Totally flexible solution. It is the chance to get the best LG, Alcatel and new Mitsubishi flash and unlock solution all together or separate.
Facts about Vygis Toolbox that you did not know:
The main words that describes this box are: Fast, Powerfull, Flexible .

Fast: - Using USB cables (supplyed in original package) it can flash at fast 460Kb/s
Powerfull: - With 1 Vygis dongle you can connect up to 4-5 cables and flash/unlock 4-5 phones at the same time - The software is running verry smooth and stable. - Updates are constantly provided by the author. - It can be fully activated to support LG, Alcatel&new Mitubishi and more...
Flexible: - VygisToolbox works with LG original flashfiles and this means: Large number of this Flashfiles files are avaiable for our customer It will be fast and easy to provide new flashfiles also in future directly from the source - Also reading flash from one phone and writing to another is supported - It is possible to use also the original cables supplyed with the phones -- so for new models once you have new update you don\'t need to wait for new cable and can be the first one there who can flash/unlock new phone models.

All LG + Alcatel & new Mitsubishi cables are included in the original package, so later the Alcatel & new Mitsubishi software can be easyly activated without delivery costs for you.

LG Workshop - Service software for LG phones Everything you need: unlock, read/write flash, repair, IMEI change....
Alcatel BE4-BE5 - Software for flashing/unlocking/ repairing
Alcatel BFx-BG3-BH4 - Software for flashing/unlocking/repairing
Alcatel OT320, LG1200/1300 - Software for flashing/unlocking/repairing
Alcatel OT531 and new Mitsubishi - Software for flashing/unlocking
Alcatel 531 and new Mitsibishi phones like M320, M330, M21i, M222i, MT-040-140-240-340, MT-060-160-260, MT-360, MT-450, MT-544-545, MT-660, OT531-MT560, etc. which are on the same platform Alcatel *** - TH4 flasher-unlocker Flashing.
Unlocking supported Alcatel OT835 flasher Features: Software works with reg file from Alcatel BF-BG-BH software.
At this moment it is only flasher Toshiba- -Service software for Toshiba phones: TS21i etc.

Everything you need: unlock, read/write flash, repair....
-Software goes as gift for Alcatel software users and use same reg file as BF-BG-BH software.
Benq- Phones supported:
- Benq S660 - Benq S670 - O2X2

fast unlock (3-8 seconds)
full flash, firmware and eeprom reading/writing
eeprom and phone repairing

This software comes AS FREE GIFT , working with same reg file like the LG software !!! FLEXIBLE TWO OPTIONS WHEN BUYING

Standard pack:
INCLUDE LG + Alcatel BE4-BE5, OT320 + BenQ600 + O2X2 software activation .
FULL Activated pack:
INCLUDE Standard PACK activations + Alcatel all software + Toshiba TS21i software.

Package Contains:

1 piece USB box (can be used as USB unibox with the Unibox cables too!!!)
9 cables (all LG + Alcatel+new Mitsubishi)
1 USB cable
Access to supportsite with newest flashfiles and updates.