I hope this thread will be more clear than other sticky and will be especially clear for new users!
All tutorials and sticky thread are in one post!

  • First for beginners - must to know that HXCdongle have problems sometimes if u have another dongle with smart card in ur pc.
    Second sometimes Android drivers from another Brands like LG, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola can make conflict and for that reason most practicly is to connect phone with myHTC drivers
    U can find a lot of tutorials for beginners here:
    [Basic VIDEO] Tutorials for Drivers, Registration, Unlocking, Flashing, Downgrade...

for lazy people, drivers are here

  • If u faced with problem Cannot find libusb0.dll Please, reinstall this application - just read this

  • If u have problem: Cable Not Found and can't unlock mobile phones with original USB Data Cable from phone, solution is here

  • For some operation must to downgrade phones, b`coz HTC make with new versions and updates better security, topic with Tutorials for downgrading phones are: How TO Downgrade Htc Phones (Guides)

+ I will be very, very grateful if u post printscreen, video or any other way to proof unlocking in this thread: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f666...hones-1233709/

p.s. also and I waiting for full list of supported phones, firmwares, cid's, security when i get i will make Sticky thread + in this thread will have info