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    [GUIDE]Galaxy mega I9205 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 no touch or bootloop after update 100% F

    Galaxy mega I9205 LTE, (no I9200 3G), 4.4.2 and 4.4.4 no touch or bootloop after update fix, tested 100% by me


    - I9205 Bootloop continue, no Boot with any Original Stock Fw

    - Touch Not work after Update Stock Original Fw


    1) Download Original Stock Fw, (one package) for you country, (can download from note web site Sam mobile or Samsung Updates), 4.2.2 or 4.4.2 (not threre are more high).

    2) Use Odin any version, UNCECK "Autoreboot" <<<< IMPORTANT!!!
    Now Flash Original Stock fw one package.

    3) When Flash finish you see only Blu line, not important, is Important "PASS" in odin or Flashed perfect w/o errors, now take out Battery, wait 10/15 second then insert back Battery and put phone in Download mode other time.

    4) Now you must need of Flash this Recovery: philz_touch_6.48.4-meliusltexx.tar.md5

    5) You Touch is Not working but phone can see in "Device Manager as "MTP" and show you "Internal Memory" in other Window.

    6) now Download this Custom Rom:

    This TWRP recovery from Here:

    and this SuperSU from Here:

    7) Carefully, Copy/paste all 3 files above in Step 6 in you "Internal Memory", just Drug/drop inside for we understand good. OK

    8) Put you phone in "RECOVERY MODE", (Vol+ Home Power), you are in Recovery mode with "philz_touch_6.48.4-meliusltexx", but we have need TWRP RECOVERY so Flash in Recovery the Zip "", just click min button "Install from Sd Card", select TWRP then Flash and reboot phone in Recovery Mode, you'll see now that are in "TWRP RECOVERY".

    9) Now from "Wipe/Andvanced Wipe" select Dalvik Cache+Cache+System+Data and "Swipe Button" for clean all, try this steps 2 times and 1 time only Wipe/factory Reset, IMPORTANT you have need an Clear phone.

    10) Now turn back to Install/Install from Sd Card and select the "", flash this with Swipe.

    11) Now last step and we are near the end, Turn Back to Install/Install from Sd Card and select Most important and Big file, the ROM: "" Flash with Swipe Button..... not worry for the time, this is BIG file 1,2GB, wait that finish then now can Reboot you phone in Normal mode

    Waoooooooo Now you touch is Fully Working, only you have need of set you language, you keyboard Update Gogle play if requiere itc...insert you Sim and start to use you GALAXY MEGA I9205 with old TOUCH NOT WORKING first...

    Best Regards,
    Management Team

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