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    Repair TOTALLY DEAD i9300/N7100 Without Removing eMMC - WITH PICTURES

    here is the all steps for repair emmc onboard
    for pinouts try to search on google
    i use 2.8v on vcc and vccq and select 3.3v in software
    dont ask me for how to make tool see the picture and think about it...
    scan emmc if you gett this error
    ERROR: EMMC WAS NOT Detected! (CMD1)
    17:43:27 : Check your Test Point Soldering!
    17:43:27 : CMD1 Reply: 0x5E5E5E5E
    its mean your all conection are perfect now try TP

    after detect emmc remove tp pin.

    Firmware upgrade +formate

    Write boot1,boot2, ans user area while selecting speed 15mhz!0YkjQJyK!tgv0h_...C1dm1_6oLSJW5Y

    Write EXT_CSD file!tIkWgCaK!vXpXDL...Rwq8vEZpJr79u0

    Change default boot partation

    Last step before put back emmc to board read boot1 size 32mb

    Open this file in notepad you will get this

    here is done. before show white lcd and no product name and cant flash

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