I`m am a beginner and need a help. In Martech Youtubefilm is the folder hashcat 1.01 an I must unzip Sl3 client in to this folder. I saw, that on the martech site is hashcat 0.9 file too. Where I should Sl3 Client ? In to Hashcat 1.01 folder ( file from hashcat.net) or in folder Hashcat 0.9 ? What are the difference beetwen both ? Problem is : 13:23:14 Hello World (: 13:23:15 Generating machine ID... Done. 13:23:17 Machine ID: FB6E67172666B4675942F36CA557A9F55605CC9F 13:23:17 hashcat version: 13:23:17 MSM SL3 Cloud Client version 13:23:17 Loading config... Success. 13:23:17 Calling home... Success. 13:23:18 Keep counting. 13:23:18 Restarting job... PID: 6052 Success! 13:23:18 Counting 152867620 13:23:18 Job exited unexpectedly, waiting 60s. Report Post Reply With Quote