How to repair boot with gpgjtag,i hope this guide will help you and save your and our time.

Follow this step by step to avoid problems:

1)First Run Latest GPGJtag EXE.

2)Choose brand and model.

3)Solder pinout (Double check after solder if you do it wrong phone will not connect properly).

4)If you soldered pinout same as gpgjtag,select default pinout.

5)Select boot.bin according to your phone(All boot files are available on gpgjtag support).

6)Connect phone to power supply or Battery.

7)Choose flash size of phone if you now or better select auto fullflash.

8)Press write to see magic.

9)Hold power button [ plug usb cable ].

You successfully repaired boot of your phone,hurray.

PS:Most of phone need to flash after boot repair to get it working.

Please read F.A.Q for better help : Frequently Asked Questions GPGJtag.