htc desire hd (ace) any user have meny problem for s-off and direct unlock and change imei&cid this my complete way and best slotion:

if ur hboot 0.85.xxxx and lower hboot u can try s-off with hxc cable for s-off and full unlock

if ur hboot 2.00.0027+ hxc dongle not support this hboot for s-off(diag not set) u must downgrade hboot and os to 2.3.3 gb

downgrade hboot 2.00.xxxx ace to hboot 0.85.0025 for s-off with hxc cable:

1.root ur phone :for root u mus unlock boot loader with htcdev/bootloader
hboot 2.00.0029 support token key for unlock bl 2.00.0027 stok not support
u must update hboot to 2.00.0029:
download this rom copy to your c:\ drive so download this dhd update hboot by behtash.rar
and run hboot update by behtash.bat in normal mode ,waiting until flash hboot complete
ok u can now unlock bl with htcdev.com\bootloader
after unlock bl download this recovery and run flash recovery.bat in normal mode after flash download this new su flash this zip in recovery mode okk ur phone now full rooted
2.change miscversion : download this downgrade dhd by behtash.rar and extract it
so type command in this line folder (adb command)
adb push gfree /data/local/tmp
adb push misc_version /data/local/tmp
adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/gfree
adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/misc_version
adb shell
data/local/tmp/misc_version -s 1.31.405.6
adb shell sync
adb reboot
now u can write lower version for downgrade hboot(gb os must)
3.flash correct rom: u must find ur cid download this app an install on your phone and u can find ur correct rom:
cid=KT___901 download this rom
cid=HTC__622 downlaod this rom
cid=SBM__802 download this rom
cid=HTC_044 downlaod this rom
cid=HTC__J15 downlaod this rom
cid=TELUS001 download this rom
cid=CWS__001 download this rom

cid=HTC__032 , HTC__304 ,HTC__A07 ,HTC__Y13 ,HTC__405 ,HTC__102 ,HTC__203 ,HTC__N34 ,HTC__E11 ,HTC__001 downlaod this rom

cid=VODAPE17 ,VODAP304 ,VODAP102 ,VODAP001 download this rom

ok now rename ur correct rom to PD98IMG.zip and copy to sd card and flash this zip in hboot mode (power on +vlom down)
before flash rom ur phone must relocked with this command:
fastboot oem lock
after flash rom ur hboot 0.85.0024 and u can try s-off and full unlock with hxc cable(green+hxc dongle or red cable)

change imei and cid:
any user have big problem with desire hd after downgrade to android 2.2 ver for change imei see this post
unbrick htc desire hd rev after downgrade to 2.2 without jtag!!!

u can standalone with hxc dongel change imei and cid
1:ur phone must s-off
2:download my custom rom for this process with HXC PRO Tool v3.15
3.download this radio+recovery copy to sd and flash this zip in hboot mode (power on +vlom down)
4.flash my custom rom in recovery after flash ur phone show black screen not problem dont worry
5.when show black screen connect usb and try change imei and cid standalone with HXC PRO Tool v3.15 u change imei in 30 sec

after change imei or cid with usb u can flash any official rom and phone back to normal mode