"IR-Key Suit" version 4.10.2 Released


HTC One SC T528d (CP2DCG)

Change CID (S-OFF)

Change IMEI (S-OFF)

HTC One ST T528t (CP2DTG)

Change CID (S-OFF)

Change IMEI (S-OFF)

HTC One SU T528w (CP2DUG)

Change CID (S-OFF)

Change IMEI (S-OFF)

Resolve some of the problems, and the addition of some options, such as:
ADB Push
Added possibility to transfer files to different parts of the phone.

☼Fix the problem, change IMEI 2 models:

HTC ONE 802d (m7cdwg)

HTC ONE 802t (m7cdcg)

HTC ONE 802w (m7cdug)

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This will install the file, and then click Update.
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