Something cool was sent to our office from SmartGsm Team.

Nokia 106/105 SPI Direct Programming JIG for Dolphin Clip!

Very Easy to Allign!

Wrote Flash Dump without any Errors
Resetting ATF Box...
Initializing SPI Module...
Setting VCCIO Voltage...
SPI Module Initialized...
Clocks Sent...
Searching for an SPI Device...
SPI Device Found!

Manufacturer ID: 0x2C Micron
Device ID : 0xCB17
Flash Capacity : 8388608 Bytes
Flash 64K Blocks: 128 Blocks
Unique ID : 00002331501722007600311905138D01
Status Register : 0x00

File Selected : FLASH_DUMP_106.bin
File Size : 8386560 bytes
Number of 64K Blocks: 127 blocks

Starting SPI Flash Write...

Write Protecting IMEI, PM and Simlocks Area

SPI Write Done!
Verifying Data...
Data Verification Success!

Total Elapsed Time 00:02:44