BTC & LTC Mining in MSM Cloud System - Beta Don't waste your money if your computers don't have anything to calculate! Now, using MSM, you can extract Bit Coin (BTC), LitleCoin (LTC) or other virtual currency. Version 3.1 does not change anything in SL3 counting process. The changes apply only to BTC / LTC diging and are in BETA version! This update is free for all users at the moment. FAQ: What is Bitcoin - BTC What is Bitcoin - LTC How does it work (in brief): Open an account in any mine, there are hundreds of them, for example "CoinTrone", "Slush Pool" Create miners accounts - separate account for each drone, Enter account data in drone settings (host, username, password), In drone settings, change the client version to 3.1 - it will be automatically updated on SuperPC, Select CGminer version. Maximum available version recommended - automatically updates on SuperPC, Choose what you want to calculate (, the options are: Only SL3 Only BTC Only LTC BTC When there is no queue SL3 LTC when there is no queue SL3 When you dig any coins you will see them in your mine account You can upload them to your account at any counter, for example or and replace them to $ or another currency and then send it to your bank account. Use CGMiner application for digging. Sl3 client will start CGMinera will start CGMiner when needed with appropriate parameters. More about CGMiner you will learn here: Here, we'll show you how to set PC 2xHD7970 at mine Cointrone and currency Bitcoin: Create an account: Add Worker: User: winiu.msm_sample1 Pass: msm1234 Coin: BTC Payment mode: RBPPS Edit drone and set: Client version: 3.1 Cgminer version: 3.3.0 BitCoin mine URL: stratum+tcp:// BitCoin mine username: winiu.msm_sample1 BitCoin mine password: msm1234 BitCoin cgminer gpu-clock: 1050 {set the same as for SL3} BitCoin cgminer gpu-memclock: 900 {set the same as for SL3} BitCoin cgminer gpu-fan: {leave empty} BTC cgminer extra commands: -I 15 Save, after that on super PC MSM SL3 Client will make auto update, just give him litle time, it will reboot client fiew time, thats normal, just wait Do the same for all the PCs that you have, a separate worker account for each PC, will be easier to control but you can use the same user for all drones Choose what you want to calculate in your cloud : BTC if no hashes queued or BTC if u want to test After updating SL3 client and CGMiner and when the SL3 queue ends or you choose only BTC, MSM SL3 Client will starts CGMiner and digginf will start. Extraction can be followed on Cointrone site (data: speed and extraction refresh every 20 minutes) If everything is set correctly: - GPU usage 99% - (AGV): ~ 1.25Gh / s (2x HD7970 Core 1050 Memory: 900) - HW: 0 After some time, the speed of drone should also appear on the Cointrone site - about 20 minutes. LTC Mining Counting LTC requires different settings than the BTC. In this case, the most important is to set a higher-speed memory - it does not matter if mining BTC. Example drone settings for Cointrone mine, LTC currency and a PC with two HD7970 cards: LTC mine URL: Code: stratum+tcp:// LTC mine username: Code: winiu.msm_sample1 LTC mine password: Code: msm1234 LTC cgminer gpu-clock: Code: 1040 LTC cgminer gpu-memclock: Code: 1500 LTC cgminer extra commands: Code: --scrypt --intensity 13,13 --vectors 1,1 --worksize 256,256 --lookup-gap 2,2 --thread-concurrency 8192,8192 --gpu-memdiff 0,0 --gpu-powertune 5,5 --api-port 4028 --expiry 60 --gpu-dyninterval 7 --gpu-platform 0 --gpu-threads 2 Important! In case of LTC, any PC even with an identical configuration requires an individual set of parameters, GPU core, memory speed, and "-I". The optimal settings is the highest speed parameter (avg) in CGMiner but with no counting errors so the HW parameter in CGMiner must be equal to 0. Don't forgot set Coin to LTC on Cointrone (or other pool) for this user. More about CGMiner parameters you will find here: Index of /apps/cgminer If everything is ok, CGMiner should show parameters: (PC with 2 cards HD7970: GPU: 1040 Memory: 1500 I: 13) AVG: ~ 1.43 A: should constantly grow R: close to zero, HW: 0. For other graphics cards optimal settings search the LTC or CGMiner forums.