any user problem with this model and cant unlock security and disable flag sec ... if restart and show oops and any probem and cant
secu flag disabled with hxc dongle cable....
you need normal mode for this process..
if you have orginal rom and know cid, support it you can if not have hard way for find and test other rom
htc smart brew mobile os!!

my final way:
1.you find your cid (customer id ) with hxc dongle coble you can CREAT GOLDCARDand insert it on your phone and after load diag

select device info and you can find and see orginal cid...
2.download this official htc rom(other ver not working or hard to find cid) extract it with 7zip or winrar

Shipped ROMs
3.after extract you see big file name is nk.nbh
4.save it and del other files and now download and install Free Hex Editor Neo http://hhdsoftware.co.uk/Download/fr...editor-neo.exe
5.open nk.nbh with Hex Editor
and follow steps:
a.find htc_ in hex line

b.change orginal cid this rom htc_j15 to your cid phone for example htc__405

c.after change htc__j15 to htc__405 save it and rename it to

6.farmat sd card and copy
romeimg.nbh to sd card
7.hold volume down and power and read and write your edit rom start waiting 10 min until flash rom
completing ...

ok now phone full power on and you can simlock, SuperCID, security unlock / S-OFF with Flex-PCB-SIM-Adapter and hxc cable

enjoy and save your time