About HTC Write Firmware

Q: Does Write Firmware need to create gold card?
A: No you don't need a gold card

Q: Does Write Firmware need a memory card in phone?
A: Yes you need a memory card with enough space on it.

Q: What I need to do to Write Firmware?
A: Power on the phone with memory card in it, select Write Flash from Service Tab and select desired Flash File.

Q: Can I flash phones struck in Bootloader mode?
A: No you can't.

Q: Can I know which languages are included in flash files from their name?
A: Possible for some files (xx_FR - France, xx_ARA - Arabic, etc), we will try to add manual for this

Q: How to debrand my phone?
A: Write a WWE firmware.

Q: Which is step by step flashing / debranding procedure for Android based HTC's?
-Insert a memory card in celphone with enough free space on it,
-download desired flash file,
-Go to Service tab and Write Firmware
-When the programm says "END" when the screen is dim, do not take the battery out!, it is still in engineering menu, then it asks you press volume up for update, press yes, it takes about 4 minutes
-your Android HTC is flashed / debranded.