The Advance-Box Team deeply regrets to announce that the ATF
SL3 Brute Force Server will be SHUTDOWN PERMANENTLY
starting June 01, 2014. This is due to the fact that our
servers are no longer generating enough income to
pay for the electricity bill and maintenance cost.

It is common knowledge that SL3 BF is no longer profitable these days
and we do not wish to continue LOSING MONEY for a service that
is no longer in demand by the majority of our end users.

Starting June 01, 2014, all unused SL3 BF CREDITS will be
This will be a 1:1 conversion, meaning
1 SL3 BF CREDIT will be equal to 1 ATF JTAG CREDIT
This will be an AUTOMATED CONVERSION with
no end user action needed.

To further give value to ATF JTAG Credits, we will start supporting MORE
NON-NOKIA DEAD BOOT REPAIR this month and the months to follow.

Please take note that WE WILL NOT REFUND ANY UNUSED SL3
CREDITS. So if you DO NOT WANT your SL3 CREDITS to be
converted as ATF JTAG CREDITS, then you need to
USE ALL your SL3 BF Credits BEFORE
June 01 , 2014.

We have been running our SL3 Servers 24/7 for the last
33 Months...

It is time to Move On and say