All Alcatel phones have IMEI in OTP area.
This mean IMEI, can't be destroyed by software.

Sometimes we have null imei.
This can happen usually in next cases:

1. Security corrupted: Full flash with format usually solve this.
2. NV area corrupted: Need to erase nv area and after perform flash with format.
3. Incompatible hardware modem with modem firmware:Need to write correct version.
4. Hardware damage, in this case need to repair phone.

How to know initial phone version if phone come already damaged:

Need to read PRO_INFO partition.
Make boot info with display partition info checked.
In long list will be line with PRO_INFO begin and end adreses.
Need to use this adreses and to read firmware using this values.
After upload in forum or use hex editor.

Version and phone name are in plain in this partition.