Hello everyone,
We are proud to present our fifth update for our cutting-edge SMARTZ PRO module. In this update, you can enjoy for free without S-OFF or void warranty of your devices the next features:
· CID Change/Repair.

What is this? This is so far the only way in which you can debrand your HTC phone without voiding your warranty. Now you change your MEID. What's more. It doesnt required a S-OFF phone and it only uses USB cable

Just one magic click operation, no pains, no headache.

New zZKey dongles will come pre-activated with “SmartZ Pro”, you do not need to pay any extra money at all. Already registered ones require activation in order to use SmartZ Pro.


What’s new in this update?
HTC 0P3P100 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 0P3P700 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 0P6B200 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 0P6B700 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 0P8B100 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 0P9O300 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 0PCV100 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC 813C {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC A11_CHL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC A3QHD_CL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC A5_CHL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC Desire 510 {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC Desire 512 Cricket {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC Desire 610 Verizon {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC M7_WL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC M8 Harman Kardon Sprint {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC M8_MINI_WL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC M8_WHL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC M8_WL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC One 2 Sprint {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC One 2 Verizon {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC One Max Sprint {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC One Max Verizon {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC One Remix {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC T6_WHL {MEID Change/Repair}
HTC ZARA_CL {MEID Change/Repair}

PD: Repair MEID in same "IMEI window", just click in IMEI button..., then put new IMEI, and then MEID will change also similar to new IMEI.

The MEID change option has been created by our zZ-Team only with the objective of repair the original IMEI/MEID. Any illegal use with the IMEI/MEID, changes or modifications of the original IMEI, are on their own responsibility. Our zZ-Team no assumes responsibility to misuse of this software.

In order to activate SmartZ Pro, contact your nearest reseller for prices.

Important: Regular free updates will be release now for SmartZ PRO, the old SmartZ module is going to be discontinued.

Download UpCenter v308, click in "Download Center" button... then download the Update SMART_PROZ_v1.1.4.rar from zz-key.com/download/

ZZKEY Latest Manual Jan/23/2016

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