How to Convert Any HTC One into Google Play Edition Or other models.


  • The phone is S-OFF.
  • Unlock the bootloader is.


  • Connect your phone in Fastboot mode.
  • In the model, such as a picture, Change Model ID, select it and click the button.

Specifications Model ID:

HTC One 801e (M7_U) : PN071100

  • Region : Euro,Asia, Australia
  • ROM: bm, brightstarus_wwe, cingular_us, htc_asia_tw, htc_europe, htccn_chs_cu, o2_uk, rogers_wwe, sprint_wwe, telus_wwe, tmo_de

One Nexus Experience 801n ( M7_UL) : PN071200

  • Region: T-Mobile USA
  • ROM: Htc, tmous, BrightstarUS

HTC One LTE HTL22 (J One) (M7_WLJ): PN074000

  • Region: Japan KDDI

HTC One LTE (M7_WLS) : PN072000

  • Region: Sprint
  • ROM: Sprint

HTC One LTE 6445LVW (HTC6500LVW)(M7_WLV): PN071300

  • Region: Verizon
  • ROM: Verizon

One LTE 801n (M7_UL): PN071000

  • Region: At&t, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Vodafone, O2
  • ROM: rogers_wwe, cingular_us, telus_wwe

HTC One 802w (M7_DUG): PN077100

  • Region: China Uniecom
  • ROM: htccn_chs_cu

HTC One 802t (M7_DCG): PN078100

  • Region: China Telecom
  • ROM: htccn_chs_cmcc, htccn_chs_cu

HTC One 802t (M7_DTG): PN078000

  • Region: China Mobile
  • ROM: htccn_chs_cmcc, htccn_chs_cu

HTC One 802d (M7_dwg): PN071300

  • Region: T-Mobile USA
  • ROM: aptg_tw, htc_europe, htccn_chs_ct