General information:

The most important information


- Second and tested way to find Tx and Rx signal via pic!
- DATABASE for chinese phones
- Request All Chinese Miracle Pinouts Here !!!
- All Chinese Mobile Code And Pinouts
- Chinese Miracle Pinout software by Mobilewala: Latest release

Box/Cable hardware/driver problem:

Prolific USB-RS232: solved read erros

Phone repair:

- How to calibrate the touchscreen
- Bypass damaged Touchscreen calibration solution
- "Flight mode" solution
- "Camera module is not ready" solution
- How to repair "reboot/restart/frees with SIM card" step-by-step instruction
- Succesfull with Bluetooth 2.0 CECT LV-918 "Bad Software" problem
- 2nd sim prob solved
- Firmware version difference
- "No licensed to produce" solution by Infinity-Box

Language Editor:

1. Infinity-Box Language Pack Editor for MT6205-MT6227 CPU based phones
2. Reports about Infinity Chinesse Miracle Language Editor software!
3. ::Chinese Miracle Full backup-Lang edit-Write full Flash Video::

Infinity-Box Language Pack Editor informaton in English language:

PinFinder Adapter:

User manual with pictures and detailed step-by-step instruction
Video manual
Registration process
Registration/Activation limitations


Handset Manager for "Chinese" phones


1. CM: "Chinese Miracle" is a very popular name for different "made in China" models. This term was introduced first time several years ago by Infinity-Box programmers and should be copyrighted. Currently "Chinese Miracle" is a trade mark of one of Infinity-Box software module.

2. RF: Radio Friequenciy

3. PA: Power Amplifier