We are preparing this NCK Logger, a credits based system, as this is supplied by a third party suppliers, on minimal charge to help our users in most way possible.

Services will be available of NCK Online Logger

1. HUAWEI WorldWide + Reset Keys All Levels
2. LG WorldWide + LG (WW) Not Found
3. HTC WorldWide
4. Motorola WorldWide

Please note this is just an extra options for a non supported model that can't be found in NCK Dongle or Box for the moment so it would be a good alternative, no 1 is forced to use it, if you like you can pay to use , if not don t use.

Updates resumes as usual, we always try to work hard and give you most possible updates at all times.

Please no funny comments if you have something useful to suggest you are most welcome.

The Following Users have won with us free credits and will be added to their dongles/boxes once the Logger is released.

Reason For Winning this free credits is the effort they made to post Successful reports in our sections, so we thank them all for all the effort and time.

NCK Dongle Users

Punto-Movil - 5 Free Credits
zvrrr - 10 Free Credits
onz - 5 Free Credits
VitalikB - 10 Free Credits
Den24 - 10 Free Credits
bratori - 5 Free Credits
UzUnlocker - 10 Free Credits
minkoi - 5 Free Credits


parvizhamidi - 10 Free Credits
schwantz - 10 Free Credits
razib143 - 10 Free Credits
excessive - 5 Free Credits
sheralibaz - 5 Free Credits

Let's See who will be the next winners on next update

Stay turned for release date