HTC Pico aka Explorer Sim Unlocking..

Hello Guys,i wanna tell you about htc pico aka Explorer sim unlocking.

Htc Pico aka Explorer Bootloader Unlocking= Sim unlock

how can i unlock bootloader for sim unlocking ?



HTC Sync (Windows Only)

HTC Super Tool

Enable USB Debug on Pico
Use Charge Only mode when connected to PC
Exit HTC Sync on PC

1. Go to HTCDEV website: HTCdev - Unlock Bootloader
2. Click on "Begin Unlock Bootloader" (create a user if you don't have one)
3. Use HTC Super Tool in the [Prerequisites] to generate your token. (Or, alternatively, follow the instructions step 1 through step 10 on
4. In step 10, when posting your token, make sure you remove the blanks preceding each line
5. After you receive your Unlock_code.bin in email, follow step 11.
6. Now your pico aka explorer should reboot and you have your bootloader and sim unlocked.

Note: Bootloader unlock will VOID your WARRANTY, I am not responsible for any damage it may cause