1 - After you open the main program Octopus Go to Support Options button.

2 - After opening the Web page section www.Boot-Loader.com Register button.

3 - now the page appears Profile Insert all requested information and then post the following photo, hit the Register.

4 - like the image below to register now be successful.

5 - Registration after email is sent to you, email sent to open and activate and complete the registration link address is sent to you click. To re-login.

6 - here username and password and sign post button.

7 - now you have joined the site down and you need to download a program you have download. Click on the options specified.

8 - by clicking here Boot-Loader Download Manager program to download. And install the program.

9 - Run the installation program note that Octopus main program is closed. Re-connect box. Here username and password, then enter the OK button.
Note: This time Smart-Clip box or Dream not connected.