How much it cost?
At the moment the price is 25 EURO for 12 months. Its subject to change and we will announce accordingly. Reseller account will be adjusted as well to reflect new pricing.

Where to buy support?
Please contact your closest reseller or click get/buy activation button during startup. Paypal is accepted

How long the support last?
12 months

What about new boxes?
All new nspro boxes come with 12 months support.

Why charge for support? why not free?
Nspro always stated support is for 6 months but decided to make it 12 months. Also, nspro started charging support after doing it for free for 4 years.

But other boxes not charging for support!
Free market, customer can choose freely any product. But please note that nsteam is one of the longest and most trustable/stable gsm team in the market. Many came and left but not nsteam

When activation expire, use the last version released before activation expired.
If you have a box that expired on 28.10.2011, you can use nspro v6.1.2 that was released on 27.10.2011, before your activation expired.
But you cant use v6.1.3 that was released on 29.10.2011, after your box expired.

I paid for activation and reseller said is activated but still having problem!
check your internet connection
install latest nspro properly
make sure your account is in standing order, reseller usually request blocking for payment fraud!

Can I get refund after support activation?
NO REFUND after the order is processed, if payment is reversed, the card will be blocked.

I made a mistake and send wrong SN!
NO REFUND after the order is processed, if payment is reversed, BOTH cards will be blocked. Please make sure before send payment

Where to get my SN?
Activation screen will show you and its also in your main nspro program. Look at axalto/egate/Serial NUMBER/SN field

How long is the activation process?
Processing time varies by reseller, maximum 24 hrs after payment is CONFIRMED

I paid my reseller but still no activation!
Choose your reseller wisely or you can always buy direct to be safe!
If you buy directly from nspro soft, your payment is safe and 100% guaranteed!

I paid 24hrs ago directly and still no activation!
Please PM me directly with paypal transaction id and paypal email address. ALL request less than 24hrs will be ignored