So here is ATF Solution which was already released last month:
ATF v12.10 Update!! 31 MAR 2015!!

It was a REAL First in the World Solution which took just 1 day to make analyzing 64KB eMMC BOOTROM.

Copy pasters will always copy paste... because they are stupid
And they will always pretend to be "First In The World" because they have a small... (you know)

Anyway... Sticking to Thread Title.
Without using eMMC Socket Adatpers to GROUND NAND RE# line,

you can do it manually by soldering 1 extra wire and connect it to
GROUND. This is not "MAGIC" Test Point... magic is only for those
who do not understand what is really happening

Step 1: Remove eMMC From PCB and Check Pinouts.
For now I will release 3 Pinouts for eMMCs will problematic firmware.
In total there will be more than 20 kinds of PINOUTS for all Samsung BGA-153/169/162 eMMCs.

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type A:

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type B:

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type C:

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type D:

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type E:

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type F:

Here is eMMC NAND Factory Pinout Type G:

Step 2: Solder RED PIN to Ground by using a very thin wire. Then put your eMMC in the eMMC Programming Socket like SmartGSM eMMC Socket or Moorc eMMC Socket etc...

Step 3: ATF Software will now detect your eMMC and eMMC Name will be "000000" by default. If your eMMC is not detected, then check your soldering and your eMMC Socket alignment etc...


Step 4: Use scissors to cut thin wire which connect the RED PIN to GROUND. You can use other method to do this, but make sure that the RED PIN is NO LONGER Connected to GROUND.

Step 5: Perform "Samsung eMMC Firmware Update" via ATF Software.

Now eMMC Firmware will be Repaired

Resize BOOT sizes, Write back EXT_CSD if necessary...

Emmc will be like "Brand New", so don't forget to write BOOT1 and USER Partitions and set BOOT Partition Correctly.

In Summary, You just need to GROUND NAND_RE# of NAND so that
BOOTROM cannot read the corrupted firmware from the NAND Chip
inside the eMMC. Hope it will be good lesson for aspiring hackers.

How to FIND NAND_RE of any Samsung eMMC ???

I will soon add support for this in eMMC TP Finder