New Feature in ATF 10.20 is an option in ATF Plus --> eMMC Tool 2.0 that allows you to READ/WRITE eMMC Chips that are not connected to the Phone's PCB.

Here is an example of such setup. My Taiwan Made "no soldering" emmc socket programming Cherry Mobile S100 eMMC and Samsung S3 and Note2 eMMC.

*Samsung S3 eMMC Inside Socket

Here is the eMMC detected in the ATF Software. This is a BLANK BRAND NEW EMMC so as you can see, boot partitions and boot mode is not yet defined.

As you can see from the pictures, you don't need to build or buy voltage regulators. Proper programming voltage is already generated by the ATF Box! So all you need are wires and some generic eMMC Socket which you can buy in taobao...

Here are some examples:

Good Quality (250 U$D)

emmc socket_Ա

Not So Good Quality (65 U$D)
eMMC169 153 ϻOTʽ԰壬ݸֳߴ-Ա

No Return No Exchange (40 U$D)
EMMC ש+ֿ(EMMC sokcet)-Ա

Or you can just solder wires directly to the eMMC Chip Like This:


For ATF Nitro, you need some small modification to give Power to eMMC socket via RJ-45 PIN 2 (the pin beside VBATT PIN 1). Needless to say, if you modify your Nitro Box, you will loose warranty. So just decide for yourself if you need to modify or you want to buy external power supply instead. Anyway, here is modification needed, just look at light blue encircled area... you will see a very thin wire connected to PIN 2 of RJ-45.

For ATF Big Chrome Box (Modified or Normal PCB), you do not need any modifications. RJ-45 PIN 2 is already connected to an Adjustable voltage output.