let s take OT-800 as an example:


How do we name flash file:

OT-803 - name of the model, in our case it's Alcatel One Touch 800
X OR A OR D etc.. - base-band settings ("A": 850/1900 band, "X": 900/1800 band & "D" Dual SIM).
PMPT1 - Provider ID (firmware branding) usually it is written like this 2XPMPT1 but we take the main letters of provider id which is the last 5 letters.
XR46CP1A - Secro Name: Security block version.
Locked - means that after flashing phone will be locked.
Unlocked - means that after flashing phone will be unlocked.
Samsung OR ONYX OR any other flash chip name - is the flash IC chip inside phone so you must flash with same firmware for this flash chip.
IF AFTER OT (ONE TOUCH) you see the letter V - example OT-V this mean Vodafone Phone : OT-V555 = Vodafone-555.