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    [Guide] How to register and get your free support account at ir-files.

    As you guys know we made a new support server of filrmware and files to serve you better.
    So here is produce to get your free irkey support account at new server.

    1)visit our new support server

    2)Click on register and fill details.

    3)after fill details do next,now your account done.

    4)For activate your account send your details as below at

    4.1)Your username at ir-file(which you just registered now).
    4.2)Dongle Serial number : XXXXXXXX(replace x with your dongle serial number).
    4.3)Your old dlgsm account username if you have.

    5)Wait for email response and do not spam vie sending email again and again.

    (This is on a temporary basis, the main update option is enabled by default, and does not require a login.)

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    Hello! Thank you for this really helpful information! Looks like this is exactly what i was looking for, so i am going to use it in future as well. And also i would like to share my information with you, so check this site out.

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