INFO: You need ATF Software Version 12.55 so that you can flash Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550 Windows 10 Phones. You can download it via the AUTOUPDATE SERVER!

Flash Files for Lumia Phones will be made available on ATF UPDATE 12.60 this month. We will integrate a firmware search engine and download accelerator for this update. If you need specific flash files right now for 950, 950XL and 550 phones, please post your preferred PRODUCT CODE or COUNTRY VARIANT and I will post the links.

ATF Lumia 950 XL DS WinPhone 10 Full Flashing!
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Microsoft Lumia 950 XL DS WinPhone 10 Flashed Successfully with ATF

Here are the Screenshot:

Here is the Flashing Logs:


Windows Phone 8/8.1/10 Flashing Started
Loading Flash Files Please Wait...

================================================== ====
Windows Phone 8/8.1/10 Lumia Flasher
================================================== ====

If the Phone is ALIVE
1. Power On the Phone and Connect it to the USB Port

If the Phone is DEAD
1. Connect Phone to the USB Port
2. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER Buttons
3. Wait until the Phone Vibrates Shortly...
4. Stop Pressing the Buttons...

If the Phone is DEAD BOOT
1. Connect Phone to the USB Port
2. Install Correct Drivers:
"Nokia Emergency Connectivity" Located at:

C:\AdvanceBox Turbo Flasher\Driver\NOKIA_X2_USB_DRIVERS\
================================================== ====

Basic Phone Information
SW Version : 01078.00027.15506.02003
IMEI Plain : 351832071215140
IMEI2 Plain : 351832071215157
Phone Type : RM-1116
HW Version : 4031
Product Code : 059X5W2
Basic Product Code: 059W743
Module Code : 0206453
PSN Number : C204702AU
Operator Name : 000-88
Phone Version : BuildDate : Dec 12 2015 , BuildType : Release , HelloString : NCSd for WP10 , Version : 8.4
Manufacturer ID : RM-1116_11284
Security Mode : Restricted
Extended Phone Information
Public ID : B44E0FDFB4B0F7501AA852BF8D4E547DFB141387
Wireless Lan 0 ID: 38:F2:3E:8D:5C:10
Wireless Lan 1 ID: 38:F2:3E:8D:5C:11
Wireless Lan 2 ID: 38:F2:3E:8D:5C:12
Wireless Lan 3 ID: 38:F2:3E:8D:5C:13
Bluetooth ID : 38:F2:3E:8B:9F:E4
Simlock Information
Booting Flash Mode Initiated...
Please wait upto 15 Seconds for HW Reset
Boot Flash Mode Successful...
Buffers Flushed OK...
Phone Info Query Start...
Blocks Returned: 0x09 Blocks
Block ID 0x01 : 00241000
Block ID 0x1F : 01
Block ID 0x02 : 00240000
Block ID 0x03 : 03A3E000
Block ID 0x05 : Microsoft.MSM8994.P6211.2.1
Block ID 0x0D : 0001
Block ID 0x0F : 0301010100000101FF
Block ID 0x10 : 01000F0000
Block ID 0x20 : 010000000100000004
Checking SD Card Size...
Card Size: 0x00000000
Checking Platform Security Status...
Platform Secure Boot Status: Active
Secure FFU EFUSE Status: Active
Debug Status: Active
RDC Status: Not Active
Authentication Status: Not Active
UEFI Secure Boot Status: Active
Checking Secure FFU Mode...
Secure FFU Mode :
Query Flash App Information...
Flash App Information: 020229024B00
Flash App Protocol Version: 2.41
Flash App Implementation Version: 2.75
ROOT_KEY_HASH: 427D8FD5A7F227820D5B11BF8C6F7670C0A0622CC61BA95AAE E18F7517FC0B77
Query PUBLIC ID...
PUBLIC_ID: B44E0FDFB4B0F7501AA852BF8D4E547DFB141387
Query eMMC Info...
EMMC Manufacture ID: HYNIX
EMMC Product SN : 1466C875
EMMC_SIZE: 32 Gigabytes
Query Battery Charge Status...
Sending Image Signatures...
Image Signatures Accepted!
Erasing Data Partition...
Data Partition Erased Successfully
Preparing Buffers for DATA LOOP...
Allocating System RAM OK!
Start Sending DATA BLOCKS...
Finished Sending all DATA BLOCKS!
Exiting FLASH Mode via REBOOT...
Exit FLASH Mode Successful!
Flashing Done!
Total Flashing Time : 00:08:42

Here is our Test Phone...

FLASHING The Phone...