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    !!! MICRO-BOX Updates here !!!

    2 Nov 11 Micro-Box AIO V2.0.4.3 : ALCATEL MORE

    THAN 2200 NEW PIDS + 2 NEW MODELS !!!

    Microbox_AIO_2.0.4.3 Uploaded to support

    New models added:


    + more than 2200 new PIDs ADDED


    OT-108 2AA7TE9
    OT-108 2AC9PC1
    OT-108 2BA7TE9
    OT-108 2BC9PC1
    OT-109 2AM1TE9
    OT-109 2BM1TE9
    OT-109 2CM1TE9
    OT-109 2DM1TE9
    OT-112 2AALUA1
    OT-112 2BALUA1
    OT-112 2CALUA1
    OT-150 2AVDRO1
    OT-208 2AAGEC1
    OT-208 2AALTN1
    OT-208 2ADCHT3
    OT-208 2ADCHT9
    OT-208 2BAGEC1
    OT-208 2BALTN1
    OT-208 2BDCHT3
    OT-208 2BDCHT9
    OT-208A 2AAGEC1
    OT-208A 2BAGEC1
    OT-209 23BGKZ1
    OT-209 2AAMMA1
    OT-209 2AMVGT2
    OT-209 2AMVSV2
    OT-209 2AP2TH2
    OT-209 2ARGRO1
    OT-209 2ATLMX2
    OT-209 2ATLMX8
    OT-209 2BAMMA1
    OT-209 2BMVGT2
    OT-209 2BMVSV2
    OT-209 2BP2TH2
    OT-209 2BRGRO1
    OT-209 2BTLMX2
    OT-209 2BTLMX8
    OT-209 2CAMMA1
    OT-209 2CMVGT2
    OT-209 2CMVSV2
    OT-209 2CP2TH2
    OT-209 2CRGRO1
    OT-209 2CTLMX2
    OT-209 2CTLMX8
    OT-209 2DAMMA1
    OT-209 2DMVGT2
    OT-209 2DMVSV2
    OT-209 2DP2TH2
    OT-209 2DRGRO1
    OT-209 2DTLMX2
    OT-209 2DTLMX8
    OT-209 2EAMMA1
    OT-209 2EMVGT2
    OT-209 2EMVSV2
    OT-209 2EP2TH2
    OT-209 2ERGRO1
    OT-209 2ETLMX2
    OT-209 2ETLMX8
    OT-209 2FAMMA1
    OT-209 2FMVGT2
    OT-209 2FMVSV2
    OT-209 2FP2TH2
    OT-209 2FRGRO1
    OT-209 2FTLMX2
    OT-209 2FTLMX8
    OT-209 2GAMMA1
    OT-209 2GMVGT2
    OT-209 2GMVSV2
    OT-209 2GP2TH2
    OT-209 2GRGRO1
    OT-209 2GTLMX2
    OT-209 2GTLMX8
    OT-209 2HAMMA1
    OT-209 2HMVGT2
    OT-209 2HMVSV2
    OT-209 2HP2TH2
    OT-209 2HRGRO1
    OT-209 2HTLMX2
    OT-209 2HTLMX8
    OT-209 2IAMMA1
    OT-209 2IMVGT2
    OT-209 2IMVSV2
    OT-209 2IP2TH2
    OT-209 2IRGRO1
    OT-209 2ITLMX2
    OT-209 2ITLMX8
    OT-209 2JAMMA1
    OT-209 2JMVGT2
    OT-209 2JMVSV2
    OT-209 2JP2TH2
    OT-209 2JRGRO1
    OT-209 2JTLMX2
    OT-209 2JTLMX8
    OT-209 2KAMMA1
    OT-209 2KMVGT2
    OT-209 2KMVSV2
    OT-209 2KP2TH2
    OT-209 2KRGRO1
    OT-209 2KTLMX2
    OT-209 2KTLMX8
    OT-209 2LAMMA1
    OT-209 2LMVGT2
    OT-209 2LMVSV2
    OT-209 2LP2TH2
    OT-209 2LRGRO1
    OT-209 2LTLMX2
    OT-209 2LTLMX8
    OT-209 2MAMMA1
    OT-209 2MMVGT2
    OT-209 2MMVSV2
    OT-209 2MP2TH2
    OT-209 2MRGRO1
    OT-209 2MTLMX2
    OT-209 2MTLMX8
    OT-209 2NAMMA1
    OT-209 2NMVGT2
    OT-209 2NMVSV2
    OT-209 2NP2TH2
    OT-209 2NRGRO1
    OT-209 2NTLMX2
    OT-209 2NTLMX8
    OT-209 2PAMMA1
    OT-209 2PMVGT2
    OT-209 2PMVSV2
    OT-209 2PP2TH2
    OT-209 2PRGRO1
    OT-209 2PTLMX2
    OT-209 2PTLMX8
    OT-209 2QAMMA1
    OT-209 2QMVGT2
    OT-209 2QMVSV2
    OT-209 2QP2TH2
    OT-209 2QRGRO1
    OT-209 2QTLMX2
    OT-209 2QTLMX8
    OT-209 2RAMMA1
    OT-209 2RMVGT2
    OT-209 2RMVSV2
    OT-209 2RP2TH2
    OT-209 2RRGRO1
    OT-209 2RTLMX2
    OT-209 2RTLMX8
    OT-209 2SAMMA1
    OT-209 2SMVGT2
    OT-209 2SMVSV2
    OT-209 2SP2TH2
    OT-209 2SRGRO1
    OT-209 2STLMX2
    OT-209 2STLMX8
    OT-209 2TAMMA1
    OT-209 2TMVGT2
    OT-209 2TMVSV2
    OT-209 2TP2TH2
    OT-209 2TRGRO1
    OT-209 2TTLMX2
    OT-209 2TTLMX8
    OT-209 2UAMMA1
    OT-209 2UMVGT2
    OT-209 2UMVSV2
    OT-209 2UP2TH2
    OT-209 2URGRO1
    OT-209 2UTLMX2
    OT-209 2UTLMX8
    OT-209 2VAMMA1
    OT-209 2VMVGT2
    OT-209 2VMVSV2
    OT-209 2VP2TH2
    OT-209 2VRGRO1
    OT-209 2VTLMX2
    OT-209 2VTLMX8
    OT-209 2WAMMA1
    OT-209 2WMVGT2
    OT-209 2WMVSV2
    OT-209 2WP2TH2
    OT-209 2WRGRO1
    OT-209 2WTLMX2
    OT-209 2WTLMX8
    OT-209 2YAMMA1
    OT-209 2YMVGT2
    OT-209 2YMVSV2
    OT-209 2YP2TH2
    OT-209 2YRGRO1
    OT-209 2YTLMX2
    OT-209 2YTLMX8
    OT-209 2ZAMMA1
    OT-209 2ZMVGT2
    OT-209 2ZMVSV2
    OT-209 2ZP2TH2
    OT-209 2ZRGRO1
    OT-209 2ZTLMX2
    OT-209 2ZTLMX8
    OT-209A 2AMVGT2
    OT-209A 2AMVSV2
    OT-209A 2ATLMX2
    OT-209A 2ATLMX8
    OT-209A 2BMVGT2
    OT-209A 2BMVSV2
    OT-209A 2BTLMX2
    OT-209A 2BTLMX8
    OT-209A 2CMVGT2
    OT-209A 2CMVSV2
    OT-209A 2CTLMX2
    OT-209A 2CTLMX8
    OT-209A 2DMVGT2
    OT-209A 2DMVSV2
    OT-209A 2DTLMX2
    OT-209A 2DTLMX8
    OT-209A 2EMVGT2
    OT-209A 2EMVSV2
    OT-209A 2ETLMX2
    OT-209A 2ETLMX8
    OT-209A 2FMVGT2
    OT-209A 2FMVSV2
    OT-209A 2FTLMX2
    OT-209A 2FTLMX8
    OT-209A 2GMVGT2
    OT-209A 2GMVSV2
    OT-209A 2GTLMX2
    OT-209A 2GTLMX8
    OT-209A 2HMVGT2
    OT-209A 2HMVSV2
    OT-209A 2HTLMX2
    OT-209A 2HTLMX8
    OT-209A 2IMVGT2
    OT-209A 2IMVSV2
    OT-209A 2ITLMX2
    OT-209A 2ITLMX8
    OT-209A 2JMVGT2
    OT-209A 2JMVSV2
    OT-209A 2JTLMX2
    OT-209A 2JTLMX8
    OT-209A 2KMVGT2
    OT-209A 2KMVSV2
    OT-209A 2KTLMX2
    OT-209A 2KTLMX8
    OT-209A 2LMVGT2
    OT-209A 2LMVSV2
    OT-209A 2LTLMX2
    OT-209A 2LTLMX8
    OT-209A 2MMVGT2
    OT-209A 2MMVSV2
    OT-209A 2MTLMX2
    OT-209A 2MTLMX8
    OT-209A 2NMVGT2
    OT-209A 2NMVSV2
    OT-209A 2NTLMX2
    OT-209A 2NTLMX8
    OT-209A 2PMVGT2
    OT-209A 2PMVSV2
    OT-209A 2PTLMX2
    OT-209A 2PTLMX8
    OT-209A 2QMVGT2
    OT-209A 2QMVSV2
    OT-209A 2QTLMX2
    OT-209A 2QTLMX8
    OT-209A 2RMVGT2
    OT-209A 2RMVSV2
    OT-209A 2RTLMX2
    OT-209A 2RTLMX8
    OT-209A 2SMVGT2
    OT-209A 2SMVSV2
    OT-209A 2STLMX2
    OT-209A 2STLMX8
    OT-209A 2TMVGT2
    OT-209A 2TMVSV2
    OT-209A 2TTLMX2
    OT-209A 2TTLMX8
    OT-209A 2UMVGT2
    OT-209A 2UMVSV2
    OT-209A 2UTLMX2
    OT-209A 2UTLMX8
    OT-209A 2VMVGT2
    OT-209A 2VMVSV2
    OT-209A 2VTLMX2
    OT-209A 2VTLMX8
    OT-209A 2WMVGT2
    OT-209A 2WMVSV2
    OT-209A 2WTLMX2
    OT-209A 2WTLMX8
    OT-209A 2YMVGT2
    OT-209A 2YMVSV2
    OT-209A 2YTLMX2
    OT-209A 2YTLMX8
    OT-209A 2ZMVGT2
    OT-209A 2ZMVSV2
    OT-209A 2ZTLMX2
    OT-209A 2ZTLMX8
    OT-213 2AALIR1
    OT-213 2AATGA5
    OT-213 2ABFSG1
    OT-213 2ABGGE1
    OT-213 2ARGTN3
    OT-213 2AVDHU1
    OT-213 2BALIR1
    OT-213 2BATGA5
    OT-213 2BBFSG1
    OT-213 2BBGGE1
    OT-213 2BRGTN3
    OT-213 2BVDHU1
    OT-213 2CALIR1
    OT-213 2CATGA5
    OT-213 2CBFSG1
    OT-213 2CBGGE1
    OT-213 2CRGTN3
    OT-213 2CVDHU1
    OT-213 2DALIR1
    OT-213 2DATGA5
    OT-213 2DBFSG1
    OT-213 2DBGGE1
    OT-213 2DRGTN3
    OT-213 2DVDHU1
    OT-223 2AALES1
    OT-223 2AALIE1
    OT-223 2ALDUS1
    OT-223 2ATLBR1
    OT-223 2ATLBR1
    OT-223 2ATMST1
    OT-223 2BALES1
    OT-223 2BALIE1
    OT-223 2BLDUS1
    OT-223 2BTLBR1
    OT-223 2BTLBR1
    OT-223 2BTMST1
    OT-223 2CALES1
    OT-223 2CALIE1
    OT-223 2CLDUS1
    OT-223 2CTLBR1
    OT-223 2CTLBR1
    OT-223 2CTMST1
    OT-223 2DALES1
    OT-223 2DALIE1
    OT-223 2DLDUS1
    OT-223 2DTLBR1
    OT-223 2DTLBR1
    OT-223 2DTMST1
    OT-223 2EALES1
    OT-223 2EALIE1
    OT-223 2ELDUS1
    OT-223 2ETLBR1
    OT-223 2ETLBR1
    OT-223 2ETMST1
    OT-223 2FALES1
    OT-223 2FALIE1
    OT-223 2FLDUS1
    OT-223 2FTLBR1
    OT-223 2FTLBR1
    OT-223 2FTMST1
    OT-223 2GALES1
    OT-223 2GALIE1
    OT-223 2GLDUS1
    OT-223 2GTLBR1
    OT-223 2GTLBR1
    OT-223 2GTMST1
    OT-223 2HALES1
    OT-223 2HALIE1
    OT-223 2HLDUS1
    OT-223 2HTLBR1
    OT-223 2HTLBR1
    OT-223 2HTMST1
    OT-223A 2ALDUS1
    OT-223A 2ATLBR1
    OT-223A 2BLDUS1
    OT-223A 2BTLBR1
    OT-223A 2CLDUS1
    OT-223A 2CTLBR1
    OT-223A 2DLDUS1
    OT-223A 2DTLBR1
    OT-223A 2ELDUS1
    OT-223A 2ETLBR1
    OT-223A 2FLDUS1
    OT-223A 2FTLBR1
    OT-223A 2GLDUS1
    OT-223A 2GTLBR1
    OT-223A 2HLDUS1
    OT-223A 2HTLBR1
    OT-252 2AMSRU2
    OT-252 2AVDCY1
    OT-252 2AVDFJ1
    OT-252 2BMSRU2
    OT-252 2BVDCY1
    OT-252 2BVDFJ1
    OT-252 2CMSRU2
    OT-252 2CVDCY1
    OT-252 2CVDFJ1
    OT-252 2DMSRU2
    OT-252 2DVDCY1
    OT-252 2DVDFJ1
    OT-252 2EMSRU2
    OT-252 2EVDCY1
    OT-252 2EVDFJ1
    OT-252 2FMSRU2
    OT-252 2FVDCY1
    OT-252 2FVDFJ1
    OT-255 2AALDE1
    OT-255 2AALEU1
    OT-255 2AALMX1
    OT-255 2AALMXA
    OT-255 2AALUS2
    OT-255 2ALDUS1
    OT-255 2AMNZA1
    OT-255 2ATGMX1
    OT-255 2ATLBR1
    OT-255 2ATLBR1
    OT-255 2ATLMX1
    OT-255 2ATLMXA
    OT-255 2ATLMXB
    OT-255 2ATLPEB
    OT-255 2ATMST1
    OT-255 2BALDE1
    OT-255 2BALEU1
    OT-255 2BALMX1
    OT-255 2BALMXA
    OT-255 2BALUS2
    OT-255 2BLDUS1
    OT-255 2BMNZA1
    OT-255 2BTGMX1
    OT-255 2BTLBR1
    OT-255 2BTLBR1
    OT-255 2BTLMX1
    OT-255 2BTLMXA
    OT-255 2BTLMXB
    OT-255 2BTLPEB
    OT-255 2BTMST1
    OT-255 2CALDE1
    OT-255 2CALEU1
    OT-255 2CALMX1
    OT-255 2CALMXA
    OT-255 2CALUS2
    OT-255 2CLDUS1
    OT-255 2CMNZA1
    OT-255 2CTGMX1
    OT-255 2CTLBR1
    OT-255 2CTLBR1
    OT-255 2CTLMX1
    OT-255 2CTLMXA
    OT-255 2CTLMXB
    OT-255 2CTLPEB
    OT-255 2CTMST1
    OT-255 2DALDE1
    OT-255 2DALEU1
    OT-255 2DALMX1
    OT-255 2DALMXA
    OT-255 2DALUS2
    OT-255 2DLDUS1
    OT-255 2DMNZA1
    OT-255 2DTGMX1
    OT-255 2DTLBR1
    OT-255 2DTLBR1
    OT-255 2DTLMX1
    OT-255 2DTLMXA
    OT-255 2DTLMXB
    OT-255 2DTLPEB
    OT-255 2DTMST1
    OT-255 2EALMX1
    OT-255 2EALMXA
    OT-255 2EALUS2
    OT-255 2ELDUS1
    OT-255 2ETGMX1
    OT-255 2ETLBR1
    OT-255 2ETLMX1
    OT-255 2ETLMXA
    OT-255 2ETLMXB
    OT-255 2ETLPEB
    OT-255 2FALMX1
    OT-255 2FALMXA
    OT-255 2FALUS2
    OT-255 2FLDUS1
    OT-255 2FTGMX1
    OT-255 2FTLBR1
    OT-255 2FTLMX1
    OT-255 2FTLMXA
    OT-255 2FTLMXB
    OT-255 2FTLPEB
    OT-255A 2AALMX1
    OT-255A 2AALMXA
    OT-255A 2AALUS2
    OT-255A 2ALDUS1
    OT-255A 2ATGMX1
    OT-255A 2ATLBR1
    OT-255A 2ATLMX1
    OT-255A 2ATLMXA
    OT-255A 2ATLMXB
    OT-255A 2ATLPEB
    OT-255A 2BALMX1
    OT-255A 2BALMXA
    OT-255A 2BALUS2
    OT-255A 2BLDUS1
    OT-255A 2BTGMX1
    OT-255A 2BTLBR1
    OT-255A 2BTLMX1
    OT-255A 2BTLMXA
    OT-255A 2BTLMXB
    OT-255A 2BTLPEB
    OT-255A 2CALMX1
    OT-255A 2CALMXA
    OT-255A 2CALUS2
    OT-255A 2CLDUS1
    OT-255A 2CTGMX1
    OT-255A 2CTLBR1
    OT-255A 2CTLMX1
    OT-255A 2CTLMXA
    OT-255A 2CTLMXB
    OT-255A 2CTLPEB
    OT-255A 2DALMX1
    OT-255A 2DALMXA
    OT-255A 2DALUS2
    OT-255A 2DLDUS1
    OT-255A 2DTGMX1
    OT-255A 2DTLBR1
    OT-255A 2DTLMX1
    OT-255A 2DTLMXA
    OT-255A 2DTLMXB
    OT-255A 2DTLPEB
    OT-255A 2EALMX1
    OT-255A 2EALMXA
    OT-255A 2EALUS2
    OT-255A 2ELDUS1
    OT-255A 2ETGMX1
    OT-255A 2ETLBR1
    OT-255A 2ETLMX1
    OT-255A 2ETLMXA
    OT-255A 2ETLMXB
    OT-255A 2ETLPEB
    OT-255A 2FALMX1
    OT-255A 2FALMXA
    OT-255A 2FALUS2
    OT-255A 2FLDUS1
    OT-255A 2FTGMX1
    OT-255A 2FTLBR1
    OT-255A 2FTLMX1
    OT-255A 2FTLMXA
    OT-255A 2FTLMXB
    OT-255A 2FTLPEB
    OT-300 2AALAT1
    OT-300 2BALAT1
    OT-306 2AALAR1
    OT-306 2AALAT1
    OT-306 2AALES1
    OT-306 2AALFR1
    OT-306 2AALPL1
    OT-306 2AALUS2
    OT-306 2AALZA1
    OT-306 2AAVDO3
    OT-306 2ABGGE1
    OT-306 2AC9FJ1
    OT-306 2ACECO3
    OT-306 2ADCFA1
    OT-306 2ADCPC1
    OT-306 2AICCR1
    OT-306 2ALPFR1
    OT-306 2AMPME1
    OT-306 2AMVGT1
    OT-306 2AMVGT2
    OT-306 2APMPT3
    OT-306 2APSAR1
    OT-306 2ARGCI3
    OT-306 2ARGFA1
    OT-306 2ARGRE3
    OT-306 2ASFRE1
    OT-306 2AT2CV3
    OT-306 2ATLNI3
    OT-306 2AVDGH1
    OT-306 2AVDKE3
    OT-306 2AVVBG1
    OT-306 2BALAR1
    OT-306 2BALAT1
    OT-306 2BALES1
    OT-306 2BALFR1
    OT-306 2BALPL1
    OT-306 2BALUS2
    OT-306 2BALZA1
    OT-306 2BAVDO3
    OT-306 2BBGGE1
    OT-306 2BC9FJ1
    OT-306 2BCECO3
    OT-306 2BDCFA1
    OT-306 2BDCPC1
    OT-306 2BICCR1
    OT-306 2BLPFR1
    OT-306 2BMPME1
    OT-306 2BMVGT1
    OT-306 2BMVGT2
    OT-306 2BPMPT3
    OT-306 2BPSAR1
    OT-306 2BRGCI3
    OT-306 2BRGFA1
    OT-306 2BRGRE3
    OT-306 2BSFRE1
    OT-306 2BT2CV3
    OT-306 2BTLNI3
    OT-306 2BVDGH1
    OT-306 2BVDKE3
    OT-306 2BVVBG1
    OT-306 2CALAR1
    OT-306 2CALAT1
    OT-306 2CALES1
    OT-306 2CALFR1
    OT-306 2CALPL1
    OT-306 2CALUS2
    OT-306 2CALZA1
    OT-306 2CAVDO3
    OT-306 2CBGGE1
    OT-306 2CC9FJ1
    OT-306 2CCECO3
    OT-306 2CDCFA1
    OT-306 2CDCPC1
    OT-306 2CICCR1
    OT-306 2CLPFR1
    OT-306 2CMPME1
    OT-306 2CMVGT1
    OT-306 2CMVGT2
    OT-306 2CPMPT3
    OT-306 2CPSAR1
    OT-306 2CRGCI3
    OT-306 2CRGFA1
    OT-306 2CRGRE3
    OT-306 2CSFRE1
    OT-306 2CT2CV3
    OT-306 2CTLNI3
    OT-306 2CVDGH1
    OT-306 2CVDKE3
    OT-306 2***BG1
    OT-306 2DALAR1
    OT-306 2DALAT1
    OT-306 2DALES1
    OT-306 2DALFR1
    OT-306 2DALPL1
    OT-306 2DALUS2
    OT-306 2DALZA1
    OT-306 2DAVDO3
    OT-306 2DBGGE1
    OT-306 2DC9FJ1
    OT-306 2DCECO3
    OT-306 2DDCFA1
    OT-306 2DDCPC1
    OT-306 2DICCR1
    OT-306 2DLPFR1
    OT-306 2DMPME1
    OT-306 2DMVGT1
    OT-306 2DMVGT2
    OT-306 2DPMPT3
    OT-306 2DPSAR1
    OT-306 2DRGCI3
    OT-306 2DRGFA1
    OT-306 2DRGRE3
    OT-306 2DSFRE1
    OT-306 2DT2CV3
    OT-306 2DTLNI3
    OT-306 2DVDGH1
    OT-306 2DVDKE3
    OT-306 2DVVBG1
    OT-306 2EALAR1
    OT-306 2EALAT1
    OT-306 2EALES1
    OT-306 2EALFR1
    OT-306 2EALPL1
    OT-306 2EALUS2
    OT-306 2EALZA1
    OT-306 2EAVDO3
    OT-306 2EBGGE1
    OT-306 2EC9FJ1
    OT-306 2ECECO3
    OT-306 2EDCFA1
    OT-306 2EDCPC1
    OT-306 2EICCR1
    OT-306 2ELPFR1
    OT-306 2EMPME1
    OT-306 2EMVGT1
    OT-306 2EMVGT2
    OT-306 2EPMPT3
    OT-306 2EPSAR1
    OT-306 2ERGCI3
    OT-306 2ERGFA1
    OT-306 2ERGRE3
    OT-306 2ESFRE1
    OT-306 2ET2CV3
    OT-306 2ETLNI3
    OT-306 2EVDGH1
    OT-306 2EVDKE3
    OT-306 2EVVBG1
    OT-306 2FALAP1
    OT-306 2FALAR1
    OT-306 2FALAT1
    OT-306 2FALES1
    OT-306 2FALEU1
    OT-306 2FALFR1
    OT-306 2FALLK1
    OT-306 2FALNC1
    OT-306 2FALPL1
    OT-306 2FALUS2
    OT-306 2FALZA1
    OT-306 2FAVCL1
    OT-306 2FAVCL3
    OT-306 2FAVCR1
    OT-306 2FAVDO3
    OT-306 2FAVPE1
    OT-306 2FBFVE1
    OT-306 2FBGGE1
    OT-306 2FBGKZ1
    OT-306 2FC2PH1
    OT-306 2FC9FJ1
    OT-306 2FCECO3
    OT-306 2FDCFA1
    OT-306 2FDCPC1
    OT-306 2FICCR1
    OT-306 2FIWUS1
    OT-306 2FLPFR1
    OT-306 2FLXSV1
    OT-306 2FMPME1
    OT-306 2FMVGT1
    OT-306 2FMVGT2
    OT-306 2FMVHN1
    OT-306 2FOCUS1
    OT-306 2FOPNC1
    OT-306 2FPMPT3
    OT-306 2FPSAR1
    OT-306 2FRGCI3
    OT-306 2FRGFA1
    OT-306 2FRGRE3
    OT-306 2FSDUS1
    OT-306 2FSFRE1
    OT-306 2FSYUS1
    OT-306 2FT2CV3
    OT-306 2FTLGT3
    OT-306 2FTLMX1
    OT-306 2FTLNI3
    OT-306 2FVDGH1
    OT-306 2FVDKE3
    OT-306 2FVVBG1
    OT-306 2FWCDO1
    OT-306 2FWNIT3
    OT-306 AAALAR2
    OT-306 AALIAR2
    OT-306 AAPSAR3
    OT-306 ABALAR2
    OT-306 ABLIAR2
    OT-306 ABPSAR3
    OT-306 ACALAR2
    OT-306 ACLIAR2
    OT-306 ACPSAR3
    OT-306 ADALAR2
    OT-306 ADLIAR2
    OT-306 ADPSAR3
    OT-306 AEALAR2
    OT-306 AELIAR2
    OT-306 AEPSAR3
    OT-306 AFALAR2
    OT-306 AFLIAR2
    OT-306 AFPSAR3
    OT-306A 2AALAR1
    OT-306A 2AALUS2
    OT-306A 2AAVDO3
    OT-306A 2ACECO3
    OT-306A 2AMVGT1
    OT-306A 2AMVGT2
    OT-306A 2APSAR1
    OT-306A 2ATLNI3
    OT-306A 2BALAR1
    OT-306A 2BALUS2
    OT-306A 2BAVDO3
    OT-306A 2BCECO3
    OT-306A 2BMVGT1
    OT-306A 2BMVGT2
    OT-306A 2BPSAR1
    OT-306A 2BTLNI3
    OT-306A 2CALAR1
    OT-306A 2CALUS2
    OT-306A 2CAVDO3
    OT-306A 2CCECO3
    OT-306A 2CMVGT1
    OT-306A 2CMVGT2
    OT-306A 2CPSAR1
    OT-306A 2CTLNI3
    OT-306A 2DALAR1
    OT-306A 2DALUS2
    OT-306A 2DAVDO3
    OT-306A 2DCECO3
    OT-306A 2DMVGT1
    OT-306A 2DMVGT2
    OT-306A 2DPSAR1
    OT-306A 2DTLNI3
    OT-306A 2EALAR1
    OT-306A 2EALUS2
    OT-306A 2EAVDO3
    OT-306A 2ECECO3
    OT-306A 2EMVGT1
    OT-306A 2EMVGT2
    OT-306A 2EPSAR1
    OT-306A 2ETLNI3
    OT-306A 2FALAR1
    OT-306A 2FALUS2
    OT-306A 2FAVCL1
    OT-306A 2FAVCL3
    OT-306A 2FAVDO3
    OT-306A 2FAVPE1
    OT-306A 2FBFVE1
    OT-306A 2FCECO3
    OT-306A 2FIWUS1
    OT-306A 2FLXSV1
    OT-306A 2FMVGT1
    OT-306A 2FMVGT2
    OT-306A 2FMVHN1
    OT-306A 2FOCUS1
    OT-306A 2FPSAR1
    OT-306A 2FSDUS1
    OT-306A 2FSYUS1
    OT-306A 2FTLGT3
    OT-306A 2FTLMX1
    OT-306A 2FTLNI3
    OT-306A 2FWCDO1
    OT-306A AAALAR2
    OT-306A AALIAR2
    OT-306A AAPSAR3
    OT-306A ABALAR2
    OT-306A ABLIAR2
    OT-306A ABPSAR3
    OT-306A ACALAR2
    OT-306A ACLIAR2
    OT-306A ACPSAR3
    OT-306A ADALAR2
    OT-306A ADLIAR2
    OT-306A ADPSAR3
    OT-306A AEALAR2
    OT-306A AELIAR2
    OT-306A AEPSAR3
    OT-306A AFALAR2
    OT-306A AFLIAR2
    OT-306A AFPSAR3
    OT-311 2ATNHU1
    OT-352 2FMSRU1
    OT-355 2AALAP1
    OT-355 2AALAR1
    OT-355 2AALAT1
    OT-355 2AALAT1
    OT-355 2AALCN1
    OT-355 2AALCY1
    OT-355 2AALGR1
    OT-355 2AALHK1
    OT-355 2AALNL1
    OT-355 2AALRO1
    OT-355 2AALRU1
    OT-355 2AALRU1
    OT-355 2AALUS2
    OT-355 2AALZA1
    OT-355 2AAVDO3
    OT-355 2AAVGT1
    OT-355 2AAVGT2
    OT-355 2AAVPE1
    OT-355 2AAVSV2
    OT-355 2AAWEC1
    OT-355 2ABFVN1
    OT-355 2ABRVE1
    OT-355 2AC9FJ1
    OT-355 2ACFMK1
    OT-355 2ADCAM1
    OT-355 2AIMMX1
    OT-355 2AIMMX1
    OT-355 2AJDTO1
    OT-355 2ALDUS1
    OT-355 2ALFVE1
    OT-355 2ALIAR1
    OT-355 2ALUUS1
    OT-355 2ARGAM1
    OT-355 2ARGGQ3
    OT-355 2ARGMU1
    OT-355 2ARGVU3
    OT-355 2ASFRE1
    OT-355 2ASYUS1
    OT-355 2ATLCO1
    OT-355 2AUFMX1
    OT-355 2AVDAU1
    OT-355 2AVPIN1
    OT-355 2AVPLK1
    OT-355 2BALAP1
    OT-355 2BALAR1
    OT-355 2BALAT1
    OT-355 2BALAT1
    OT-355 2BALCN1
    OT-355 2BALCY1
    OT-355 2BALGR1
    OT-355 2BALHK1
    OT-355 2BALNL1
    OT-355 2BALRO1
    OT-355 2BALRU1
    OT-355 2BALRU1
    OT-355 2BALUS2
    OT-355 2BALZA1
    OT-355 2BAVDO3
    OT-355 2BAVGT1
    OT-355 2BAVGT2
    OT-355 2BAVPE1
    OT-355 2BAVSV2
    OT-355 2BAWEC1
    OT-355 2BBFVN1
    OT-355 2BBRVE1
    OT-355 2BC9FJ1
    OT-355 2BCFMK1
    OT-355 2BDCAM1
    OT-355 2BIMMX1
    OT-355 2BIMMX1
    OT-355 2BJDTO1
    OT-355 2BLDUS1
    OT-355 2BLFVE1
    OT-355 2BLIAR1
    OT-355 2BLUUS1
    OT-355 2BRGAM1
    OT-355 2BRGGQ3
    OT-355 2BRGMU1
    OT-355 2BRGVU3
    OT-355 2BSFRE1
    OT-355 2BSYUS1
    OT-355 2BTLCO1
    OT-355 2BUFMX1
    OT-355 2BVDAU1
    OT-355 2BVPIN1
    OT-355 2BVPLK1
    OT-355 2CALCN1
    OT-355 2CALEU1
    OT-355 2CALFR1
    OT-355 2CALNL1
    OT-355 2CALRU1
    OT-355 2CALUS2
    OT-355 2CALZA1
    OT-355 2CAVDO3
    OT-355 2CAVNI1
    OT-355 2CBGGE1
    OT-355 2CIMMX1
    OT-355 2CIMMX1
    OT-355 2CLDUS1
    OT-355 2CMDBE1
    OT-355 2CMVSV1
    OT-355 2CRGAM1
    OT-355 2CRGMU1
    OT-355 2CRGVU3
    OT-355 2CTLCO1
    OT-355 2CUFMX1
    OT-355 2CVDAU1
    OT-355 2DALAT1
    OT-355 2DALCN1
    OT-355 2DALFR1
    OT-355 2DALLK1
    OT-355 2DALRU1
    OT-355 2DALUS2
    OT-355 2DAVDO3
    OT-355 2DAVNI1
    OT-355 2DDCAC1
    OT-355 2DDCAM1
    OT-355 2DDCFA1
    OT-355 2DIMMX1
    OT-355 2DIMMX1
    OT-355 2DMDBE1
    OT-355 2DRGAM1
    OT-355 2DRGFA1
    OT-355 2DRGMU1
    OT-355 2DTLCO1
    OT-355 2DUFMX1
    OT-355 2DVDAU1
    OT-355 2EALCN1
    OT-355 2EALRU1
    OT-355 2EALUS2
    OT-355 2EBRVE1
    OT-355 2ERGAM1
    OT-355 2ERGMU1
    OT-355 2EVDAU1
    OT-355 2FALCN1
    OT-355 2FALRU1
    OT-355 2FALUS2
    OT-355 2FRGAM1
    OT-355 2FRGMU1
    OT-355 2FRGVU3
    OT-355 2FVDAU1
    OT-355 2GALAT1
    OT-355 2GALCN1
    OT-355 2GALCY1
    OT-355 2GALNL1
    OT-355 2GALRO1
    OT-355 2GALRU1
    OT-355 2GBFVN1
    OT-355 2GC9FJ1
    OT-355 2GCFMK1
    OT-355 2GJDTO1
    OT-355 2GRGAM1
    OT-355 2GRGGQ3
    OT-355 2GRGMU1
    OT-355 2GRGVU3
    OT-355 2GSFRE1
    OT-355 2GVDAU1
    OT-355 2HALCN1
    OT-355 2JALCN1
    OT-355A 2AALAR1
    OT-355A 2AALUS2
    OT-355A 2AAVDO3
    OT-355A 2AAVGT1
    OT-355A 2AAVGT2
    OT-355A 2AAVPE1
    OT-355A 2AAVSV2
    OT-355A 2AAWEC1
    OT-355A 2ABRVE1
    OT-355A 2ADCAM1
    OT-355A 2AIMMX1
    OT-355A 2AIMMX1
    OT-355A 2ALDUS1
    OT-355A 2ALFVE1
    OT-355A 2ALIAR1
    OT-355A 2ALUUS1
    OT-355A 2ASYUS1
    OT-355A 2ATLCO1
    OT-355A 2AUFMX1
    OT-355A 2BALAR1
    OT-355A 2BALUS2
    OT-355A 2BAVDO3
    OT-355A 2BAVGT1
    OT-355A 2BAVGT2
    OT-355A 2BAVPE1
    OT-355A 2BAVSV2
    OT-355A 2BAWEC1
    OT-355A 2BBRVE1
    OT-355A 2BDCAM1
    OT-355A 2BIMMX1
    OT-355A 2BIMMX1
    OT-355A 2BLDUS1
    OT-355A 2BLFVE1
    OT-355A 2BLIAR1
    OT-355A 2BLUUS1
    OT-355A 2BSYUS1
    OT-355A 2BTLCO1
    OT-355A 2BUFMX1
    OT-355A 2CALUS2
    OT-355A 2CAVDO3
    OT-355A 2CAVNI1
    OT-355A 2CIMMX1
    OT-355A 2CIMMX1
    OT-355A 2CLDUS1
    OT-355A 2CMVSV1
    OT-355A 2CTLCO1
    OT-355A 2CUFMX1
    OT-355A 2DALUS2
    OT-355A 2DAVDO3
    OT-355A 2DAVNI1
    OT-355A 2DDCAC1
    OT-355A 2DDCAM1
    OT-355A 2DIMMX1
    OT-355A 2DIMMX1
    OT-355A 2DTLCO1
    OT-355A 2DUFMX1
    OT-355A 2EALUS2
    OT-355A 2EBRVE1
    OT-355A 2FALUS2
    OT-355D 2AALAP1
    OT-355D 2AALAT1
    OT-355D 2AALGR1
    OT-355D 2AALHK1
    OT-355D 2AALRU1
    OT-355D 2AALZA1
    OT-355D 2AVPIN1
    OT-355D 2AVPLK1
    OT-355D 2BALAP1
    OT-355D 2BALAT1
    OT-355D 2BALGR1
    OT-355D 2BALHK1
    OT-355D 2BALRU1
    OT-355D 2BALZA1
    OT-355D 2BVPIN1
    OT-355D 2BVPLK1
    OT-355D 2CALRU1
    OT-355D 2CALZA1
    OT-355D 2CBGGE1
    OT-355D 2DALAT1
    OT-355D 2DALRU1
    OT-355D 2EALRU1
    OT-355D 2FALRU1
    OT-356 2ALUUS1
    OT-356 2BLUUS1
    OT-356 2CLUUS1
    OT-356 2DLUUS1
    OT-356A 2ALUUS1
    OT-356A 2BLUUS1
    OT-356A 2CLUUS1
    OT-356A 2DLUUS1
    OT-361 2AALAT1
    OT-361 2AALCH1
    OT-361 2AALES1
    OT-361 2AALGR1
    OT-361 2ATEHR1
    OT-361 2BALAT1
    OT-361 2BALCH1
    OT-361 2BALES1
    OT-361 2BALGR1
    OT-361 2BTEHR1
    OT-361 2CALAT1
    OT-361 2CALCH1
    OT-361 2CALES1
    OT-361 2CALGR1
    OT-361 2CTEHR1
    OT-361 2DALAT1
    OT-361 2DALCH1
    OT-361 2DALES1
    OT-361 2DALGR1
    OT-361 2DTEHR1
    OT-385 2AALIT1
    OT-385 2AALTR1
    OT-385 2AC2PH1
    OT-385 2AEECL3
    OT-385 2AM4VN3
    OT-385 2AVPLK1
    OT-385 2BALIT1
    OT-385 2BALTR1
    OT-385 2BC2PH1
    OT-385 2BEECL3
    OT-385 2BM4VN3
    OT-385 2BVPLK1
    OT-385 2CALIT1
    OT-385 2CALTR1
    OT-385 2CC2PH1
    OT-385 2CEECL3
    OT-385 2CM4VN3
    OT-385 2CVPLK1
    OT-385 2EALIT1
    OT-385D 2AALIT1
    OT-385D 2AC2PH1
    OT-385D 2AM4VN3
    OT-385D 2AVPLK1
    OT-385D 2BALIT1
    OT-385D 2BC2PH1
    OT-385D 2BM4VN3
    OT-385D 2BVPLK1
    OT-385D 2CALIT1
    OT-385D 2CC2PH1
    OT-385D 2CM4VN3
    OT-385D 2CVPLK1
    OT-385D 2EALIT1
    OT-455 2BVDES1
    OT-455 2BVDFJ1
    OT-455 2BVDGB1
    OT-455 2BVDGR1
    OT-455 2BVDHR1
    OT-455 2BVDLU1
    OT-455 2BVDNZ1
    OT-455 2BVDPT1
    OT-455 2BVDRO1
    OT-455 2BVDZA1
    OT-455 2CVDES1
    OT-455 2CVDFJ1
    OT-455 2CVDGB1
    OT-455 2CVDGR1
    OT-455 2CVDHR1
    OT-455 2CVDLU1
    OT-455 2CVDNZ1
    OT-455 2CVDPT1
    OT-455 2CVDRO1
    OT-455 2CVDZA1
    OT-455 2DVDES1
    OT-455 2DVDFJ1
    OT-455 2DVDGB1
    OT-455 2DVDGR1
    OT-455 2DVDHR1
    OT-455 2DVDLU1
    OT-455 2DVDNZ1
    OT-455 2DVDPT1
    OT-455 2DVDRO1
    OT-455 2DVDZA1
    OT-506 2AALAT1
    OT-506 2AALDZ1
    OT-506 2AALES1
    OT-506 2AALEU2
    OT-506 2AALIT1
    OT-506 2AALPT1
    OT-506 2AALRU1
    OT-506 2AALUA1
    OT-506 2AAVCR1
    OT-506 2AC2PH2
    OT-506 2AC9AC1
    OT-506 2AC9FA1
    OT-506 2AC9FJ1
    OT-506 2AMVGTA
    OT-506 2AT2CV3
    OT-506 2ATBHU1
    OT-506 2ATEHR1
    OT-506 2AVDFJ1
    OT-506 2AWFUS1
    OT-506 2BALAT1
    OT-506 2BALDZ1
    OT-506 2BALES1
    OT-506 2BALEU2
    OT-506 2BALIT1
    OT-506 2BALPT1
    OT-506 2BALRU1
    OT-506 2BALUA1
    OT-506 2BAVCR1
    OT-506 2BC2PH2
    OT-506 2BC9AC1
    OT-506 2BC9FA1
    OT-506 2BC9FJ1
    OT-506 2BMVGTA
    OT-506 2BT2CV3
    OT-506 2BTBHU1
    OT-506 2BTEHR1
    OT-506 2BVDFJ1
    OT-506 2BWFUS1
    OT-506 2CVRGB3
    OT-506 2DVRGB3
    OT-506A 2AC9AC1
    OT-506A 2AMVGTA
    OT-506A 2AWFUS1
    OT-506A 2BC9AC1
    OT-506A 2BMVGTA
    OT-506A 2BWFUS1
    OT-506D 2AALAT1
    OT-506D 2AALDZ1
    OT-506D 2AALIT1
    OT-506D 2AALPT1
    OT-506D 2AALUA1
    OT-506D 2AC2PH2
    OT-506D 2AT2CV3
    OT-506D 2BALAT1
    OT-506D 2BALDZ1
    OT-506D 2BALIT1
    OT-506D 2BALPT1
    OT-506D 2BALUA1
    OT-506D 2BC2PH2
    OT-506D 2BT2CV3
    OT-565 2AAVUY1
    OT-565 2ACIJM1
    OT-565 2ADYIL1
    OT-565 2ARGFR1
    OT-565 2ATLUY1
    OT-565 2BAVUY1
    OT-565 2BCIJM1
    OT-565 2BDYIL1
    OT-565 2BRGFR1
    OT-565 2BTLUY1
    OT-565 2CAVUY1
    OT-565 2CCIJM1
    OT-565 2CDYIL1
    OT-565 2CRGFR1
    OT-565 2CTLUY1
    OT-565A 2AAVUY1
    OT-565A 2ACIJM1
    OT-565A 2ATLUY1
    OT-565A 2BAVUY1
    OT-565A 2BCIJM1
    OT-565A 2BTLUY1
    OT-565A 2CAVUY1
    OT-565A 2CCIJM1
    OT-565A 2CTLUY1
    OT-585 2AALFR1
    OT-585 2AALLK1
    OT-585 2AALRU1
    OT-585 2ABFSG1
    OT-585 2ALPFR1
    OT-585 2ANRFR1
    OT-585 2AOTFA1
    OT-585 2ARGAM3
    OT-585 2ARGES3
    OT-585 2ARGFA1
    OT-585 2ARGFR3
    OT-585 2ARGRE1
    OT-585 2AVRFR1
    OT-585 2BALFR1
    OT-585 2BALLK1
    OT-585 2BALRU1
    OT-585 2BBFSG1
    OT-585 2BLPFR1
    OT-585 2BNRFR1
    OT-585 2BOTFA1
    OT-585 2BRGAM3
    OT-585 2BRGES3
    OT-585 2BRGFA1
    OT-585 2BRGFR3
    OT-585 2BRGRE1
    OT-585 2BVRFR1
    OT-585 2CALFR1
    OT-585 2CALLK1
    OT-585 2CALRU1
    OT-585 2CBFSG1
    OT-585 2CLPFR1
    OT-585 2CNRFR1
    OT-585 2COTFA1
    OT-585 2CRGAM3
    OT-585 2CRGES3
    OT-585 2CRGFA1
    OT-585 2CRGFR3
    OT-585 2CRGRE1
    OT-585 2CVRFR1
    OT-585 2DALFR1
    OT-585 2DALLK1
    OT-585 2DALRU1
    OT-585 2DBFSG1
    OT-585 2DC2PH1
    OT-585 2DLPFR1
    OT-585 2DM6LK1
    OT-585 2DNRFR1
    OT-585 2DOTFA1
    OT-585 2DRGAM3
    OT-585 2DRGES3
    OT-585 2DRGFA1
    OT-585 2DRGFR3
    OT-585 2DRGRE1
    OT-585 2DVRFR1
    OT-585D 2AALLK1
    OT-585D 2ABFSG1
    OT-585D 2ARGAM3
    OT-585D 2BALLK1
    OT-585D 2BBFSG1
    OT-585D 2BRGAM3
    OT-585D 2CALLK1
    OT-585D 2CBFSG1
    OT-585D 2CRGAM3
    OT-585D 2DALLK1
    OT-585D 2DBFSG1
    OT-585D 2DC2PH1
    OT-585D 2DM6LK1
    OT-585D 2DRGAM3
    OT-602 2AALAT1
    OT-602 2AALDE1
    OT-602 2AALEU1
    OT-602 2AALFR1
    OT-602 2AALGB1
    OT-602 2AALGR1
    OT-602 2AALGR1
    OT-602 2AALIT1
    OT-602 2AALIT1
    OT-602 2AALPL1
    OT-602 2AALRU1
    OT-602 2AAVCR1
    OT-602 2AAVPE1
    OT-602 2AC2PH1
    OT-602 2AC9FJ1
    OT-602 2ACECO3
    OT-602 2ACFMK1
    OT-602 2ADCFA1
    OT-602 2ADCPC1
    OT-602 2AEKES1
    OT-602 2AM4VN3
    OT-602 2AMNZA1
    OT-602 2AMPME1
    OT-602 2APMPT3
    OT-602 2APMPT5
    OT-602 2ARGFA1
    OT-602 2ATNHU1
    OT-602 2ATNHU2
    OT-602 2AUFMX1
    OT-602 2AVNRS3
    OT-602 2AVPIN1
    OT-602 2AVRFR1
    OT-602 2AVVBG1
    OT-602 2BALAT1
    OT-602 2BALDE1
    OT-602 2BALEU1
    OT-602 2BALFR1
    OT-602 2BALGB1
    OT-602 2BALGR1
    OT-602 2BALGR1
    OT-602 2BALIT1
    OT-602 2BALIT1
    OT-602 2BALPL1
    OT-602 2BALRU1
    OT-602 2BAVCR1
    OT-602 2BAVPE1
    OT-602 2BC2PH1
    OT-602 2BC9FJ1
    OT-602 2BCECO3
    OT-602 2BCFMK1
    OT-602 2BDCFA1
    OT-602 2BDCPC1
    OT-602 2BEKES1
    OT-602 2BM4VN3
    OT-602 2BMNZA1
    OT-602 2BMPME1
    OT-602 2BPMPT3
    OT-602 2BPMPT5
    OT-602 2BRGFA1
    OT-602 2BTNHU1
    OT-602 2BTNHU2
    OT-602 2BUFMX1
    OT-602 2BVNRS3
    OT-602 2BVPIN1
    OT-602 2BVRFR1
    OT-602 2BVVBG1
    OT-602 2CALAT1
    OT-602 2CALDE1
    OT-602 2CALEU1
    OT-602 2CALFR1
    OT-602 2CALGB1
    OT-602 2CALGR1
    OT-602 2CALGR1
    OT-602 2CALIT1
    OT-602 2CALIT1
    OT-602 2CALPL1
    OT-602 2CALRU1
    OT-602 2CAVCR1
    OT-602 2CAVPE1
    OT-602 2CC2PH1
    OT-602 2CC9FJ1
    OT-602 2CCECO3
    OT-602 2CCFMK1
    OT-602 2CDCFA1
    OT-602 2CDCPC1
    OT-602 2CEKES1
    OT-602 2CM4VN3
    OT-602 2CMNZA1
    OT-602 2CMPME1
    OT-602 2CPMPT3
    OT-602 2CPMPT5
    OT-602 2CRGFA1
    OT-602 2CTNHU1
    OT-602 2CTNHU2
    OT-602 2CUFMX1
    OT-602 2CVNRS3
    OT-602 2CVPIN1
    OT-602 2CVRFR1
    OT-602 2***BG1
    OT-602 2DALAT1
    OT-602 2DALDE1
    OT-602 2DALEU1
    OT-602 2DALFR1
    OT-602 2DALGB1
    OT-602 2DALGR1
    OT-602 2DALGR1
    OT-602 2DALIT1
    OT-602 2DALIT1
    OT-602 2DALPL1
    OT-602 2DALRU1
    OT-602 2DAVCR1
    OT-602 2DAVPE1
    OT-602 2DC2PH1
    OT-602 2DC9FJ1
    OT-602 2DCECO3
    OT-602 2DCFMK1
    OT-602 2DDCFA1
    OT-602 2DDCPC1
    OT-602 2DEKES1
    OT-602 2DM4VN3
    OT-602 2DMNZA1
    OT-602 2DMPME1
    OT-602 2DPMPT3
    OT-602 2DPMPT5
    OT-602 2DRGFA1
    OT-602 2DTNHU1
    OT-602 2DTNHU2
    OT-602 2DUFMX1
    OT-602 2DVNRS3
    OT-602 2DVPIN1
    OT-602 2DVRFR1
    OT-602 2DVVBG1
    OT-602 2EALDE1
    OT-602 2EALEU1
    OT-602 2EALGB1
    OT-602 2EALGR1
    OT-602 2EALIT1
    OT-602 2EALPL1
    OT-602 2EALRU1
    OT-602 2EC9FJ1
    OT-602 2ECFMK1
    OT-602 2EDCPC1
    OT-602 2EEKES1
    OT-602 2EOBGB3
    OT-602 2EUFMX1
    OT-602 2EVVBG1
    OT-602 2FALDE1
    OT-602 2FALEU1
    OT-602 2FALGB1
    OT-602 2FALGR1
    OT-602 2FALIT1
    OT-602 2FALPL1
    OT-602 2FALRU1
    OT-602 2FC9FJ1
    OT-602 2FCFMK1
    OT-602 2FDCPC1
    OT-602 2FEKES1
    OT-602 2FN1RU3
    OT-602 2FN1RU5
    OT-602 2FUFMX1
    OT-602 2FVVBG1
    OT-602 2GALAT1
    OT-602 2GALDE1
    OT-602 2GALEU1
    OT-602 2GALFR1
    OT-602 2GALGB1
    OT-602 2GALGR1
    OT-602 2GALGR1
    OT-602 2GALIT1
    OT-602 2GALIT1
    OT-602 2GALPL1
    OT-602 2GALRU1
    OT-602 2GAVCR1
    OT-602 2GAVPE1
    OT-602 2GC2PH1
    OT-602 2GC9FJ1
    OT-602 2GCECO3
    OT-602 2GCFMK1
    OT-602 2GDCFA1
    OT-602 2GDCPC1
    OT-602 2GEKES1
    OT-602 2GM4VN3
    OT-602 2GMNZA1
    OT-602 2GMPME1
    OT-602 2GPMPT3
    OT-602 2GPMPT5
    OT-602 2GRGFA1
    OT-602 2GTNHU1
    OT-602 2GTNHU2
    OT-602 2GUFMX1
    OT-602 2GVNRS3
    OT-602 2GVPIN1
    OT-602 2GVRFR1
    OT-602 2GVVBG1
    OT-602 2HALAT1
    OT-602 2HALDE1
    OT-602 2HALEU1
    OT-602 2HALFR1
    OT-602 2HALGB1
    OT-602 2HALGR1
    OT-602 2HALGR1
    OT-602 2HALIT1
    OT-602 2HALIT1
    OT-602 2HALPL1
    OT-602 2HALRU1
    OT-602 2HAVCR1
    OT-602 2HAVPE1
    OT-602 2HC2PH1
    OT-602 2HC9FJ1
    OT-602 2HCECO3
    OT-602 2HCFMK1
    OT-602 2HDCFA1
    OT-602 2HDCPC1
    OT-602 2HEKES1
    OT-602 2HM4VN3
    OT-602 2HMNZA1
    OT-602 2HMPME1
    OT-602 2HPMPT3
    OT-602 2HPMPT5
    OT-602 2HRGFA1
    OT-602 2HTNHU1
    OT-602 2HTNHU2
    OT-602 2HUFMX1
    OT-602 2HVNRS3
    OT-602 2HVPIN1
    OT-602 2HVRFR1
    OT-602 2HVVBG1
    OT-602A 2AAVPE1
    OT-602A 2ACECO3
    OT-602A 2AUFMX1
    OT-602A 2BAVPE1
    OT-602A 2BCECO3
    OT-602A 2BUFMX1
    OT-602A 2CAVPE1
    OT-602A 2CCECO3
    OT-602A 2CUFMX1
    OT-602A 2DAVPE1
    OT-602A 2DCECO3
    OT-602A 2DUFMX1
    OT-602A 2EUFMX1
    OT-602A 2FUFMX1
    OT-602A 2GAVPE1
    OT-602A 2GCECO3
    OT-602A 2GUFMX1
    OT-602A 2HAVPE1
    OT-602A 2HCECO3
    OT-602A 2HUFMX1
    OT-602D 2AALAT1
    OT-602D 2AALGR1
    OT-602D 2AALIT1
    OT-602D 2AALPL1
    OT-602D 2AALRU1
    OT-602D 2AC2PH1
    OT-602D 2AM4VN3
    OT-602D 2AVPIN1
    OT-602D 2AVVBG1
    OT-602D 2BALAT1
    OT-602D 2BALGR1
    OT-602D 2BALIT1
    OT-602D 2BALPL1
    OT-602D 2BALRU1
    OT-602D 2BC2PH1
    OT-602D 2BM4VN3
    OT-602D 2BVPIN1
    OT-602D 2BVVBG1
    OT-602D 2CALAT1
    OT-602D 2CALGR1
    OT-602D 2CALIT1
    OT-602D 2CALPL1
    OT-602D 2CALRU1
    OT-602D 2CC2PH1
    OT-602D 2CM4VN3
    OT-602D 2CVPIN1
    OT-602D 2***BG1
    OT-602D 2DALAT1
    OT-602D 2DALGR1
    OT-602D 2DALIT1
    OT-602D 2DALPL1
    OT-602D 2DALRU1
    OT-602D 2DC2PH1
    OT-602D 2DM4VN3
    OT-602D 2DVPIN1
    OT-602D 2DVVBG1
    OT-602D 2EALGR1
    OT-602D 2EALIT1
    OT-602D 2EALPL1
    OT-602D 2EALRU1
    OT-602D 2EVVBG1
    OT-602D 2FALGR1
    OT-602D 2FALIT1
    OT-602D 2FALPL1
    OT-602D 2FALRU1
    OT-602D 2FVVBG1
    OT-602D 2GALAT1
    OT-602D 2GALGR1
    OT-602D 2GALIT1
    OT-602D 2GALPL1
    OT-602D 2GALRU1
    OT-602D 2GC2PH1
    OT-602D 2GM4VN3
    OT-602D 2GVPIN1
    OT-602D 2GVVBG1
    OT-602D 2HALAT1
    OT-602D 2HALGR1
    OT-602D 2HALIT1
    OT-602D 2HALPL1
    OT-602D 2HALRU1
    OT-602D 2HC2PH1
    OT-602D 2HM4VN3
    OT-602D 2HVPIN1
    OT-602D 2HVVBG1
    OT-606 2CALEU2
    OT-606 2CALUS2
    OT-606 2CAVGT2
    OT-606 2CAVGT8
    OT-606 2CAVSV2
    OT-606 2CAVSV8
    OT-606 2CP2TH2
    OT-606 2CRGFR1
    OT-606 2CSYUS1
    OT-606 2CTBUS3
    OT-606 2CVPLK1
    OT-606 2DALEU2
    OT-606 2DALUS2
    OT-606 2DAVGT2
    OT-606 2DAVGT8
    OT-606 2DAVSV2
    OT-606 2DAVSV8
    OT-606 2DP2TH2
    OT-606 2DRGFR1
    OT-606 2DSYUS1
    OT-606 2DTBUS3
    OT-606 2DVPLK1
    OT-606 2EALEU2
    OT-606 2EALUS2
    OT-606 2EAVGT2
    OT-606 2EAVGT8
    OT-606 2EAVSV2
    OT-606 2EAVSV8
    OT-606 2EP2TH2
    OT-606 2ERGFR1
    OT-606 2ESYUS1
    OT-606 2ETBUS3
    OT-606 2EVPLK1
    OT-606 2FALEU2
    OT-606 2FALUS2
    OT-606 2FAVGT2
    OT-606 2FAVGT8
    OT-606 2FAVSV2
    OT-606 2FAVSV8
    OT-606 2FP2TH2
    OT-606 2FRGFR1
    OT-606 2FSYUS1
    OT-606 2FTBUS3
    OT-606 2FVPLK1
    OT-606 2GALEU2
    OT-606 2GALUS2
    OT-606 2GAVGT2
    OT-606 2GAVGT8
    OT-606 2GAVSV2
    OT-606 2GAVSV8
    OT-606 2GP2TH2
    OT-606 2GRGFR1
    OT-606 2GSYUS1
    OT-606 2GTBUS3
    OT-606 2GVPLK1
    OT-606 2HALEU2
    OT-606 2HALUS2
    OT-606 2HAVGT2
    OT-606 2HAVGT8
    OT-606 2HAVSV2
    OT-606 2HAVSV8
    OT-606 2HP2TH2
    OT-606 2HRGFR1
    OT-606 2HSYUS1
    OT-606 2HTBUS3
    OT-606 2HVPLK1
    OT-606 2IALEU2
    OT-606 2IALUS2
    OT-606 2IP2TH2
    OT-606 2IVPLK1
    OT-606 2JDCFA1
    OT-606 2JTGMX1
    OT-606 2KALUS2
    OT-606 2KDCFA1
    OT-606 2KTGMX1
    OT-606A 2CALUS2
    OT-606A 2CAVGT2
    OT-606A 2CAVGT8
    OT-606A 2CAVSV2
    OT-606A 2CAVSV8
    OT-606A 2CSYUS1
    OT-606A 2CTBUS3
    OT-606A 2DALUS2
    OT-606A 2DAVGT2
    OT-606A 2DAVGT8
    OT-606A 2DAVSV2
    OT-606A 2DAVSV8
    OT-606A 2DSYUS1
    OT-606A 2DTBUS3
    OT-606A 2EALUS2
    OT-606A 2EAVGT2
    OT-606A 2EAVGT8
    OT-606A 2EAVSV2
    OT-606A 2EAVSV8
    OT-606A 2ESYUS1
    OT-606A 2ETBUS3
    OT-606A 2FALUS2
    OT-606A 2FAVGT2
    OT-606A 2FAVGT8
    OT-606A 2FAVSV2
    OT-606A 2FAVSV8
    OT-606A 2FSYUS1
    OT-606A 2FTBUS3
    OT-606A 2GALUS2
    OT-606A 2GAVGT2
    OT-606A 2GAVGT8
    OT-606A 2GAVSV2
    OT-606A 2GAVSV8
    OT-606A 2GSYUS1
    OT-606A 2GTBUS3
    OT-606A 2HALUS2
    OT-606A 2HAVGT2
    OT-606A 2HAVGT8
    OT-606A 2HAVSV2
    OT-606A 2HAVSV8
    OT-606A 2HSYUS1
    OT-606A 2HTBUS3
    OT-606A 2IALUS2
    OT-606A 2JTGMX1
    OT-606A 2KALUS2
    OT-606A 2KTGMX1
    OT-665 2AALAP1
    OT-665 2AALEG1
    OT-665 2AALES1
    OT-665 2AALFR1
    OT-665 2AALGB1
    OT-665 2AALNL1
    OT-665 2AALOM1
    OT-665 2AALPT1
    OT-665 2AALRU1
    OT-665 2AALUS1
    OT-665 2AAVDO3
    OT-665 2ACECO3
    OT-665 2ACIJM1
    OT-665 2ACJUS1
    OT-665 2ADCFA1
    OT-665 2AM6LK1
    OT-665 2AMVGT1
    OT-665 2ARGAM1
    OT-665 2ARGCH1
    OT-665 2ARGDO3
    OT-665 2ARGFR3
    OT-665 2ARGGB3
    OT-665 2ATBGB3
    OT-665 2ATLMX1
    OT-665 2AVDES1
    OT-665 2AVDHU1
    OT-665 2AWCDO1
    OT-665 2AWNIT3
    OT-665 2BALAP1
    OT-665 2BALEG1
    OT-665 2BALES1
    OT-665 2BALFR1
    OT-665 2BALGB1
    OT-665 2BALNL1
    OT-665 2BALOM1
    OT-665 2BALPT1
    OT-665 2BALRU1
    OT-665 2BALUS1
    OT-665 2BAVDO3
    OT-665 2BCECO3
    OT-665 2BCIJM1
    OT-665 2BCJUS1
    OT-665 2BDCFA1
    OT-665 2BM6LK1
    OT-665 2BMVGT1
    OT-665 2BRGAM1
    OT-665 2BRGCH1
    OT-665 2BRGDO3
    OT-665 2BRGFR3
    OT-665 2BRGGB3
    OT-665 2BTBGB3
    OT-665 2BTLMX1
    OT-665 2BVDES1
    OT-665 2BVDHU1
    OT-665 2BWCDO1
    OT-665 2BWNIT3
    OT-665 2CALAP1
    OT-665 2CALEG1
    OT-665 2CALES1
    OT-665 2CALFR1
    OT-665 2CALGB1
    OT-665 2CALNL1
    OT-665 2CALOM1
    OT-665 2CALPT1
    OT-665 2CALRU1
    OT-665 2CALUS1
    OT-665 2CAVDO3
    OT-665 2CCECO3
    OT-665 2CCIJM1
    OT-665 2CCJUS1
    OT-665 2CDCFA1
    OT-665 2CM6LK1
    OT-665 2CMVGT1
    OT-665 2CRGAM1
    OT-665 2CRGCH1
    OT-665 2CRGDO3
    OT-665 2CRGFR3
    OT-665 2CRGGB3
    OT-665 2CTBGB3
    OT-665 2CTLMX1
    OT-665 2CVDES1
    OT-665 2CVDHU1
    OT-665 2CWCDO1
    OT-665 2CWNIT3
    OT-665 2DALFR1
    OT-665 2DALGB1
    OT-665 2DALRU1
    OT-665 2DALUS1
    OT-665 2DCJUS1
    OT-665 2DRGGB3
    OT-665 2DTLCL3
    OT-665 2DTLMX1
    OT-665 2DVDHU1
    OT-665 2EALFR1
    OT-665 2EALGB1
    OT-665 2EALRU1
    OT-665 2EVDHU1
    OT-665 2FALFR1
    OT-665 2FALRU1
    OT-665 2GALFR1
    OT-665 2GALGB1
    OT-665 2GALRU1
    OT-665 2GTBGB3
    OT-665 2GVDHU1
    OT-665 2HALFR1
    OT-665 2HALRU1
    OT-665 2IALAP1
    OT-665 2IALEG1
    OT-665 2IALES1
    OT-665 2IALFR1
    OT-665 2IALGB1
    OT-665 2IALNL1
    OT-665 2IALOM1
    OT-665 2IALPT1
    OT-665 2IALRU1
    OT-665 2IALUS1
    OT-665 2IAVDO3
    OT-665 2ICECO3
    OT-665 2ICIJM1
    OT-665 2ICJUS1
    OT-665 2IDCFA1
    OT-665 2IM6LK1
    OT-665 2IMVGT1
    OT-665 2IRGAM1
    OT-665 2IRGCH1
    OT-665 2IRGDO3
    OT-665 2IRGFR3
    OT-665 2IRGGB3
    OT-665 2ITBGB3
    OT-665 2ITLMX1
    OT-665 2IVDES1
    OT-665 2IVDHU1
    OT-665 2IWCDO1
    OT-665 2IWNIT3
    OT-665 2JALAP1
    OT-665 2JALEG1
    OT-665 2JALES1
    OT-665 2JALFR1
    OT-665 2JALGB1
    OT-665 2JALNL1
    OT-665 2JALOM1
    OT-665 2JALPT1
    OT-665 2JALRU1
    OT-665 2JALUS1
    OT-665 2JAVDO3
    OT-665 2JCECO3
    OT-665 2JCIJM1
    OT-665 2JCJUS1
    OT-665 2JDCFA1
    OT-665 2JM6LK1
    OT-665 2JMVGT1
    OT-665 2JRGAM1
    OT-665 2JRGCH1
    OT-665 2JRGDO3
    OT-665 2JRGFR3
    OT-665 2JRGGB3
    OT-665 2JTBGB3
    OT-665 2JTLMX1
    OT-665 2JVDES1
    OT-665 2JVDHU1
    OT-665 2JWCDO1
    OT-665 2JWNIT3
    OT-665A 2AALUS1
    OT-665A 2AAVDO3
    OT-665A 2ACECO3
    OT-665A 2ACIJM1
    OT-665A 2ACJUS1
    OT-665A 2AMVGT1
    OT-665A 2ARGDO3
    OT-665A 2ATLMX1
    OT-665A 2AWCDO1
    OT-665A 2BALUS1
    OT-665A 2BAVDO3
    OT-665A 2BCECO3
    OT-665A 2BCIJM1
    OT-665A 2BCJUS1
    OT-665A 2BMVGT1
    OT-665A 2BRGDO3
    OT-665A 2BTLMX1
    OT-665A 2BWCDO1
    OT-665A 2CALUS1
    OT-665A 2CAVDO3
    OT-665A 2CCECO3
    OT-665A 2CCIJM1
    OT-665A 2CCJUS1
    OT-665A 2CMVGT1
    OT-665A 2CRGDO3
    OT-665A 2CTLMX1
    OT-665A 2CWCDO1
    OT-665A 2DALUS1
    OT-665A 2DCJUS1
    OT-665A 2DTLCL3
    OT-665A 2DTLMX1
    OT-665A 2IALUS1
    OT-665A 2IAVDO3
    OT-665A 2ICECO3
    OT-665A 2ICIJM1
    OT-665A 2ICJUS1
    OT-665A 2IMVGT1
    OT-665A 2IRGDO3
    OT-665A 2ITLMX1
    OT-665A 2IWCDO1
    OT-665A 2JALUS1
    OT-665A 2JAVDO3
    OT-665A 2JCECO3
    OT-665A 2JCIJM1
    OT-665A 2JCJUS1
    OT-665A 2JMVGT1
    OT-665A 2JRGDO3
    OT-665A 2JTLMX1
    OT-665A 2JWCDO1
    OT-706 2AALMX1
    OT-706 2AALPT1
    OT-706 2BALMX1
    OT-706 2BALPT1
    OT-706 2CALMX1
    OT-706 2CALPT1
    OT-706 2DALMX1
    OT-706 2EALMX1
    OT-706A 2AALMX1
    OT-706A 2BALMX1
    OT-706A 2CALMX1
    OT-706A 2DALMX1
    OT-706A 2EALMX1
    OT-710 2AALAP1
    OT-710 2AALEG1
    OT-710 2AALOM1
    OT-710 2BALAP1
    OT-710 2BALEG1
    OT-710 2BALOM1
    OT-710 2CALAP1
    OT-710 2CALOM1
    OT-710 2CSFRE1
    OT-710 2CVDFJ1
    OT-710 2DALAP1
    OT-710 2DALOM1
    OT-710 2DSFRE1
    OT-710 2DVDFJ1
    OT-710 2EALAP1
    OT-710 2EALOM1
    OT-710 2ESFRE1
    OT-710 2EVDFJ1
    OT-710 2FALAP1
    OT-710 2FALEG1
    OT-710 2FALOM1
    OT-710 2GALAP1
    OT-710 2GALEG1
    OT-710 2GALOM1
    OT-710 2HSFRE1
    OT-710 2JSFRE1
    OT-710D 2AALAP1
    OT-710D 2AALEG1
    OT-710D 2AALOM1
    OT-710D 2BALAP1
    OT-710D 2BALEG1
    OT-710D 2BALOM1
    OT-710D 2CALAP1
    OT-710D 2CALOM1
    OT-710D 2CVDFJ1
    OT-710D 2DALAP1
    OT-710D 2DALOM1
    OT-710D 2DVDFJ1
    OT-710D 2EALAP1
    OT-710D 2EALOM1
    OT-710D 2EVDFJ1
    OT-710D 2FALAP1
    OT-710D 2FALEG1
    OT-710D 2FALOM1
    OT-710D 2GALAP1
    OT-710D 2GALEG1
    OT-710D 2GALOM1
    OT-799 2AALAP1
    OT-799 2ATLCOA
    OT-799 2ATLGTB
    OT-799 2AVDFJ1
    OT-799 2BALAP1
    OT-799 2BTLCOA
    OT-799 2BTLGTB
    OT-799 2CALNL1
    OT-799 2CALOM1
    OT-799 2CTLCR3
    OT-799 2CTLSVA
    OT-799 2CTLSVB
    OT-799 2DALNL1
    OT-799 2DALOM1
    OT-799 2DTLCR3
    OT-799 2EALNL1
    OT-799 2EALOM1
    OT-799 2FALNL1
    OT-799 2FALOM1
    OT-799A 2ATLCOA
    OT-799A 2ATLGTB
    OT-799A 2BTLCOA
    OT-799A 2BTLGTB
    OT-799A 2CTLSVA
    OT-799A 2CTLSVB
    OT-803 2AALAP1
    OT-803 2AALAT1
    OT-803 2AALEG1
    OT-803 2ABFVE1
    OT-803 2AMNZA1
    OT-803 2ARGUG5
    OT-803 2BALAP1
    OT-803 2BALAT1
    OT-803 2BALEG1
    OT-803 2BBFVE1
    OT-803 2BMNZA1
    OT-803 2BRGUG5
    OT-803 2CALAP1
    OT-803 2CALAT1
    OT-803 2CALEG1
    OT-803 2CBFVE1
    OT-803 2CMNZA1
    OT-803 2CRGUG5
    OT-803 2DALAP1
    OT-803 2DALAT1
    OT-803 2DALEG1
    OT-803 2DBFVE1
    OT-803 2DMNZA1
    OT-803 2DRGUG5
    OT-803 2EALAP1
    OT-803 2EALAT1
    OT-803 2EALEG1
    OT-803 2EBFVE1
    OT-803 2EMNZA1
    OT-803 2ERGUG5
    OT-803 2FALAT1
    OT-803 2FSFRE1
    OT-803 2GALAT1
    OT-803 2GSFRE1
    OT-803 2HAEUY1
    OT-803 2HALAT1
    OT-803 2HALUY1
    OT-803 2HSFRE1
    OT-803A 2ABFVE1
    OT-803A 2BBFVE1
    OT-803A 2CBFVE1
    OT-803A 2DBFVE1
    OT-803A 2EBFVE1
    OT-806 2AALDE1
    OT-806 2AALDE1
    OT-806 2AALEU1
    OT-806 2AALPT1
    OT-806 2BALDE1
    OT-806 2BALDE1
    OT-806 2BALEU1
    OT-806 2BALPT1
    OT-806 2CALDE1
    OT-806 2CALDE1
    OT-806 2CALEU1
    OT-806 2CALPT1
    OT-806D 2AALDE1
    OT-806D 2AALPT1
    OT-806D 2BALDE1
    OT-806D 2BALPT1
    OT-806D 2CALDE1
    OT-806D 2CALPT1
    OT-807 2AAGEC1
    OT-807 2ATLECB
    OT-807 2BAGEC1
    OT-807 2BTLECB
    OT-807 2CAGEC1
    OT-807 2CTLECB
    OT-807 2DALAP1
    OT-807 2DALEG1
    OT-807 2DALOM1
    OT-807 2DAOCI3
    OT-807 2DP2TH2
    OT-807 2DTBHR1
    OT-807 2ETBHR1
    OT-807A 2AAGEC1
    OT-807A 2ATLECB
    OT-807A 2BAGEC1
    OT-807A 2BTLECB
    OT-807A 2CAGEC1
    OT-807A 2CTLECB
    OT-807D 2DALAP1
    OT-807D 2DALEG1
    OT-807D 2DALOM1
    OT-807D 2DAOCI3
    OT-807D 2DP2TH2
    OT-808 2AAGEC1
    OT-808 2AALDE1
    OT-808 2AALDZ1
    OT-808 2AALLK1
    OT-808 2AALRU1
    OT-808 2AAOCI3
    OT-808 2AAVCL1
    OT-808 2AAVUY1
    OT-808 2AAWEC1
    OT-808 2ABGGE5
    OT-808 2ACIJM1
    OT-808 2ACJUSH
    OT-808 2ADCAC1
    OT-808 2ADCFA1
    OT-808 2AIUUSH
    OT-808 2AOCUSH
    OT-808 2ARGMU1
    OT-808 2ARGTE4
    OT-808 2ASYUSH
    OT-808 2ATGMX1
    OT-808 2ATLCL3
    OT-808 2ATLMX1
    OT-808 2ATLUY1
    OT-808 2ATNRS2
    OT-808 2AUUUSH
    OT-808 2AVCZA1
    OT-808 2AVDPT1
    OT-808 2AVLUSH
    OT-808 2AVPIN1
    OT-808 2AVVBG1
    OT-808 2AWCDO1
    OT-808 2BAGEC1
    OT-808 2BALDE1
    OT-808 2BALDZ1
    OT-808 2BALLK1
    OT-808 2BALRU1
    OT-808 2BAOCI3
    OT-808 2BAVCL1
    OT-808 2BAVUY1
    OT-808 2BAWEC1
    OT-808 2BBGGE5
    OT-808 2BCIJM1
    OT-808 2BCJUSH
    OT-808 2BDCAC1
    OT-808 2BDCFA1
    OT-808 2BIUUSH
    OT-808 2BOCUSH
    OT-808 2BRGMU1
    OT-808 2BRGTE4
    OT-808 2BSYUSH
    OT-808 2BTGMX1
    OT-808 2BTLCL3
    OT-808 2BTLMX1
    OT-808 2BTLUY1
    OT-808 2BTNRS2
    OT-808 2BUUUSH
    OT-808 2BVCZA1
    OT-808 2BVDPT1
    OT-808 2BVLUSH
    OT-808 2BVPIN1
    OT-808 2BVVBG1
    OT-808 2BWCDO1
    OT-808 2CAGEC1
    OT-808 2CALDE1
    OT-808 2CALDZ1
    OT-808 2CALLK1
    OT-808 2CALRU1
    OT-808 2CAOCI3
    OT-808 2CAVCL1
    OT-808 2CAVUY1
    OT-808 2CAWEC1
    OT-808 2CBGGE5
    OT-808 2CCIJM1
    OT-808 2CCJUSH
    OT-808 2CDCAC1
    OT-808 2CDCFA1
    OT-808 2CIUUSH
    OT-808 2COCUSH
    OT-808 2CRGMU1
    OT-808 2CRGTE4
    OT-808 2CSYUSH
    OT-808 2CTGMX1
    OT-808 2CTLCL3
    OT-808 2CTLMX1
    OT-808 2CTLUY1
    OT-808 2CTNRS2
    OT-808 2CUUUSH
    OT-808 2CVCZA1
    OT-808 2CVDPT1
    OT-808 2CVLUSH
    OT-808 2CVPIN1
    OT-808 2***BG1
    OT-808 2CWCDO1
    OT-808 2DALCN1
    OT-808 2EALAT1
    OT-808 2EALRU1
    OT-808 2EAOCI3
    OT-808 2ERGMU1
    OT-808 2ETGMX1
    OT-808 2ETLMX1
    OT-808 2ETNRS2
    OT-808 2EVDPT1
    OT-808 2EVVBG1
    OT-808 2FALAT1
    OT-808 2FALRU1
    OT-808 2FAOCI3
    OT-808 2FRGMU1
    OT-808 2FTGMX1
    OT-808 2FTLMX1
    OT-808 2FTNRS2
    OT-808 2FVDPT1
    OT-808 2FVVBG1
    OT-808 2GALCN1
    OT-808 2GLCCN1
    OT-808 2IALAT1
    OT-808 2IALCN1
    OT-808 2IALDE1
    OT-808 2IALDZ1
    OT-808 2IALRU1
    OT-808 2IKPNL1
    OT-808 2IVPLK1
    OT-808 2IVVBG1
    OT-808 2JALAT1
    OT-808 2JALCN1
    OT-808 2JALDE1
    OT-808 2JALDZ1
    OT-808 2JALRU1
    OT-808 2JKPNL1
    OT-808 2JVPLK1
    OT-808 2JVVBG1
    OT-808 2NALCN1
    OT-808A 2AAGEC1
    OT-808A 2AAVCL1
    OT-808A 2AAVUY1
    OT-808A 2AAWEC1
    OT-808A 2ACIJM1
    OT-808A 2ACJUSH
    OT-808A 2ADCAC1
    OT-808A 2AIUUSH
    OT-808A 2AOCUSH
    OT-808A 2ASYUSH
    OT-808A 2ATGMX1
    OT-808A 2ATLCL3
    OT-808A 2ATLMX1
    OT-808A 2ATLUY1
    OT-808A 2AUUUSH
    OT-808A 2AVLUSH
    OT-808A 2AWCDO1
    OT-808A 2BAGEC1
    OT-808A 2BAVCL1
    OT-808A 2BAVUY1
    OT-808A 2BAWEC1
    OT-808A 2BCIJM1
    OT-808A 2BCJUSH
    OT-808A 2BDCAC1
    OT-808A 2BIUUSH
    OT-808A 2BOCUSH
    OT-808A 2BSYUSH
    OT-808A 2BTGMX1
    OT-808A 2BTLCL3
    OT-808A 2BTLMX1
    OT-808A 2BTLUY1
    OT-808A 2BUUUSH
    OT-808A 2BVLUSH
    OT-808A 2BWCDO1
    OT-808A 2CAGEC1
    OT-808A 2CAVCL1
    OT-808A 2CAVUY1
    OT-808A 2CAWEC1
    OT-808A 2CCIJM1
    OT-808A 2CCJUSH
    OT-808A 2CDCAC1
    OT-808A 2CIUUSH
    OT-808A 2COCUSH
    OT-808A 2CSYUSH
    OT-808A 2CTGMX1
    OT-808A 2CTLCL3
    OT-808A 2CTLMX1
    OT-808A 2CTLUY1
    OT-808A 2CUUUSH
    OT-808A 2CVLUSH
    OT-808A 2CWCDO1
    OT-808A 2ETGMX1
    OT-808A 2ETLMX1
    OT-808A 2FTGMX1
    OT-808A 2FTLMX1
    OT-808G 2DALCN1
    OT-808G 2GALCN1
    OT-808G 2GLCCN1
    OT-808G 2NALCN1
    OT-808M 2IALCN1
    OT-808M 2JALCN1
    OT-813 2ARGES3
    OT-813 2ASKID1
    OT-813 2BRGES3
    OT-813 2BSKID1
    OT-813 2CRGDO3
    OT-813 2CRGES3
    OT-813 2CSKID1
    OT-813 2DRGES3
    OT-813 2DSKID1
    OT-813 2ERGES3
    OT-813 2ESKID1
    OT-813 2FAVCL1
    OT-813 2FAVCL3
    OT-813 2HAVCL1
    OT-813 2HAVCL3
    OT-813A 2CRGDO3
    OT-813A 2FAVCL1
    OT-813A 2FAVCL3
    OT-813A 2HAVCL1
    OT-813A 2HAVCL3
    OT-813D 2ASKID1
    OT-813D 2BSKID1
    OT-813D 2CSKID1
    OT-813D 2DSKID1
    OT-813D 2ESKID1
    OT-819 2AALBR1
    OT-819 2AALFR1
    OT-819 2AALFR2
    OT-819 2AALNL1
    OT-819 2BALBR1
    OT-819 2BALFR1
    OT-819 2BALFR2
    OT-819 2BALNL1
    OT-819 2CALBR1
    OT-819 2DALBR1
    OT-819 2EALBR1
    OT-819D 2AALBR1
    OT-819D 2BALBR1
    OT-819D 2CALBR1
    OT-819D 2DALBR1
    OT-819D 2EALBR1
    OT-880 2AAHNL1
    OT-880 2AALAP1
    OT-880 2AALBY1
    OT-880 2AALCH1
    OT-880 2AALCL1
    OT-880 2AALCR1
    OT-880 2AALCZ1
    OT-880 2AALEG1
    OT-880 2AALEU1
    OT-880 2AALGB1
    OT-880 2AALGH1
    OT-880 2AALKW1
    OT-880 2AALLY1
    OT-880 2AALMX1
    OT-880 2AALNC1
    OT-880 2AALPL1
    OT-880 2AALUA1
    OT-880 2AALUSH
    OT-880 2AALUSJ
    OT-880 2AALUY1
    OT-880 2AAVCL1
    OT-880 2AAVDO3
    OT-880 2AAVPE1
    OT-880 2AAVPY1
    OT-880 2AAVUY1
    OT-880 2ACECO3
    OT-880 2ACJUSH
    OT-880 2AGFID1
    OT-880 2AM1BJ1
    OT-880 2AMVCO1
    OT-880 2AMVGTA
    OT-880 2APDIN1
    OT-880 2ARCUSH
    OT-880 2ASDUSH
    OT-880 2ASVRU1
    OT-880 2ASYUSH
    OT-880 2ATBUS1
    OT-880 2ATBUSH
    OT-880 2ATGMX1
    OT-880 2ATGMX3
    OT-880 2ATIVE1
    OT-880 2ATLCL3
    OT-880 2ATLCO1
    OT-880 2ATLMX3
    OT-880 2ATLPEB
    OT-880 2ATLSV3
    OT-880 2ATLUY1
    OT-880 2ATLVE3
    OT-880 2ATNME1
    OT-880 2AVBUSH
    OT-880 2AVDKE2
    OT-880 2AVLUSH
    OT-880 2AVMVE3
    OT-880 2AVPIN1
    OT-880 2AWCUSH
    OT-880 2BAHNL1
    OT-880 2BALAP1
    OT-880 2BALBY1
    OT-880 2BALCH1
    OT-880 2BALCL1
    OT-880 2BALCR1
    OT-880 2BALCZ1
    OT-880 2BALEG1
    OT-880 2BALEU1
    OT-880 2BALGB1
    OT-880 2BALGH1
    OT-880 2BALKW1
    OT-880 2BALLY1
    OT-880 2BALMX1
    OT-880 2BALNC1
    OT-880 2BALPL1
    OT-880 2BALUA1
    OT-880 2BALUSH
    OT-880 2BALUSJ
    OT-880 2BALUY1
    OT-880 2BAVCL1
    OT-880 2BAVDO3
    OT-880 2BAVPE1
    OT-880 2BAVPY1
    OT-880 2BAVUY1
    OT-880 2BCECO3
    OT-880 2BCJUSH
    OT-880 2BGFID1
    OT-880 2BM1BJ1
    OT-880 2BMVCO1
    OT-880 2BMVGTA
    OT-880 2BPDIN1
    OT-880 2BRCUSH
    OT-880 2BSDUSH
    OT-880 2BSVRU1
    OT-880 2BSYUSH
    OT-880 2BTBUS1
    OT-880 2BTBUSH
    OT-880 2BTGMX1
    OT-880 2BTGMX3
    OT-880 2BTIVE1
    OT-880 2BTLCL3
    OT-880 2BTLCO1
    OT-880 2BTLMX3
    OT-880 2BTLPEB
    OT-880 2BTLSV3
    OT-880 2BTLUY1
    OT-880 2BTLVE3
    OT-880 2BTNME1
    OT-880 2BVBUSH
    OT-880 2BVDKE2
    OT-880 2BVLUSH
    OT-880 2BVMVE3
    OT-880 2BVPIN1
    OT-880 2BWCUSH
    OT-880 2CALEU1
    OT-880 2CPDIN1
    OT-880 2DALEU1
    OT-880 2EALBY1
    OT-880 2EALCH1
    OT-880 2EALCL1
    OT-880 2EALCR1
    OT-880 2EALCZ1
    OT-880 2EALEU1
    OT-880 2EALGB1
    OT-880 2EALMX1
    OT-880 2EALNC1
    OT-880 2EALPL1
    OT-880 2EALUSH
    OT-880 2EALUSJ
    OT-880 2EALUY1
    OT-880 2EAVDO3
    OT-880 2EAVPE1
    OT-880 2EAVPY1
    OT-880 2EAVUY1
    OT-880 2ECECO3
    OT-880 2ECJUSH
    OT-880 2EM1BJ1
    OT-880 2EMVCO1
    OT-880 2EMVGTA
    OT-880 2ERCUSH
    OT-880 2ESDUSH
    OT-880 2ESVRU1
    OT-880 2ESYUSH
    OT-880 2ETBUS1
    OT-880 2ETBUSH
    OT-880 2ETGMX1
    OT-880 2ETGMX3
    OT-880 2ETIVE1
    OT-880 2ETLCL3
    OT-880 2ETLCO1
    OT-880 2ETLMX3
    OT-880 2ETLPEB
    OT-880 2ETLSV3
    OT-880 2ETLUY1
    OT-880 2ETLVE3
    OT-880 2ETNME1
    OT-880 2EVBUSH
    OT-880 2EVDKE2
    OT-880 2EVLUSH
    OT-880 2EVMVE3
    OT-880 2EVPIN1
    OT-880 2EWCUSH
    OT-880 2FALCN1
    OT-880 2FALEU1
    OT-880 2FALGB1
    OT-880 2FALLY1
    OT-880 2FALMX1
    OT-880 2FALNC1
    OT-880 2FALPL1
    OT-880 2FALUSH
    OT-880 2FALUSJ
    OT-880 2FKPNL1
    OT-880 2FM1BJ1
    OT-880 2FSVRU1
    OT-880 2FTBUS1
    OT-880 2FTBUSH
    OT-880 2FTGMX1
    OT-880 2FTIVE1
    OT-880 2FTNME1
    OT-880 2FVDKE2
    OT-880 2GALBY1
    OT-880 2GALCH1
    OT-880 2GALCL1
    OT-880 2GALCR1
    OT-880 2GALCZ1
    OT-880 2GALEU1
    OT-880 2GALGB1
    OT-880 2GALMX1
    OT-880 2GALNC1
    OT-880 2GALPL1
    OT-880 2GALUSH
    OT-880 2GALUSJ
    OT-880 2GALUY1
    OT-880 2GAVDO3
    OT-880 2GAVPE1
    OT-880 2GAVPY1
    OT-880 2GAVUY1
    OT-880 2GCECO3
    OT-880 2GCJUSH
    OT-880 2GM1BJ1
    OT-880 2GMVCO1
    OT-880 2GMVGTA
    OT-880 2GRCUSH
    OT-880 2GSDUSH
    OT-880 2GSVRU1
    OT-880 2GSYUSH
    OT-880 2GTBUS1
    OT-880 2GTBUSH
    OT-880 2GTGMX1
    OT-880 2GTGMX3
    OT-880 2GTIVE1
    OT-880 2GTLCL3
    OT-880 2GTLCO1
    OT-880 2GTLMX3
    OT-880 2GTLPEB
    OT-880 2GTLSV3
    OT-880 2GTLUY1
    OT-880 2GTLVE3
    OT-880 2GTNME1
    OT-880 2GVBUSH
    OT-880 2GVDKE2
    OT-880 2GVLUSH
    OT-880 2GVMVE3
    OT-880 2GVPIN1
    OT-880 2GWCUSH
    OT-880 2HALCN1
    OT-880 2IALCN1
    OT-880 2IALEU1
    OT-880 2IALGB1
    OT-880 2IALLY1
    OT-880 2IALMX1
    OT-880 2IALPL1
    OT-880 2IALUSH
    OT-880 2IALUSJ
    OT-880 2ICIJM1
    OT-880 2IM1BJ1
    OT-880 2IMVCO1
    OT-880 2ISVRU1
    OT-880 2ITBUS1
    OT-880 2ITBUSH
    OT-880 2ITGMX1
    OT-880 2ITIVE1
    OT-880 2ITLPEB
    OT-880 2ITNME1
    OT-880 2IVDKE2
    OT-880A 2AALCL1
    OT-880A 2AALMX1
    OT-880A 2AALUSH
    OT-880A 2AALUSJ
    OT-880A 2AAVCL1
    OT-880A 2AAVDO3
    OT-880A 2AAVPE1
    OT-880A 2AAVPY1
    OT-880A 2AAVUY1
    OT-880A 2ACECO3
    OT-880A 2ACJUSH
    OT-880A 2AMVCO1
    OT-880A 2AMVGTA
    OT-880A 2ARCUSH
    OT-880A 2ASDUSH
    OT-880A 2ASYUSH
    OT-880A 2ATBUS1
    OT-880A 2ATBUSH
    OT-880A 2ATGMX1
    OT-880A 2ATGMX3
    OT-880A 2ATLCL3
    OT-880A 2ATLCO1
    OT-880A 2ATLMX3
    OT-880A 2ATLPEB
    OT-880A 2ATLSV3
    OT-880A 2ATLUY1
    OT-880A 2ATLVE3
    OT-880A 2AVBUSH
    OT-880A 2AVLUSH
    OT-880A 2AVMVE3
    OT-880A 2AWCUSH
    OT-880A 2BALCL1
    OT-880A 2BALMX1
    OT-880A 2BALUSH
    OT-880A 2BALUSJ
    OT-880A 2BAVCL1
    OT-880A 2BAVDO3
    OT-880A 2BAVPE1
    OT-880A 2BAVPY1
    OT-880A 2BAVUY1
    OT-880A 2BCECO3
    OT-880A 2BCJUSH
    OT-880A 2BMVCO1
    OT-880A 2BMVGTA
    OT-880A 2BRCUSH
    OT-880A 2BSDUSH
    OT-880A 2BSYUSH
    OT-880A 2BTBUS1
    OT-880A 2BTBUSH
    OT-880A 2BTGMX1
    OT-880A 2BTGMX3
    OT-880A 2BTLCL3
    OT-880A 2BTLCO1
    OT-880A 2BTLMX3
    OT-880A 2BTLPEB
    OT-880A 2BTLSV3
    OT-880A 2BTLUY1
    OT-880A 2BTLVE3
    OT-880A 2BVBUSH
    OT-880A 2BVLUSH
    OT-880A 2BVMVE3
    OT-880A 2BWCUSH
    OT-880A 2EALCL1
    OT-880A 2EALMX1
    OT-880A 2EALUSH
    OT-880A 2EALUSJ
    OT-880A 2EAVDO3
    OT-880A 2EAVPE1
    OT-880A 2EAVPY1
    OT-880A 2EAVUY1
    OT-880A 2ECECO3
    OT-880A 2ECJUSH
    OT-880A 2EMVCO1
    OT-880A 2EMVGTA
    OT-880A 2ERCUSH
    OT-880A 2ESDUSH
    OT-880A 2ESYUSH
    OT-880A 2ETBUS1
    OT-880A 2ETBUSH
    OT-880A 2ETGMX1
    OT-880A 2ETGMX3
    OT-880A 2ETLCL3
    OT-880A 2ETLCO1
    OT-880A 2ETLMX3
    OT-880A 2ETLPEB
    OT-880A 2ETLSV3
    OT-880A 2ETLUY1
    OT-880A 2ETLVE3
    OT-880A 2EVBUSH
    OT-880A 2EVLUSH
    OT-880A 2EVMVE3
    OT-880A 2EWCUSH
    OT-880A 2FALMX1
    OT-880A 2FALUSH
    OT-880A 2FALUSJ
    OT-880A 2FTBUS1
    OT-880A 2FTBUSH
    OT-880A 2FTGMX1
    OT-880A 2GALCL1
    OT-880A 2GALMX1
    OT-880A 2GALUSH
    OT-880A 2GALUSJ
    OT-880A 2GAVDO3
    OT-880A 2GAVPE1
    OT-880A 2GAVPY1
    OT-880A 2GAVUY1
    OT-880A 2GCECO3
    OT-880A 2GCJUSH
    OT-880A 2GMVCO1
    OT-880A 2GMVGTA
    OT-880A 2GRCUSH
    OT-880A 2GSDUSH
    OT-880A 2GSYUSH
    OT-880A 2GTBUS1
    OT-880A 2GTBUSH
    OT-880A 2GTGMX1
    OT-880A 2GTGMX3
    OT-880A 2GTLCL3
    OT-880A 2GTLCO1
    OT-880A 2GTLMX3
    OT-880A 2GTLPEB
    OT-880A 2GTLSV3
    OT-880A 2GTLUY1
    OT-880A 2GTLVE3
    OT-880A 2GVBUSH
    OT-880A 2GVLUSH
    OT-880A 2GVMVE3
    OT-880A 2GWCUSH
    OT-880A 2IALMX1
    OT-880A 2IALUSH
    OT-880A 2IALUSJ
    OT-880A 2ICIJM1
    OT-880A 2IMVCO1
    OT-880A 2ITBUS1
    OT-880A 2ITBUSH
    OT-880A 2ITGMX1
    OT-880A 2ITLPEB
    OT-900 2AALAP1
    OT-900 2AALEG1
    OT-900 2AVDKE1
    OT-900 2BALAP1
    OT-900 2BALEG1
    OT-900 2BVDKE1
    OT-900 2CALAP1
    OT-900 2CALEG1
    OT-900 2CVDKE1
    OT-900 2DALAP1
    OT-900 2DALEG1
    OT-900 2DVDKE1
    OT-901 2AALUY1
    OT-901 2AAVPE1
    OT-901 2ACIJM1
    OT-901 2AMVGT1
    OT-901 2BALUY1
    OT-901 2BAVPE1
    OT-901 2BCIJM1
    OT-901 2BMVGT1
    OT-901 2CALUY1
    OT-901 2CAVPE1
    OT-901 2CCIJM1
    OT-901 2CMVGT1
    OT-901 2DALUY1
    OT-901 2DAVPE1
    OT-901 2DCIJM1
    OT-901 2DMVGT1
    OT-901 AAALAR2
    OT-901 ABALAR2
    OT-901 ACALAR2
    OT-901 ADALAR2
    OT-901A 2AALUY1
    OT-901A 2AAVPE1
    OT-901A 2ACIJM1
    OT-901A 2AMVGT1
    OT-901A 2BALUY1
    OT-901A 2BAVPE1
    OT-901A 2BCIJM1
    OT-901A 2BMVGT1
    OT-901A 2CALUY1
    OT-901A 2CAVPE1
    OT-901A 2CCIJM1
    OT-901A 2CMVGT1
    OT-901A 2DALUY1
    OT-901A 2DAVPE1
    OT-901A 2DCIJM1
    OT-901A 2DMVGT1
    OT-901A AAALAR2
    OT-901A ABALAR2
    OT-901A ACALAR2
    OT-901A ADALAR2
    OT-905 2AALCL1
    OT-905 2ATLCR1
    OT-905 2ATLCR3
    OT-905 2ATLMX1
    OT-905 2ATLMX3
    OT-905 2AVDFJ1
    OT-905 2BALCL1
    OT-905 2BTLCR1
    OT-905 2BTLCR3
    OT-905 2BTLMX1
    OT-905 2BTLMX3
    OT-905 2BVDFJ1
    OT-905 2CALCL1
    OT-905 2CTLCR1
    OT-905 2CTLCR3
    OT-905 2CTLMX1
    OT-905 2CTLMX3
    OT-905 2CVDFJ1
    OT-905A 2AALCL1
    OT-905A 2ATLMX1
    OT-905A 2ATLMX3
    OT-905A 2BALCL1
    OT-905A 2BTLMX1
    OT-905A 2BTLMX3
    OT-905A 2CALCL1
    OT-905A 2CTLMX1
    OT-905A 2CTLMX3
    OT-980 2ETLPA1
    OT-980A 2ETLPA1
    OT-F115 2ASFRE1
    OT-F122 2ASFFR1
    OT-F344 2ASFFR1
    OT-F344 2ASFRE1
    OT-I606 2CLCCN1
    OT-I606 2DLCCN1
    OT-I606 2ELCCN1
    OT-I606 2FLCCN1
    OT-I606 2GLCCN1
    OT-I606 2HLCCN1
    OT-I808 2ALCCN1
    OT-I808 2BLCCN1
    OT-I808 2CLCCN1
    OT-I808 2DLCCN1
    OT-I808 2ELCCN1
    OT-I808 2FLCCN1
    OT-I880 2ALCCN1
    OT-I880 2ALCHK1
    OT-I880 2BLCCN1
    OT-I880 2BLCHK1
    OT-I880 2CLCCN1
    OT-I880 2DLCCN1
    OT-I905 2ALCCN1
    OT-I905 2BLCCN1
    OT-I905 2CLCCN1
    OT-Q3 2ALCCN1
    OT-Q3 2ALCHK1
    OT-Q3 2BLCCN1
    OT-Q3 2BLCHK1
    OT-Q3 2CLCCN1
    OT-Q3 2CLCHK1
    OT-Q3 2DLCCN1
    OT-Q3 2DLCHK1
    OT-Q3 2HLCCN1
    OT-Q3 2HLCHK1
    OT-T355 2CLCCN1
    OT-T355 2DLCCN1
    OT-T355 2ELCCN1
    OT-T355 2FLCCN1
    OT-V345 2AVDFJ1
    OT-V345 2BVDFJ1
    OT-V345 2CVDFJ1
    OT-V555 2AVDAU1
    OT-V555 2AVDCY1
    OT-V555 2AVDCZ1
    OT-V555 2AVDFJ1
    OT-V555 2AVDHR1
    OT-V555 2AVDHU1
    OT-V555 2AVDIN1
    OT-V555 2AVDIT1
    OT-V555 2AVDKE1
    OT-V555 2AVDMK1
    OT-V555 2AVDMT1
    OT-V555 2AVDNZ1
    OT-V555 2AVDNZK
    OT-V555 2AVDPTK
    OT-V555 2AVDTZ1
    OT-V555 2AVDZR1
    OT-V555 2AVNRS1
    OT-V555 2BVDAU1
    OT-V555 2BVDCY1
    OT-V555 2BVDCZ1
    OT-V555 2BVDFJ1
    OT-V555 2BVDHR1
    OT-V555 2BVDHU1
    OT-V555 2BVDIN1
    OT-V555 2BVDIT1
    OT-V555 2BVDKE1
    OT-V555 2BVDMK1
    OT-V555 2BVDMT1
    OT-V555 2BVDNZ1
    OT-V555 2BVDNZK
    OT-V555 2BVDPTK
    OT-V555 2BVDTZ1
    OT-V555 2BVDZR1
    OT-V555 2BVNRS1
    For more info check


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    Talking 4 Nov 2011 Micro-Box AIO V2.0.4.4 : CODE CALCULATOR SMALL UPDATE

    4 Nov 2011 Micro-Box AIO V2.0.4.4 : CODE CALCULATOR SMALL UPDATE

    Added BlackBerry 9810
    Added BlackBerry 9860
    Added Huawei G7210
    Added Huawei Modem EM770J



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    Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.0 UPDATE


    - SAMSUNG I9000, Galaxy S, I9100, Galaxy S2, I9103, Galaxy R - read codes for android version lower then 2.3

    - SAMSUNG I9000, Galaxy S, I9100, Galaxy S2, I9103, Galaxy R - direct unlock for all android version including 2.3.x

    - SAMSUNG I9001, Galaxy Plus - all android versions read codes and "Direct Unlock FIRST IN THE WORLD"

    - SAMSUNG I5800, I5801, Galaxy Teos, Galaxy 3, Galaxy Apollo, Galaxy Naos - all android version read codes and direct unlock*

    *allready supported Direct unlock before

    Read Code by USB in less then 10 seconds for :

    - SAMSUNG Avila*
    - SAMSUNG Corby*
    - SAMSUNG Genio Touch*
    - SAMSUNG Player One*
    - SAMSUNG S3370
    - SAMSUNG S3370N
    - SAMSUNG S3650*
    - SAMSUNG S3653*
    - SAMSUNG S3850
    - SAMSUNG S5230*
    - SAMSUNG S5230W*
    - SAMSUNG S5233T*
    - SAMSUNG S5250
    - SAMSUNG S5260
    - SAMSUNG S5330
    - SAMSUNG S5510
    - SAMSUNG S5560i
    - SAMSUNG S5750*
    - SAMSUNG S5750E*
    - SAMSUNG S5753
    - SAMSUNG S5753E
    - SAMSUNG S5780
    - SAMSUNG S7200
    - SAMSUNG S7230*
    - SAMSUNG S7230E*
    - SAMSUNG S7233
    - SAMSUNG S7233E
    - SAMSUNG S8000
    - SAMSUNG S8000C
    - SAMSUNG S8000H
    - SAMSUNG S8000U
    - SAMSUNG S8003
    - SAMSUNG S8500*
    - SAMSUNG S8530*
    - SAMSUNG Star II
    - SAMSUNG Tocco Lite*
    - SAMSUNG WAVE 525
    - SAMSUNG WAVE 575*
    - SAMSUNG WAVE 723*
    - SAMSUNG WAVE 37*

    *allready supported by different way before all other are totaly new models !



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    12 Nov 2011 : Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.1 SAMSUNG ANDROID SMALL UPDATE:

    • SAMSUNG P7500
    • Galaxy Tab 10.1
    • SAMSUNG N7000
    • Galaxy Notes

    *We wait your feedback! Thank you!

    2. Repaired WRONG MODEL SELECTED for I9103/Galaxy R!

    3. Improuved TEMPROOT for all ANDROID models!



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    ALCATEL OT-217, OT-217A, OT-217D,
    ALCATEL OT-385J, OT-385JA, OT-818, OT-818A, OT-818D,
    ALCATEL OT-888, OT-888A, OT-888D, OT-907, OT-C710, OT-C710D,
    ALCATEL OT-F152, OT-I818, OT-I888, OT-I900, OT-V354, OT-V355


    Alternative download links: One click file hosting: MicroBoxALLinONE V2.0.5.2 CR FINAL.rar
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    Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe


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    23 November 2011 Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.3


    - MEP-06041-017


    - HUAWEI G20,
    - HUAWEI G6005,
    - OPTIMUS Sydney,
    - VODAFONE 550,
    - TMN Script,
    - TMN Script23,
    - ZIK V6202,
    - ZIK V8310,
    - ZTE Light Pro,
    - ZTE N295,
    - ZTE R236,
    - ZTE Sydney,
    - ZTE Vairy Touch 811,
    - ZTE X632,


    ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINKS: One click file hosting: MicroBoxALLinONE V2.0.5.3 CR FINAL.rar
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    25 November 2011 Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.4


    Added 6 new models:

    - OT-117
    - OT-7110
    - OT-7110A
    - OT-810
    - OT-813F
    - OT-Q5

    Added 1500 NEW PROVIDER IDs!



    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service One click file hosting: MicroBoxALLinONE V2.0.5.4 CR FINAL.rar
    Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe


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    12 DECEMBER 2011 - Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.5 : ALCATEL MODULE UPDATE !!!


    4 new models :

    - OT-262
    - OT-312
    - OT-810D
    - OT-828


    OT-105 2AALKE1
    OT-105 2BALKE1

    OT-108 2AEHFR1
    OT-108 2AMNGH3
    OT-108 2BEHFR1
    OT-108 2BMNGH3

    OT-113 2AAZTE3
    OT-113 2BAZTE3
    OT-113 2CAZTE3

    OT-117 2AT2CV3
    OT-117 2BT2CV3
    OT-117 2CT2CV3

    OT-208 2AAVAR1
    OT-208 2AAVAR2
    OT-208 2AAVPY1
    OT-208 2AAVUY1
    OT-208 2ATZTN1
    OT-208 2BAVAR1
    OT-208 2BAVAR2
    OT-208 2BAVPY1
    OT-208 2BAVUY1
    OT-208 2BTZTN1
    OT-208 AAAVAR2
    OT-208 AATLAR2
    OT-208 ABAVAR2
    OT-208 ABTLAR2

    OT-208A 2AAVAR1
    OT-208A 2AAVAR2
    OT-208A 2AAVPY1
    OT-208A 2AAVUY1
    OT-208A 2BAVAR1
    OT-208A 2BAVAR2
    OT-208A 2BAVPY1
    OT-208A 2BAVUY1
    OT-208A AAAVAR2
    OT-208A AATLAR2
    OT-208A ABAVAR2
    OT-208A ABTLAR2

    OT-209 24M1TG3
    OT-209 25M1TG3
    OT-209 26M1TG3
    OT-209 2AM1TG3
    OT-209 2BM1TG3
    OT-209 2CM1TG3
    OT-209 2DM1TG3
    OT-209 2EM1TG3
    OT-209 2FM1TG3
    OT-209 2GM1TG3
    OT-209 2HM1TG3
    OT-209 2IM1TG3
    OT-209 2JM1TG3
    OT-209 2KM1TG3
    OT-209 2LM1TG3
    OT-209 2MM1TG3
    OT-209 2NM1TG3
    OT-209 2PM1TG3
    OT-209 2QM1TG3
    OT-209 2RM1TG3
    OT-209 2SM1TG3
    OT-209 2TM1TG3
    OT-209 2UM1TG3
    OT-209 2VM1TG3
    OT-209 2WM1TG3
    OT-209 2YM1TG3
    OT-209 2ZM1TG3

    OT-213 2AALGH1
    OT-213 2AMPBG1
    OT-213 2AOPNC1
    OT-213 2BALGH1
    OT-213 2BMPBG1
    OT-213 2BOPNC1
    OT-213 2CALGH1
    OT-213 2CMPBG1
    OT-213 2COPNC1
    OT-213 2DALGH1
    OT-213 2DMPBG1
    OT-213 2DOPNC1

    OT-217 2AALBR1
    OT-217 2AALCH1
    OT-217 2AALFR1
    OT-217 2AALIT1
    OT-217 2AALKE1
    OT-217 2AALNL1
    OT-217 2AALPT1
    OT-217 2AALRU1
    OT-217 2AALTN1
    OT-217 2AB1MY1
    OT-217 2AEHFR1
    OT-217 2AFPIN1
    OT-217 2AM4VN3
    OT-217 2ATBAL1
    OT-217 2BALBR1
    OT-217 2BALCH1
    OT-217 2BALFR1
    OT-217 2BALIT1
    OT-217 2BALKE1
    OT-217 2BALNL1
    OT-217 2BALPT1
    OT-217 2BALRU1
    OT-217 2BALTN1
    OT-217 2BB1MY1
    OT-217 2BEHFR1
    OT-217 2BFPIN1
    OT-217 2BM4VN3
    OT-217 2BTBAL1
    OT-217 2CALBR1
    OT-217 2CALCH1
    OT-217 2CALFR1
    OT-217 2CALIT1
    OT-217 2CALKE1
    OT-217 2CALNL1
    OT-217 2CALPT1
    OT-217 2CALRU1
    OT-217 2CALTN1
    OT-217 2CB1MY1
    OT-217 2CEHFR1
    OT-217 2CFPIN1
    OT-217 2CM4VN3
    OT-217 2CTBAL1

    OT-217D 2AALBR1
    OT-217D 2AALCH1
    OT-217D 2AALFR1
    OT-217D 2AALNL1
    OT-217D 2AALPT1
    OT-217D 2AALRU1
    OT-217D 2AALTN1
    OT-217D 2AB1MY1
    OT-217D 2AEHFR1
    OT-217D 2AFPIN1
    OT-217D 2AM4VN3
    OT-217D 2BALBR1
    OT-217D 2BALCH1
    OT-217D 2BALFR1
    OT-217D 2BALNL1
    OT-217D 2BALPT1
    OT-217D 2BALRU1
    OT-217D 2BALTN1
    OT-217D 2BB1MY1
    OT-217D 2BEHFR1
    OT-217D 2BFPIN1
    OT-217D 2BM4VN3
    OT-217D 2CALBR1
    OT-217D 2CALCH1
    OT-217D 2CALFR1
    OT-217D 2CALNL1
    OT-217D 2CALPT1
    OT-217D 2CALRU1
    OT-217D 2CALTN1
    OT-217D 2CB1MY1
    OT-217D 2CEHFR1
    OT-217D 2CFPIN1
    OT-217D 2CM4VN3

    OT-252 2AVDBE1
    OT-252 2BVDBE1
    OT-252 2CVDBE1
    OT-252 2DVDBE1
    OT-252 2EVDBE1
    OT-252 2FVDBE1

    OT-255 2AVDKE2
    OT-255 2BVDKE2
    OT-255 2CVDKE2
    OT-255 2DVDKE2

    OT-262 2AMSRU1
    OT-262 2BMSRU1
    OT-262 2CMSRU1

    OT-306 2AALKE1
    OT-306 2AALNL1
    OT-306 2AALRO1
    OT-306 2ABFVE1
    OT-306 2ATGMX1
    OT-306 2BALKE1
    OT-306 2BALNL1
    OT-306 2BALRO1
    OT-306 2BBFVE1
    OT-306 2BTGMX1
    OT-306 2CALKE1
    OT-306 2CALNL1
    OT-306 2CALRO1
    OT-306 2CBFVE1
    OT-306 2CTGMX1
    OT-306 2DALKE1
    OT-306 2DALNL1
    OT-306 2DALRO1
    OT-306 2DBFVE1
    OT-306 2DTGMX1
    OT-306 2EALKE1
    OT-306 2EALNL1
    OT-306 2EALRO1
    OT-306 2EBFVE1
    OT-306 2ETGMX1
    OT-306 2FALKE1
    OT-306 2FALNL1
    OT-306 2FALRO1
    OT-306 2FBFVE1
    OT-306 2FTGMX1

    OT-306A 2ABFVE1
    OT-306A 2ATGMX1
    OT-306A 2BBFVE1
    OT-306A 2BTGMX1
    OT-306A 2CBFVE1
    OT-306A 2CTGMX1
    OT-306A 2DBFVE1
    OT-306A 2DTGMX1
    OT-306A 2EBFVE1
    OT-306A 2ETGMX1
    OT-306A 2FBFVE1
    OT-306A 2FTGMX1

    OT-312 2ARGTE5

    OT-355 2AALKE1
    OT-355 2AALLK1
    OT-355 2AM9MZ1
    OT-355 2AOCUS1
    OT-355 2AVDGH1
    OT-355 2BALKE1
    OT-355 2BALLK1
    OT-355 2BM9MZ1
    OT-355 2BOCUS1
    OT-355 2BVDGH1
    OT-355 2CALLK1
    OT-355 2GM9MZ1

    OT-355A 2AOCUS1
    OT-355A 2BOCUS1

    OT-355D 2AALKE1
    OT-355D 2AALLK1
    OT-355D 2AVDGH1
    OT-355D 2BALKE1
    OT-355D 2BALLK1
    OT-355D 2BVDGH1
    OT-355D 2CALLK1

    OT-361 2AOPNC1
    OT-361 2BOPNC1
    OT-361 2COPNC1
    OT-361 2DOPNC1

    OT-385 2AALGH1
    OT-385 2AALTR1
    OT-385 2ATLSV3
    OT-385 2BALGH1
    OT-385 2BALTR1
    OT-385 2BTLSV3
    OT-385 2CALGH1
    OT-385 2CALTR1
    OT-385 2CTLSV3

    OT-385D 2AALGH1
    OT-385D 2BALGH1
    OT-385D 2CALGH1

    OT-385JA 2ATLSV3
    OT-385JA 2BTLSV3
    OT-385JA 2CTLSV3

    OT-455 2BVDQA1
    OT-455 2CVDQA1
    OT-455 2DVDQA1

    OT-506 2AALGH1
    OT-506 2AALKE1
    OT-506 2ATLECB
    OT-506 2ATLSV3
    OT-506 2BALGH1
    OT-506 2BALKE1
    OT-506 2BTLECB
    OT-506 2BTLSV3

    OT-506A 2ATLECB
    OT-506A 2ATLSV3
    OT-506A 2BTLECB
    OT-506A 2BTLSV3

    OT-506D 2AALGH1
    OT-506D 2AALKE1
    OT-506D 2BALGH1
    OT-506D 2BALKE1

    OT-585 2AALFR1
    OT-585 2AEHFR1
    OT-585 2BALFR1
    OT-585 2BEHFR1
    OT-585 2CALFR1
    OT-585 2CEHFR1
    OT-585 2DALFR1
    OT-585 2DEHFR1

    OT-585D 2AALFR1
    OT-585D 2AEHFR1
    OT-585D 2BALFR1
    OT-585D 2BEHFR1
    OT-585D 2CALFR1
    OT-585D 2CEHFR1
    OT-585D 2DALFR1
    OT-585D 2DEHFR1

    OT-602 2EOBGB3

    OT-606 2CALLK1
    OT-606 2DALLK1
    OT-606 2EALLK1
    OT-606 2FALLK1
    OT-606 2GALLK1
    OT-606 2HALLK1
    OT-606 2IALLK1

    OT-665 2AEKES1
    OT-665 2AOPNC1
    OT-665 2ARGGB3
    OT-665 2ARGRE1
    OT-665 2ATGMX1
    OT-665 2ATLES3
    OT-665 2AVDMK1
    OT-665 2AWCDO1
    OT-665 2BEKES1
    OT-665 2BOPNC1
    OT-665 2BRGGB3
    OT-665 2BRGRE1
    OT-665 2BTGMX1
    OT-665 2BTLES3
    OT-665 2BVDMK1
    OT-665 2BWCDO1
    OT-665 2CEKES1
    OT-665 2COPNC1
    OT-665 2CRGGB3
    OT-665 2CRGRE1
    OT-665 2CTGMX1
    OT-665 2CTLES3
    OT-665 2CVDMK1
    OT-665 2CWCDO1
    OT-665 2DEKES1
    OT-665 2DOPNC1
    OT-665 2DRGGB3
    OT-665 2DTGMX1
    OT-665 2DVDMK1
    OT-665 2EEKES1
    OT-665 2EOPNC1
    OT-665 2EVDMK1
    OT-665 2FEKES1
    OT-665 2FVDMK1
    OT-665 2GEKES1
    OT-665 2GOPNC1
    OT-665 2GVDMK1
    OT-665 2HEKES1
    OT-665 2IEKES1
    OT-665 2IOPNC1
    OT-665 2IRGGB3
    OT-665 2IRGRE1
    OT-665 2ITGMX1
    OT-665 2ITLES3
    OT-665 2IVDMK1
    OT-665 2IWCDO1
    OT-665 2JEKES1
    OT-665 2JOPNC1
    OT-665 2JRGGB3
    OT-665 2JRGRE1
    OT-665 2JTGMX1
    OT-665 2JTLES3
    OT-665 2JVDMK1
    OT-665 2JWCDO1

    OT-665A 2ATGMX1
    OT-665A 2AWCDO1
    OT-665A 2BTGMX1
    OT-665A 2BWCDO1
    OT-665A 2CTGMX1
    OT-665A 2CWCDO1
    OT-665A 2DTGMX1
    OT-665A 2ITGMX1
    OT-665A 2IWCDO1
    OT-665A 2JTGMX1
    OT-665A 2JWCDO1

    OT-802 2CBFVN1
    OT-802 2DBFVN1
    OT-802 2EBFVN1
    OT-802 2FBFVN1
    OT-802Y 2CBFVN1
    OT-802Y 2DBFVN1
    OT-802Y 2EBFVN1
    OT-802Y 2FBFVN1

    OT-803 2AATNE1
    OT-803 2BATNE1
    OT-803 2CATNE1
    OT-803 2DATNE1
    OT-803 2EATNE1
    OT-806 2AALDZ1
    OT-806 2BALDZ1
    OT-806 2CALDZ1

    OT-806D 2AALDZ1
    OT-806D 2BALDZ1
    OT-806D 2CALDZ1

    OT-810 2CALRS1
    OT-810 2CALRU1
    OT-810 2DALIT1
    OT-810 2DALLK1
    OT-810 2DALPT1
    OT-810 2DC2PH1
    OT-810 2DVPLK1
    OT-810 2EALIT1
    OT-810 2EALLK1
    OT-810 2EALPT1
    OT-810 2EC2PH1
    OT-810 2EVPLK1
    OT-810 2FALIT1
    OT-810 2FALLK1
    OT-810 2FALPT1
    OT-810 2FC2PH1
    OT-810 2FVPLK1
    OT-810 2GALIT1
    OT-810 2GALLK1
    OT-810 2GALPT1
    OT-810 2GALRS1
    OT-810 2GALRU1
    OT-810 2GC2PH1
    OT-810 2GVPLK1

    OT-810D 2DALIT1
    OT-810D 2DALLK1
    OT-810D 2DALPT1
    OT-810D 2DC2PH1
    OT-810D 2DVPLK1
    OT-810D 2EALIT1
    OT-810D 2EALLK1
    OT-810D 2EALPT1
    OT-810D 2EC2PH1
    OT-810D 2EVPLK1
    OT-810D 2FALIT1
    OT-810D 2FALLK1
    OT-810D 2FALPT1
    OT-810D 2FC2PH1
    OT-810D 2FVPLK1
    OT-810D 2GALIT1
    OT-810D 2GALLK1
    OT-810D 2GALPT1
    OT-810D 2GC2PH1
    OT-810D 2GVPLK1

    OT-813 2AALEU1
    OT-813 2AALRS1
    OT-813 2ARGAM3
    OT-813 2ARGFA1
    OT-813 2ARGMD3
    OT-813 2ARGPL3
    OT-813 2ASKID1
    OT-813 2ATLVE1
    OT-813 2BALEU1
    OT-813 2BALRS1
    OT-813 2BRGAM3
    OT-813 2BRGFA1
    OT-813 2BRGMD3
    OT-813 2BRGPL3
    OT-813 2BSKID1
    OT-813 2CALEU1
    OT-813 2CALRS1
    OT-813 2CRGAM3
    OT-813 2CRGFA1
    OT-813 2CRGMD3
    OT-813 2CRGPL3
    OT-813 2CSKID1
    OT-813 2DALEU1
    OT-813 2DALRS1
    OT-813 2DRGAM3
    OT-813 2DRGFA1
    OT-813 2DRGMD3
    OT-813 2DRGPL3
    OT-813 2DSKID1
    OT-813 2EALEU1
    OT-813 2EALRS1
    OT-813 2ERGAM3
    OT-813 2ERGFA1
    OT-813 2ERGMD3
    OT-813 2ERGPL3
    OT-813 2ESKID1
    OT-813 2FTLVE1
    OT-813 2GTLVE1
    OT-813 2HTLVE1
    OT-813 AATLAR2
    OT-813 ABTLAR2
    OT-813 ACTLAR2
    OT-813 ADTLAR2
    OT-813 AETLAR2

    OT-813A 2ATLVE1
    OT-813A 2FTLVE1
    OT-813A 2GTLVE1
    OT-813A 2HTLVE1
    OT-813A AATLAR2
    OT-813A ABTLAR2
    OT-813A ACTLAR2
    OT-813A ADTLAR2
    OT-813A AETLAR2

    OT-813D 2AALRS1
    OT-813D 2ASKID1
    OT-813D 2BALRS1
    OT-813D 2BSKID1
    OT-813D 2CALRS1
    OT-813D 2CSKID1
    OT-813D 2DALRS1
    OT-813D 2DSKID1
    OT-813D 2EALRS1
    OT-813D 2ESKID1

    OT-813F 2AALEU1
    OT-813F 2ARGAM3
    OT-813F 2ARGMD3
    OT-813F 2ARGPL3
    OT-813F 2BALEU1
    OT-813F 2BRGAM3
    OT-813F 2BRGMD3
    OT-813F 2BRGPL3
    OT-813F 2CALEU1
    OT-813F 2CRGAM3
    OT-813F 2CRGMD3
    OT-813F 2CRGPL3
    OT-813F 2DALEU1
    OT-813F 2DRGAM3
    OT-813F 2DRGMD3
    OT-813F 2DRGPL3
    OT-813F 2EALEU1
    OT-813F 2ERGAM3
    OT-813F 2ERGMD3
    OT-813F 2ERGPL3

    OT-818 2AALGH1
    OT-818 2AALLK1
    OT-818 2ABGGE1
    OT-818 2ACFMK1
    OT-818 2AM6LK1
    OT-818 2BALGH1
    OT-818 2BALLK1
    OT-818 2BBGGE1
    OT-818 2BCFMK1
    OT-818 2BM6LK1
    OT-818 2CALGH1
    OT-818 2CALLK1
    OT-818 2CBGGE1
    OT-818 2CCFMK1
    OT-818 2CM6LK1
    OT-818 2DALGH1
    OT-818 2DBGGE1
    OT-818 2DCFMK1
    OT-818 2DM6LK1
    OT-818 2EALGH1
    OT-818 2EBGGE1
    OT-818 2ECFMK1
    OT-818 2FALGH1
    OT-818 2FBGGE1
    OT-818 2FCFMK1
    OT-818 2GALGH1
    OT-818 2GBGGE1
    OT-818 2GCFMK1

    OT-818D 2AALLK1
    OT-818D 2AM6LK1
    OT-818D 2BALLK1
    OT-818D 2BM6LK1
    OT-818D 2CALLK1
    OT-818D 2CM6LK1
    OT-818D 2DM6LK1

    OT-819 2AALES1
    OT-819 2AEKES1
    OT-819 2BALES1
    OT-819 2BEKES1
    OT-828 2AN1RU1
    OT-828 2BN1RU1
    OT-828 2CN1RU1
    OT-828 2DN1RU1
    OT-828 2EN1RU1
    OT-828 2FN1RU1
    OT-828 2GN1RU1

    OT-888 2AIMMX1
    OT-888 2AIWUS1
    OT-888 2AM9MZ1
    OT-888 2AOCUS1
    OT-888 2BIMMX1
    OT-888 2BIWUS1
    OT-888 2BM9MZ1
    OT-888 2BOCUS1
    OT-888 2CIMMX1
    OT-888 2CIWUS1
    OT-888 2CM9MZ1
    OT-888 2COCUS1
    OT-888 2DIMMX1
    OT-888 2DIWUS1
    OT-888 2DM9MZ1
    OT-888 2DOCUS1

    OT-888A 2AIWUS1
    OT-888A 2AOCUS1
    OT-888A 2BIWUS1
    OT-888A 2BOCUS1
    OT-888A 2CIWUS1
    OT-888A 2COCUS1
    OT-888A 2DIWUS1
    OT-888A 2DOCUS1
    OT-888D 2AIMMX1
    OT-888D 2BIMMX1
    OT-888D 2CIMMX1
    OT-888D 2DIMMX1

    OT-900 2ARGEU3
    OT-900 2ARGKE3
    OT-900 2ARGTE3
    OT-900 2BRGEU3
    OT-900 2BRGKE3
    OT-900 2BRGTE3
    OT-900 2CRGEU3
    OT-900 2CRGKE3
    OT-900 2CRGTE3
    OT-900 2DRGEU3
    OT-900 2DRGKE3
    OT-900 2DRGTE3
    OT-905 2AALFR1
    OT-905 2BALFR1
    OT-905 2CALFR1

    OT-V555 2AVDNZ1
    OT-V555 2AVDQA1
    OT-V555 2BVDNZ1
    OT-V555 2BVDQA1
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    14 December 2011 - Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.6 : MULTIPLATFORM UPDATE

    BlackBerry P9981,
    BlackBerry Porsche P9981

    SFR 116 noir,
    SFR 116i

    TCL T208,
    TCL T218,
    TCL T255,
    TCL T355

    VODAFONE 345,
    VODAFONE 354,
    VODAFONE 355,
    VODAFONE 555,
    VODAFONE 570

    SAGEM EP-05,
    SAGEM my312X,


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    16 Dec 2011 Micro-Box AIO V2.0.5.7 ALCATEL QUALCOM BEST IN THE WORLD

    Best solution - All Qualcomm supported, no cable needed, you only need IMEI and PID
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