Martech Service Manager 1.1 advanced online application for service management Do you happen to be confused which repairs were meant to be done for the following day? MSM enables you to register repairs that have been accepted to your service, it will print all the confirmations as well as expertises and repairs data. The customer will be able to trace repair status online, only if you want to. Would you like to have an access to your base from every place without the necessity of taking the soft with you each time? You have an access to MSM 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from all over the world, all you need is the Internet connection. The highest quality ever and maintaining all security procedures is guaranteed by Martech Team - well known and present on the market for a long time . Martech Service Manager possibilities: - Services register - Support for Phones / Radio / Navi / xBox / PSP / Pda / TV / Laptops - 100% Online – all you need is The Internet - Fully configured, user friendly interface - Running a lot of service departments at a time - Individual logins for every employee - Verified access levels for workers - Orders transferring between service departments - Message alerts system between the service users - Website for the customer enabling checking the repair status - Automatic generation of "shopping list" – missing parts - Printing of repairing confirmation with a possibility of full look edition - Print all the confirmations as well as expertises and repairs data - Line codes decoders service - Labels generator – service labels for marking devices(battery, cover, etc) - Many languages service:ENG and PL, DE/RU/ES/IN/EL/FR soon - Devices/ models database able to be edited - Possibility of phones importing from z BazaTelefonó 8400 models and a few thousand of Car Radio models) - Customers database with a quick search - Edition and adding free names of service states - Setting fast form soft orders - Advanced possibilities of storing and searching - Full data security - Martech Team Guarantees - Free updates - Nokia product code finder – over 65000 registrations - Nokia parts finder – parts searching - Hosted solution, you don't have to worry about maintaining servers, backups, admin, etc. - Automatic and continuous updates of the databases and scripts - Easy installation = registration, nothing to install MSM - Watch on Yoytube... Martech Service Manager Applictaion is an evolution of Polish language application, that has been running since 2007, with thousands of satisfied customers. Service Manager is an effect of a conclusion we came into, that it would be worth to create a Polish version as well. To satisfy our customers’ needs and meet their expectations - we decided to do it. Demo: Login: DemoENG Password: demodemo Martech Products Resellers... Links: MARTECH Team - Official WebSite Martech Service Manager YouTube - Martech Service Manager 1.1 Soon: - More languages - Service/income statistics - Service device registration - Photos adding with the possibility of presenting them to the customers on www - And many other facilities Price: Only 39 EUR = 1 Martech credit = 1 year (max 3 service departments) If you have unlimited number of services , every 3 of them is to be paid 39 euros a year. All 3 service points need to be set during the registration process. If you set up only one, while registration, you will need another credit to set up the next. That is why we advise setting three at a a time while registration, for your financial convenience. Activation: To activate please provide an e-mail when purchasing. There will be sent a unique activation link. Security: - Professional server & hosting - Backup every 12h, 30 days only the owner has a full insight into his all data. - Manufacturer will never make them available to anyone, - On customer’s demand , the data may be removed from the manufacturer’s base. Screens: User Manual: MSM Full User Manual - English MSM Full User Manual - Polish Video FAQ - YouTube: 1. How to print the confirmation for the customer? 2. How to move order between services? 3. How to add new categories and items in warehouse? 4. How to create an account and set access restrictions for the new user? 5. How to use the advanced search for orders? 6. How to create a new type of order? 7. How to create a new order state? 8. How the customer can check the status of his order? 9. How does the registration process work? 10. How to report bugs, comments and ideas related to MSM? 11. How to transfer parts between warehouses of different services? 12. Setting label printing parameters. 13. How to adopt a new inventory of parts and determine their minimum quantity?