No-ip DNS service is facing problems at the moment (, that's why it is impossible to update card or get access to Free Support Area. We have prepared new Software versions with access to new Free Support Area.

Here is derect links:

Octopus/Octoplus Shell Software version!fFFgXZob!efNobi...y9Ei8RCrnDckfI
Octopus/Octoplus Samsung Software version!6JUHgJJI!c6SPU3...553EsVvSf5EUcQ
Octopus/Octoplus LG Software version!vYd3VKYC!rI67_6...KE8TSiJR8Kc3sQ
Octopus/Octoplus JTAG Software version!CAdjVJ7K!4CI8HH...X8ijgjwZyho6mk
Octopus/Octoplus JTAG Software version lite:!bRFn2ZhT!e6HqK7...nOZo_3Olo1ZP8Q
Octopus/Octoplus Suite Software version!qNcChDhT!RBHez8...MZVxkH5IJTXkSQ

Also, all setup files will be available at official support Sites in 1-2 hours:
Octopus Box Downloads - Software, Drivers, Manual