have any other card or reader attached on Pc)
- Press BURN button
- SW will connect to server and make an update for your card.
- Wait till it says: The card updated successfully.
- Update completed.

Update Log:

card4SE v1.4
Connecting server...OK
SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader 0: ATR:3B7D95000080318065B0831148C883009000
Processing reader 1 / 1 (SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader 0)...
S/n: 000000000675 v1.0
Opening secure channel...OK
Deleting com.4se.semc...OK
Deleting com.4se...OK
Loading applet...v1.1...OK
Installing applet...s/n: 000000000675...OK
The card updated successfully
You can disconnect the cards now
Done! (12 sec)
Download card update software from

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