Frequently Asked Questions About SonyEricsson DB2000/10/12/20/3150/3210/3350/pnx5230 Series

Q-1. What is DB2000/10/12/20/3150/3210/3350/pnx5230 Series ?
A. SEMC (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications) hardware platforms. that is chipsets of new SEMC phones.

Db2000 (otherwise called marita "full") is inside next phones: z1010/v800/z800/w900/lg3g/sharp3g
Db2010 (otherwise called "marita compact") is inside j300/k300/k500/k700/s700/k750 phones.
Db2020 (otherwise called "marika") is inside k610/k550/k790/k800/w850/w880/z610/well, almost in all new phones.
Pnx5230 is inside z310,w350,w380,z555 phones.
Db3150 is A2 generation, phones like k850,w910,w890,z750,etc have it
Db3210 is next revision of A2 platform and there is not yet retail phones released with that ASIC.
Db3350 is even future platform from SEMC.

Q-2. how to check Sony ericsson firmware version ?
A. > * < < * < * Where < or > are directions on the joystick, and * is the bottom left hand button on the keypad.

Q-3. What Is firmware Version?
A. firmware Version Which Ur Phone Have. You Must Flash Same Version Or Newer Then It MAIN Or fs File To Phone Only..

Q-4. How to enter my Unlock Code on SonyEricsson ?
A. Model : All SonyEricsson
1 - Switch ON your phone without SIM Card,
2 - Press 1 time the left arrow,
3 - Press 2 times the button * ,
4 - Press 1 time the left arrow,
5 - The message "Personalize with MNC2" will appear,
6 - You can now enter the Unlock Code we send to you.
If your phone have a "JOGDIAL" (ex : SonyEricsson K700i) you must press "down arrow" instead of
"left arrow" for step 2 & 3. We mean by "Down Arrow" to direct the Jogdial down !
W950 And Others Scrool Models
Service Menu (* up * down down * down *)
Code Menu (* up * down ** down (up/down using the jog dial on the side)
( side, down,**,down )

Q-5. What Is Cid ?
A. This "number" defines the version of SE's protection present in the phone. New CIDs are deployed from time to time.
Current CIDs in use by SE are 29/36/37/49/50/51/52 & now 53.

Q-6. What Is GDFS?
A. This is the phones "stash", where all settings and calibration data is stored (this also goes for the firmwares IMEI-resource as well as the SIMlocks). Similar to other brands use of NVRAM (Non-Viotile Random Access Memory).

Q-7. What is custpacks ?
A. Custpacks are zip-files containing ORIGINAL customization files. These serve as basic configuration files for the handset, which languages to allow, data accounts, branding etc...

Q-8. how Many Way to connect semc phones with pc ?
A. there are two way to connect phone with pc
a. Ftdi Base Ports
b. DCU60 usb cable

Q-9. how to connect semc phone with pc by DCU60 usb cable ?
A. Flash Mode> Turn of the phone , Press the button connect (option button)
Hold "C" button on the phone and connect the DCU-60 cable
Recovery Mode> 2 + 5 Both Press And Insert DCU60 cable

Q-10. where i get usb flash drivers for dcu-60 cable ?
A. download link

Q-11. from where i get Sign Drivers for CSCA procedure ?
A. download link

Q-12. what is XS++ & which semc Series supported ?
A. free SonyEricsson customization tool , XS++ Help and Information & here XS++ download link

Q-13. How To Flash Phone With XS ++?
A. Start xs++
Turn of the phone.
Press the button connect.
Hold "C" button on the phone and connect the DCU-60 cable.
if CID is lower then 52 xs++ will ask you if you want to upgrade CID press yes.
Tick flash main firmware and browse for your main.
Tick flash file system and browse for your fs.
Tick customize file system select phone model and region.
Press the flash button and wait.

Q-14. how to Upgrade CID DB2020 with xs++ (cid49 to 52) ?
A . Start xs++
Turn of the phone.
Press the button connect.
Hold "C" button on the phone and connect the DCU-60 cable.
if CID is lower then 52 xs++ will ask you if you want to upgrade CID press yes.

Q-15. What Is Rezone We Need Se Tool 2 Lite ?
[1] To Flash Firmware To Phone [2] Firmware File upgrade To Phone. [3] All DB2020 CID49/51/52 & DB2010/12 49 unlock here