11 Apr 2010 MTK Chinese Miracle Firmware Editor for Infinity Box and LPE dongle

- Support of LPE dongle
(now LPE dongle and Infinity BOX supported in some program)
- Support MT6235/6238/6239 CPU
- New, fully from zero rewriten NAND-support module
with autodetect bad block's in NAND flashes
Work for MTK MT6228, MT6229, MT6230, MT6235,
maybe MT6238, MT6239 CPU firmwares in many format's:
Infinity Chinese Miracle - firmware, fullflash,
Flash Tool - fullflash and master flash with scat.txt,
SpiderMan, Xintel and many other softwares - fullflash
(Read firmware in 'page+spare' mode for autodetecting
of bad block's in NAND-flashes)
- New NAND-save engine (Please use Chinese Miracle
v3.11 or newer for uploading file into Phone)
- New smart and fast working module of detecting language
names and codes in firmware
- Some changes in Big picture table searching procedure -
now it work more faster and smarter
- Add export/import MIF picture files with autoconversion
to/from BMP picture files format
(Now not all MIF image stuctures supported from conversion
BMP -> MIF but in next version this be corrected)
- Add searching and save Flash menu animation in newer firmwares
- Add searching and save Video files in some firmwares
- Searching and switching for EVEN LCD Drivers now work
for NOR and NAND EVEN flashes
- Rewriten procedure of font searching - now it work more
faster from older
- Add function for searching, save from firmware and upload
into firmware True type fonts in MT6235 CPU firmwares with
showing names of using in firmware fonts
- Many internal bugfix'es
- In Settings added more swithes - please check it before
use this version of Editor