Here is an alternative way to Fix Cherry Mobile Flare S100 via "more difficult" eMMC Test Points. You should only do this if:

1. Boot Repair via QPST eMMC Software Download gives you "Cookie not found" error.

2. ATF JTAG Factory Restore Does not work (gives you error eMMC Busy).

1. You did not Activate JTAG and want to do via eMMC TP only.

How is this more difficult than JTAG?

1. You need to remove the metallic Shield under the back sticker of the phone.

2. The Test Point locations are very small and you need to have a microscope and good soldering skills.

3. You need to remove 1 resistor to make the Connection stable, and then replace this resistor with a "jumper wire" or just solder lead after the Full Factory Restore is done.

4. It takes 3 hours to restore 800 mb to the phone via eMMC TP while it only takes 40 minutes to do the same task via JTAG.

For those of you who want to continue, here is the eMMC Test Point
Connections... (You need ATF 10.11 from Auto Update Server).

Here is the Phone All Wire Up:

Some Screenshot half-way Through:

And here is the phone after 3 hours...:

Where is the 800 mb Repair File Sir ???????????

Please wait,, still uploading it...