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    Important Information about VolcanoBox & MerapiTool a.k.a. Pack1 !!

    Hello Guys,
    We are getting delayed in VolcanBox & Merapi Tool updates. Main Reason is Security. i am very Sad to tell you that some very Famous Team are trying to Hack & Crack our Executable files & Loaders & trying to copy us. i have all logs on my server Which which ip is trying to snif us. many of them are blocked and many of them are trying with different locations as they don't have static ip. anyway. We Decide to change our Whole Security before we make more updates, For that our team is working very hard and we are about to finish it. Hope Next week ( from upcoming Monday ) We can start our new system with more powerful securities and after we will make updates as we was doing in past.

    • While we finish it.
    • We Decide to Increase Merapi Trial Activation.
    • Trial Activations will END/Finished as our new system started.
    • To All Red Boxes & To All Users who have Vitool in Hand, Merapi Tool A.K.A Pack1 will be Activated Automatically & FREE.
    • Old Users ( Black Volcano box & White Volcano box ) who purchased 39 Credits and Credits are in Their Accounts ( they can check by clicking on "Service" from Merapi Tool that how many credits are they have ) Their Boxes will be Activated Automatically right after Trial Activation Expired
    • Old Users ( Black Volcanobox & White VolcanoBox ) Who pay to their Reseller for Pack1 Activation & Credits are NOT in their accounts ( they can check by clicking on "Service" from merapi tool how many credits are they have ) are Advised Wait till Trial Activation get Expired/End/Finished. As our New system get start working & Trial Activation get Expired then your Reseller can able to Add Credits into your Account and Your box will be Automatically Activated on Merapi Tool.

    We just Need your Cooperation. While you have Trial Activation Make Money like Many People Are making.

    WIN Credits == Post here all Successfully Recovered Data & Other Reports from DATAPRO

    Check this Lot of people Earning very Good money from DATAPRO, Datapro is very Unique Tool in GSM Industries which can Recover DELETED Data & Extract Current Data

    • From Working Phone
    • From Semi Dead Phone
    • From Completely Dead Phone
    • From Hang on Logo Phone

    DATAPro is only Tool available in Market which really Works, Which really Recover Deleted Data from Phone from any Condition & Data Pro Proved It Self, Many Users tested them and they have earn lot of money.
    Best Regards,
    Management Team

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    PIC_2015_05_29_3_11_19_PM.jpgafter update error on opening before PIC_2015_05_29_3_04_48_PM.jpgworking well when connecting to new version only screen showing updating box wait
    before a week i activated merapi tool and after 10 minutes iget this issues plz team help me .email will willing to co-operate on tv id if team no-919934514395

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