I open this to gain some order to request being made by Micro-Box Users .

1. Request here are only if you have the phone in your hands, so if we think a beta test could be done we will contact you instant.
2. Please Check the forum before you make the request cause someone else may have requested it before you. In this way we avoid duplicates of request.
3. Be short, this topic will be strictly moderated and centralized, don't report errors here or anything else.

Post your SONORK id / alias if it's different from your forum name to contact you fast if needed

Check here for phones / Models >>>> New Supported Phone List

-Samsung I9003B (arodney)
-Samsung I9003L (arodney)
-PRD-38859-005 Blackberry 9810 - rogers canada (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-Vodafone 236 (tonisoft)
-ZTE F188 (tonisoft)
-PRD-39473-003 Blackberry 9900 - rogers canada (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-Samsung B3410 (F-bone) SUPPORTED
-PRD-44242-030 BlackBerry 9790 - rogers canada (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-PRD-20973-003 blackberry 9520 (fmacias) SUPPORTED
-Samsung T989 (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-Samsung T959v (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-Samsung S5570 (kasper17) SUPPORTED
-ZTE F930 (kasper17)
-Samsung E2550 (fmacias) SUPPORTED
-PRD-11929-001 BlackBerry 8100 (pichi_balea) SUPPORTED
-Alcatel OT-908 PID 2ACSRO3 (pichi_balea) SUPPORTED
-Huawei G7300 (shahinahmed007)
-PRD 40596-008 to MEP-04626-002 Rogers Canada (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-PRD 39473-005 to MEP-30218-002 Unbranded (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-PRD-39473-003 to MEP-04626-002 Rogers Canada (nnaeem11) SUPPORTED
-Samsung S5360 - Galaxy y (fmacias) SUPPORTED
-Samsung S5363 - Galaxy y (fmacias) SUPPORTED
-Alcatel OT-918X (llcoolr)
-Doccomo SC-02, SC-03, SC-05, SC-06 (ngocdiemmobile)
-Alcatel OT-906Y (kopito)
-LG T385 (TITO)
-HTC Desire x (fmacias)
-ASUS PadFone (RaimoxLv)
-Zte Tactile Messaging (sumitawal)