With Auto Update ATF 12.11, now repair Error even Dead EMMC M8G2Y
this is common emmc in Lumia 520 that have WP lock error too,
become so easy... Just like 123...

My lucky day, I've got two this type of Emmc,
so here's the step how to repair it using Amazing ATF 12.11:
This is My error emmc "$ is not valid integer" and cause ATF stop responding:

1. Make a jumper wire from TP to GND pinout Emmc type C

2. I'm using e-mate Box, now connect it to ATF 12.11, in EMMC Tool do "Scan Emmc". You will see 00000 in the name of Emmc

3. Now "cut" the jumper wire
Select "Samsung eMMC Firmware Update" in -- SELECt Advanced eMMC Procedured--- tab, and click "EXECUTED"

4. Now, emmc upgrade procedure will asking Part Number of your Emmc, just type name from emmc firmware in ATF Folder (C:\\AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher\eMMC\Firmware)

5. After that, emmc will upgrading firmware. It just took in 45 second to finish.... And your Done!!!

Now, to check the result, click on "Scan eMMC" again to see the Magic of ATF 12.11
See, now the name of Emmc show up... and the rest you can do write, resize, restore, etc...

Gud Luck, and don't forget to Thank's to ATF Team for Amazing Product