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    How you get quick reply and perfect solution in this section

    1. All member read this 2 thread before post


    if still not found your answer, post you china phone problem in this section with additional all info.

    2. For pin out help-
    (A) Post full info about phone with all type of name.

    (B) Post phone connector type (ex: samsung standard 18 pin, moto v3, miniusb 8 pin, etc)

    (C) Post how may pin have in connector.

    (D) Post which pin is gnd in connector.

    (E) if possible post phone and pcb 2 side photo (picture should be clear and big)

    3. For flash file help-

    (A) Phone name (all name, because china phone have on front 1 name and under battery have another name)

    (B) Phone cpu type and model (ex: MTK6226, infineon 7880, spd 6600M, etc)

    (C) Phone flash chip type and model (ex: Samsung K5L2731cam, toshiba tv0057, etc)

    (D) Phone original flash file version (ex: ROMINFO : v04 WT26_05C_PCB01_GPRS_MT6226_S01.S600_352_2731_MO4K_ SSD1289.BIN)

    (E) Phone photo (2 side) and pcb photo (back side)

    4. For hardware repair help
    post all info about your phone and additional information about problem.
    also write problem got from where and how much try you already done.

    Your thread title should be correct and exact, please use a good thread title which will help to user get your exact problem without open or read full of your post.

    6. Don't post any china device problem here, per device problem post there support section.

    7. Try to flash file collect from you uses box support site and if any member have no device, i advice, buy device you can found full and final solution, otherwise crack kill your phone without any warning. still have no box, post request for flash file.

    plz follow this instruction, you will get quick and perfect reply/solution.
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    Management Team

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