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    "IR-Key" All you need


    "IR-Key Suit" version 4.10.2 Released HTC One SU,ST,AC Change imei CID,ADB Push
    "IR-Key Suit" 4.9.8 Released. activation Usb Debugging, HTC One Change imei CID MID
    "IR-Key Suit" 4.9.6 Released. HTC One dual Change imei CID,Install Auto Recovery
    "IR-Key Suit" 4.9.3 Released. 50 models HTC, Model ID error Fixer, and many more
    "IR-Key Suit" version 4.9.0 Released added HTC Jewel,Dell Android,China Android.
    IR-Key v4.8.1,Added HTC Puccini & Desire C & X & Sensation XL & HBOOT Editor & ONE SU
    IR-Key ver 4.7.3 1st in the World Full Dump & Dump partitions & HTC Desire X Unlock !
    Ir-Key 4.6.9 Added HTC EVO Viwe 4G, HTC Express (Flyer), HTC Puccini (Jetstream)
    Irkey 4.6.2 Released !! Added HTC JEWEL AND HTC Fireball
    IrKey 4.5.9 HTC *Butterfly X920d (Deluxe_UB1) & HTC Thunderbolt (Mecha)
    Irkey 4.5.0 HTC Mondorudo,HTC MYST,HTC EVO 3D,DELL StreakAndroid Devices
    irkey 4.4.1 Grand Update!! HTC ONE VX - HTC Droid DNA - HTC One XL Imei Repair & More
    Irkey 4.3.5 added HTC DELUXE_J / M7_WLJ / Valente_wx >> for Imei Repair - Cid - S Off
    Irkey v4.2.8 HTC ONE 801e-HTC J ONE-HTC One SV-HTC Sensation XL Much More On The Way
    IR-Key ver 4.1.8 Released Adding Premium Download Center & Much More !!
    Please Welcome IRKEY - Presented by Inside HTC Reasearch Team - IRkey 4.0.2 Released

    This will install the file, and then click Update.
    "IR-Key Suit Full Setup" version 4.9.3

    Download the latest version:
    IR-Key Suite 4.0.2 (beta Version) Click on Download
    Zip File Password : Code:
    Downloads | IRTCI GROUP

    Supported model list:
    irkey Supported model list and fuctions

    IR-Key Tutorials & Manuals
    Help Video = HTC K2 U/UL/PLC (HTC ONE SV) Downgrade,S-OFF,Change IMEI, SuperCID etc
    Video tutorials, setup the IR-Key
    Training video, CID change in IR-Key
    Training video, download the ROM and the IR-Key
    Video tutorial downgrade HTC phones
    Video training, recovery of compressed files to install For S-OFF phone
    Training video, IR-Key Update
    Enable all languages
    HTC K2 U/UL/PLC (HTC ONE SV) Downgrade,S-OFF,Change IMEI, Change CID, SuperCID
    activated all languages For Android devices
    HTC Ville_U (HTC ONE S) Downgrade,Change IMEI, Change CID, SuperCID, Unlock Sim Network
    Install any original ROM without S-OFF, GoldCard And change CID
    [How-To] HTC Monarudo (DNA) Downgrade,Change IMEI, Change CID, SuperCID
    Installing a custom recovery for the bootloader unlocking phones
    Installing a custom recovery for S-OFF the phones
    Last uploaded files on the IR-Key server
    Troubleshooting "Model ID Error" updated ROM
    "Solve" problem charging in FASTBOOT and Security Warning
    *Video* Creating Goldcard
    *Video*Direct and automatic unlocking bootloader
    Video tutorial, install Android on HTC HD Mini
    Htc Leo
    *Video* HTC ONE SU(T528t)(cp2dtg) ringer failures, Hong problems,call reject,...
    *Video* HTC Sensation XL Change CID, Imei, S-OFF
    "HTC Desire HD" Goldcard, Down UP, Debrand, BL Unlock, Recovery
    activated all languages For Android devices
    [Training]Nandroid backup & Restore
    Installation Of Automatic Recovery
    How to Convert Any HTC One into Google Play Edition
    Automatic activation Usb Debugging

    Resellers List:
    Resellers | IRTCI GROUP

    ScreenShots :
    Screen Shots | IRTCI GROUP
    ** IR-KEY Suit **

    Log for success:
    IRKEY Successfully Unlocked / Repaired / Flashed Phones !!!

    Bugs in the software:
    || bugs and update recommendations ||

    Last uploaded files on the IR-Key server

    Contact Info :
    Main Distributor GPGINDUSTRIES Sonork: 100.67372
    Product Manager Faisal_Computer : Sonork: 100.1577177
    Product Developer : Sonork: 100.1640978

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    Really helpful article and this thread, thank you! I was looking for such information for my own web blog, whcih i have already prepared about science-assignment-writing

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    My professor told me to provide a research paper, and I had no idea how to do it. Thank God, I’ve found a sample here. I used it and wrote a paper myself.

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