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    All about HTC Gold card maker+Root Tutorial+Official rom flashing+ important notes

    Goldcard making tutorial

    * Download & install adb fastbood driver Here(no need to Download crap android SDK)

    * If you install this Driver yu can launch adb command from anywhere

    * Download this simplegoldcard maker

    * Take a memory card nd format usng FAT32.

    * Enable usb debugging n yur mobile

    * Connect it to the pc

    * Run the SimpleGoldCard

    * Now do like **** given n the pictures

    * Click here to download yur goldcard image fileclick me

    * after got goldcard img follw the picture below

    * Put yur gold card memmory to yur mobile

    * Download nd flash any official RUU on yur mobile vit out errors.

    procedure 2 get cid using command

    * Enable usb debugging

    * connect it to yur pc

    * Run cmd the type[ adb devices ] press enter

    * if yur mob is cnnted correctly yu sud see lik below given n the picture

    * Then type [adb shell] press enter

    * Type [cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid ] press enter (low end mobiles must hav memory card inserted)
    above doest work tye this [ cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid ] press enter picture below

    * After get the CID go to this site to generate yur gold card image filePress me

    * Note this is not reversed CID its Normal Cid so enter the CID into normal CID box picture below

    * after generate the goldcard img use simple goldcard maker tool to create gold card folow above procedure

    I made this Thread more easier for newbies Njoy

    Rooting + Bootloader unlocking &Custom recovery

    * Make sure your phone is at least 60% charged.
    * Register for an account at HTCdev.
    * Enable USB debugging in your phone's Developer options.
    * Un-check "Fast boot" on your phone by going to Settings -> Battery Manager.
    * Install ADB and Fastboot on your computer.
    Download here
    * Make sure to back up all of your app data using either ADB or HTC Sync, because you will be wiping your phone.
    * Install the HTC One M8 drivers on your computer (if you have HTC Sync installed, then you already have them).

    1st Unlock Your Bootloader

    Step 1: Enter Fastboot Mode Place your device into fastboot mode by plugging in your HTC One to your computer, then powering it down by holding both the Power and Volume Down buttons until you see the screen below.

    Step 2: Run cmd command there enter below given command nd press enter

    fastboot oem get_identifier_token

    Step 3: Copy the Token

    Now copy the code you get, but do not include the first (bootloader) portions.To copy the token right click on it select mark den press ctrl+v n yur keyboard to copy the token.


    Step 4: Log into HTCdev

    Go to HTCdev and log in to your account.

    Step 5: Get Your Code Emailed to You

    Select Unlock Bootloader and then Get Started.

    From the drop-down menu, select HTC One (M8) (or just HTC One for the older M7 model, if that's what you're unlocking), then click on Begin Unlock Bootloader.

    Agree to the terms and conditions and click Proceed to Unlock. On the next page, scroll all the way down and click on Proceed to Step 5.

    Now paste the identifier token you copied in Step 3 into its corresponding box near the bottom (called My Device Identifier Token) and click Submit.

    Step 6: Download the Unlock Code

    The Unlock Code will be emailed to you, so once you receive the email, download the attachment and place it on your Desktop.

    Step 7: open command window from where yu saved the file image below


    Step 8: Enter the command below given nd press enter

    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

    Step 8: Confirm on Your HTC One

    Your phone will now prompt you to unlock your bootloader, so using the Volume Up button, select Yes and confirm your unlock with the Power button.

    Your phone will now reboot and your bootloader will be unlocked!

    After the reboot, you will need to set up your device again as if it were new. After getting set up, make sure to re-enable USB debugging and plug it back into your computer.Un-check "Fast boot" on your phone by going to Settings -> Battery Manager.

    Now flash custom recovery to yur mobile. if yu hav international or other carrier mobile search latest TWRP or CMW recovery img file for yur mobile nd save to the desktop.nd rename the file as recovery

    Put yur mobile into fastboot mode by pressing Power and Volume Down buttons den power button to select fastboot mode.connect to the pc

    shift+right click to launch the command window there give the below given command nd press enter

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    Reboot yur device Download super su from here nd place to yur phone memory put yur mobile into recovery flash

    yu re done rooting.
    Best Regards,
    Management Team

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    Imp Notes :

    * if yu are unlocked yur bootloader yu can not flash yur mobile using official ROMS.

    * To update vit official Rom yu hav to relock yur bootloader nd update yu mobile relock command below do it on fastboot mode

    fastboot oem lock

    * If yu have unlocked rooted nd custom recovery installed in yur mobile yu can flash custom roms nd other rom zip files using it.

    * To update original Rom after relocked in fastboot mode check yur cid use **** command

    fastboot getvar cid

    * Yur cid must b lik this example: cid: HTC__044

    * if get the cid yu can search correct rom for yur model vit this cid for examble se picr below.

    official roms vist here

    * if yu unable to find the correct rom for ur cid yu can upadte yur mob by 2 methods 1st is goldcard method 2nd s-off yur mob nd update vit any rom.

    * Gold card method 1st post

    * For s-off method yu hav to unlock yur bootloader nd root yur mobile den search for s-off locking tool for yur hboot version.once if yu s-off yur mobile yu can flash any official rom but before update yu hav to agin relock the bootloader.

    * CID change benefits if yur on s-off change yur cid as super cid Normal cid HTC__044 super cid 111111 yu can edit cid by some tools yu can search it for yu
    model via google.

    * Once yu get the super cid yu can flash any rom any time but yu can not downgrade if yu need to downgrade yu hav to s-off yur more thing wen
    yur mob on s-off yu can oly flash other official rom once aftr update yur s-off become s-ON. if yu hav change yur cid to super cid no need to wrry about it.

    Easy Way to find yur Correct firmware for yur model

    * put yur mob into fastboot mode nd cnnt it to the pc

    * Run cmd command type fastboot getvar all nd press enter

    * After get full details about yur mobile follw the below givn image

    All cid codes

    Cid id and oparetors all htc
    SuperCID 11111111
    AirTel-India ????????
    Asia-HK-CHT HTC__622
    ATT CWS__001
    BM BM___001
    Bouygues-Telecom BOUYG201
    Brightstar-PTB BSTAR502
    Brightstar-SPA BSTAR301
    Chunghwa-Taiwan CHT__601
    CT HTCCN702
    CU HTCCN703
    DCM DOCOM801
    Era T-MOB009
    Fastweb-IT FASTW401
    H3G-DAN H3G__F05
    H3G-Italy H3G__402
    H3G-ROI H3G__003
    H3G-SWE H3G__G04
    H3G-UK H3G__001
    HTC-Asia-SEA HTC__037
    HTC-Asia-SEA-WWE HTC__044
    HTC-Australia HTC__023
    HTC-BE HTC__E41
    HTC-Czech HTC__C24
    HTC-Denmark HTC__F08
    HTC-Dutch HTC__E11
    HTC-EastEurope HTC__032
    HTC-ELL HTC__N34
    HTC-FRA HTC__203
    HTC-FRA-Bouygues HTC__247
    HTC-GCC HTC__J15
    HTC-GER HTC__102
    HTC-India HTC__038
    HTC-ITA HTC__405
    HTC-Nor HTC__Y13
    HTC-Norway HTC__H10
    HTC-Poland HTC__B25
    HTC-PTG HTC__506
    HTC-Russia HTC__A07
    HTC-Singapore ????????
    HTC-SPA HTC__304
    HTC-Sweden HTC__G09
    HTC-Turkey HTC__M27
    HTC-WWE HTC__001
    Hutch-Australia HUTCH001
    O2-DE O2___102
    O2-UK O2___001
    Open-Channel HTCCN701
    Optus-Australia OPTUS001
    ORANGE-French ORANG202
    Rogers ROGER001
    SMC-Voda-HK SMCVD001
    StarHub-Singapore ????????
    TELEF-Spain TELEF301
    Telstra TELST001
    TIM-Italy TIM__401
    TMA T-MOB102
    TMCZ T-MOB004
    TMD T-MOB101
    TMH T-MOB007
    TMHR T-MOB006
    TMNL T-MOB003
    TMSK T-MOB008
    TMUK T-MOB005
    TMUS T-MOB010
    TWM-TW HTC__621
    VODA-Africa-South HTC__016
    VODA-Australia VODAP021
    VODA-Germany VODAP102
    VODA-Greece VODAP006
    VODA-Ireland VODAP019
    VODA-Italy VODAP405
    VODA-Mobilkom VODAP120
    VODA-Netherland VODAPE17
    VODA-New-Zealand VODAP022
    VODA-Portugal VODAPD18
    VODA-Proximus VODAP024
    VODA-Spain VODAP304
    VODA-Swisscom-DE VODAP110
    VODA-Swisscom-FR VODAP212
    VODA-Swisscom-IT VODAP416
    VODA-Swisscom-WWE VODAP015
    Best Regards,
    Management Team

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    IF yu are unable to find right RUU for yur HTC follow this procedure to flash yur mob

    Run the RUU executable as you normally would, but don't proceed to the second step i.e. when a second window appears, do nothing. Do not proceed, just ignore it for now, but don't close the window.

      • If you use Windows XP
        Copy-paste this in the navigation bar: Code:
        Select Code C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Temp\
      • If you use Windows Vista/7
        Press & hold Windows key on the keyboard and then press R (Win key + R). Once the box pops up, copy paste this: Code:
        Select Code %temp%

    • Right click anywhere inside explorer window (not on any folder) and select Sort by then select Date.
    • Locate the latest one created (first in the list & it will most likely have random numbers in the name) & open it.
    • You will find a second folder with a set of random numbers. Open it, inside you will find a number of files and the
    • Copy the file to another location.
    • Now, close the RUU executable folder & rename the file as

    Adding your CID to the PGIMG.zipThis is only required if the RUU you have is not for your CID and you don't have SuperCID.

    • Check your cid by referring to 2.1 in this guide.
    • Double click the file to open it.
    • Double click android-info.txt to open in notepad.
    • Add your CID to the end of the file uising the ones already in there as an example.
    • Make sure there are no spaces in or after your CID
    • Press Ctrl +S and then close the window.
    • You will now see a pop up window. Click yes to modify the archive.

    • Reboot to bootloader by Holding Vol down + Power button
    • Connect your phone to the PC while in the bootloader. The phone should say fastboot USB, if not, select fastboot on the phone & check if it says fastboot USB, if not, change the USB port you are using.
    • Navigate to the platform tools folder located inside android-sdk folder
    • Copy the file from step 4.1 to this folder
    • Hold down shift and right-click anywhere in the empty space inside the window.
    • Enter the following command Code:
      Select Code fastboot erase cache
    • You may not see any output, then enter the command Code:
      Select Code fastboot oem rebootRUU
    • You phone will now go into the RUU mode.
    • Wait for around 30 seconds, then enter the command Code:
      Select Code fastboot flash zip
    • The installation will begin and you will be able to see the progress at every step.
    • Once done, enter the command Code:
      Select Code fastboot reboot

    Best Regards,
    Management Team

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