What is Polar Vima MMI ?? Polar Vima MMI is a special hardware (box + cable) developed by Auto-Polar for connect it to vehicles, and unlock video in movement in your navigator screen. Due to security reasons, when you drive your vehicle, television (DVD-drive, Video Source and TV) is disabled after exceed 20 Km/h. With this product, you will be able to unlock it till 255 Km/h without any problem. Process is very easy, not needs any computer and takes only few seconds. If you need extra info, manuals or you have any doubt, you can use our support forums [ AutoPolar Forum ] MAIN FEATURES - Unlock process is very simple, takes only few seconds and all is automated. - Automatic detection of the navigator (2G or 3G), means you not need select any option. - After unlock your navigator, you not need leave your box connected (plugged inside your car). - Only can be used with one navigator, for unlimited unlocks you must adquire professional version. (Vima MMI Pro) - Box totally upgradeable via internet (in our WWW), for fixments, improvements or new functions added in future. Read this important info : - In some countrys, is forbidden watch tv in movement, keep in mind when you use it. - We decline all responsability for injuries or damages caused of disobey safety instructions in the use of this product. For what kind of vehicles is compatible Polar Vima MMI ?? Polar Vima MMI supports both platforms of MMI Navigators (2G and 3G) This is the complete list : 2G Models supported Audi A5 (8T MMI 2G) Audi A4 (8K MMI 2G) Audi A6 (4F MMI 2G) Audi A6 (4F allroad MMI 2G) Audi A8 (4E MMI 2G) Audi Q7 (4L MMI 2G) 3G Models supported Audi A4 (8K) Audi A4 (8K Allroad) Audi A6 (4F) Audi A6 (4F Allroad) Audi A7 (4G) Audi A8 (4E) Audi A8 (4H) Audi Q5 (8R) Audi Q7 (4L) Audi A5 (8T) Im interested in buy Polar Vima MMI, Where I can buy it ?? You can adquire Polar Vima MMI directly in our Official Website : Http://www.polarteam.net Make click in CAR ELECTRONICS and here you will find it If you desire pricings for distribution, contact us and we will give you special prices with big disccounts Thanks in advance for your attention, with best regards, \W3nd|g0