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    ASUS-FAQ }-Before post read 1st-{ Update/Flash/Wipe ETC manual/Information

    ASUS-FAQ }-Before post read 1st-{ Update/Flash/Wipe ETC manual/Information

    HI ,
    let's we keeps all kind ASUS information on this thread , I seen on forum some user face problems . So i want to inform them tips about asus . Unfortunately, We have no ASUS section on this forum . I already request for the section . Hopefully as soon as will be add ASUS section in this forum . Then we will move to ASUS section . Until become ASUS section we use Android Section

    Lets me start using Question and answer

    : Where to download ASUS firmware ?
    A: You can download from ASUS official side , Here is it
    Example : I need ASUS T00G , Check Here Note :Open

    Q: How to know the device model?
    A: Path: Settings->About-> Model number

    :How to know the device software version?
    A:Path: Settings->About-> software information->Build number

    : What is ASUS SKU ?
    A: Simply we can call its language pack of software version

    : Can i use any SKU ?
    A: No , Software update cannot transfer the software SKU and downgrade the software version and Wrong SKU may cause update failure, please update the same SKU version only !
    Example: WW->WW, CN->CN, TW->TW, CHT->CHT.

    Q: How to know my phone SKU ?
    A: Go to [Settings] -> [About tablet] -> Build number
    Example : WW_epad-9.X.X.X._2012xxxx, where “WW” means SKU.

    : Can I Update Low Version To Direct Latest Version ?
    A: Yes you can but if you try direct update , You can get error on update , Cases some version require another update
    Example - Your phone have 1.12 You need update 2.XX , This case you need update V1.18 Update 1st then you can update 2XX

    : How to know my phone require another update 1st then i can update to latest ?
    A: Before download Firmware read 1st You you will see like below "
    Note: Please make sure update software version V1.18.40.12 first before update to software version V2.19.40.18
    This case you must update 1st V1.18 then you can update V2.19

    If anything missing just thread report , Mod can be add your Information

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