GPG EMMC BOX Section Rules (Must Read Every USER)

(1) If you need help with software error or connecting problems?

just post screen shot and phone condition (Not Post Logs) and complete details so that we will be able to provide you good, fast and accurate support

(2) who want flash file/Dump e.t.c. file?

First check the support site of GPG EMMC and check there. If you did not see there, then post your request in single post including your GPG EMMC Serial Number and wait. If we have such a file / dump, then, surely we will give you the accurate link.

Note: If the users EMMC serial number and the ip address different, we ignore that post or the post will be deleted.

(3) if User Post Flash File/Dump request in Main GPG EMMC Section except the link we suggest to post post will be deleted.

(4) Do not ask about update every moment. We know this. When Update will be ready, It will be available in GPG EMMEC BOX News Section as well as Support section.

(5) Do you have any report of bug in new update? just post ur problems with updates thread no need to make separate thread by each and every user.

(6) Some threads like -

Does this model support?
What team thinks....
plzz help -
Supporter plz helppp me -
problemsssssss -
I need help
looks inside
Have look
separate plzzz answeeeeee
Post without screen short or detail information

all are considered as SPAM and will deleted without notification. We also request to Admin, band such a users who post such information time to time to the section.

(7) If someone already answered the thread and we think that is correct answer, then, we do not touch the thread because the answer is alredy there.

(8) If some users get problem first check the section. If he think that the solution not there, then, can make seperate post. If the similar problem find by other uses they can use same link but if the problem is different, then, they must make different post. If they post different post, post is considered as hijacking and will be deleted.

(9) Respect to GpgEMMC Box product supporters and managers and every users.

(10) @ New Users if you Face any problem just read user manual. Most of manuals you will find in sticky threads. Screen Shorts are also manuals so you will find it:

GPGEMMC Box Successfully Unlocked / Repaired / Flashed Phones !!!

(11) If you want to post your success reports, please use this link:

GPGEMMC Box Successfully Unlocked / Repaired / Flashed Phones !!!