HTC ONE M7_UL Sense 6 OS 4.4.2 Hboot 1.57 S-Off & CID Change & Downgrade Hboot + Main Version

Strp - 1 Bootloader Unlocking

First We Need To Unlock Bootloader Use Any Good Tool Or Htcdev(dot)com Website For Bootloader Unlocking if You Dont know how Use Search Function You Will Find Many Post About How To Unlock Bootloader Also On Google Too.

Step - 2 CWM Flashing & Root

After Unlock Bootloader We Need To Flash Custom Recovery For M7_UL TWRP Recovery Is Best So Put Phone in Fastboot Usb Mode & Open Command Windows In Adb Folder & Put TWRP Recovery in adb Folder Too Now Use Command
fastboot flash recovery TWRP-recovery.img
After Successfully Write TWRP Now Reboot Handset In Normal Mode And Copy
Super-Su.Zip Into Handset Internal Memory & Again Go Into Recovery Mode
And Select install Option From Recovery Home Menu And Select From Internal storage And Flash.
Now Reboot Handset To Normal Mode And Go Application Menu & Open Super Su App It Will Gives You 2 Options Flash Super su Normal Mode Or Via TWRP
Select TWRP (Important Otherwise Super SU Not Install) Now Wait handset Will Reboot Into TWRP And Installing Super SU After Installation Handset Will Reboot Into Normal Mode Now Check Super SU Installed & Fully Working You Are Done Handset Now Rooted & TWRP Installed

Step - 3 Flash Custom Rom & Kernel If You Need S-Off On 4.4.2 Hboot 1.57

For Flashing Custom Rom If You Need S-Off On 4.4.2 Hboot 1.57 You Need To
Copy + Into Ur Handset Internal Memory After Copy zips Go Into TWRP Recovery & Wipe Data , Cache , Delvik Cache After Format Now Select Install Option & Select First Now Click On Add More Zip Option & Select & Flash Wait Until Flashing Done When Flashed Successfully Dont Reboot Handset Go Back Recovery Home Menu & Select Reboot Option And Select Reboot To Bootloader Option You Will See Again Handset Again On Fastboot USB Mode Now Again Open Command Window In ADB Folder & Copy boot.img Into ADB Folder. Now Use This Command
fastboot flash boot boot.img
After Successfully flashed boot.img Use Command fastboot reboot
Handset Will Reboot Into Normal Mode You Are Done Custom Rom Installed + Custom Kernel For S-Off On 1.57

Step - 4 Firewater S-Off On 4.4.2 Hboot 1.57 M7_UL

After Flash Custom Rom & Custom Kernel Now you can S-Off Ur Handset With Firewater. Go Into Setting / About device / Software information / More Baseband Information / Tape 7 To 8 Time On Build Number\Version Developer Mode Enable On Ur Handset Now Go Back To Main Setting Menu & Select Developer Mode And On USB Debugging Go Back Main Setting Menu And Select Super SU Option Now Go Into Super Su Setting & Change Super Su Permission Only Apps To Apps & ADB Now Open Command Window In ADB Folder & Copy Firewater In ADB Folder And Use Commands Like This

adb reboot <–important!!!! Means Must Use This Command First
adb wait-for-device push firewater /data/local/tmp
adb shell
chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/firewater

Answer Yes With Capital Y And Wait Till It Says Your Device Is S-OFF
Dont Touch Ur Device During This Process You Will Get Msg ur Device is Now S-Off Congratulations You Are Done With S-Off Want To See ? Go Into Bootloader You Will See S-Off There

Step - 5 Changing CID To Any Or Super CID After S-Off

After S-Off Changing CID Is Very Simple & Easy Put Handset Into Fastboot USB Mode. Open Command Windows In ADB Folder And Use 1 Simple Command For Changing CID To Any Other You Want or Super CID
For Super CID

fastboot oem writecid 11111111

Or Any Other Just Replace 11111111 To Any Like HTC__001 ETC After Successfully Change CID Use This Command

fastboot reboot-bootloader

Handset Will Reboot Into Bootloader Again & Your Handset CID Now Changed
You Are Done This Step

Step - 6 Downgrade Hboot From 1.57 To Any Older After S-Off For Downgrade OS Version

After S-Off Downgrading Hboot Is Also Very Simple & Easy If You Want To Use Any Older Version. You Need Ur Required hboot Firmware zip And ADB Package. Put Handset Into fastboot USB Mode And Copy hboot Firmware Zip Into ADB Folder Now Open Command Window In Adb Folder And Use This Command fastboot oem rebootRUU Ur Handset Will Go Into RUU Mode
Now Use Command As Ur Choice Of Hboot Version Witch You Want

fastboot flash zip
If 1.44 Then
fastboot flash zip
If 1.54 Then
fastboot flash zip
If 1.55 Then
fastboot flash zip
If 1.56 Then
fastboot flash zip

After Successfully Flashed Zip Now Type Command

fastboot reboot-bootloader

Handset Rebooted To Bootloader Again Now
Check ur Hboot Version Downgraded & You Are Done With Hboot

Now Use This Post If You Want Downgrade M7_UL Stock Roms

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HTC One M7 4.4.2