SonyXperiaZ1C6902 / C6903DeadBoot Repair

Bricked phone symptoms:

  • can't power on after flash,
  • no lcd or led reaction for power button,
  • no lcd or led reaction for charger,
  • no lcd or led reaction if phone is connected to PC,
  • your PC can't detect your phone with vol-,
  • phone does not vibrate when holding vol+ and power together.

Download and run this s1tool: Download

Download Boot repair FileHere

Test point Image

In S1tool choose MSM8974 emergency mode, press Flash button, select correct APPSW .sin_file_set file

Press Testpoint Ready button

If your phone is in emergency mode just attach usb cable. If not perform all steps again (connect testpoint to GND and attach USB cable)

When drivers will be installed and phone will be detected, program will ask you to disconnect testpoint. If your phone is in emergency mode, just press Testpoint READY button. If no, disconnect testpoint from GND and press Testpoint READY button.

After that phone will load emergency s1 loader, re-enumerate usb, load s1 loader, update boot in your phone and flash selected firmware. When it's done and you have flashed all firmware parts (APPSW, FSP, ELABEL), phone will be fixed. If not, you must reflash it fully with Sony Update Service, Sony PC Companion or any other flasher like current Flashtool version

Note : if yu see Hardware id :xxxxxxxxxxx not supported

Credits : Juriji