Octoplus JTAG PRO Software v.1.1.7 is out!

Resize/Repartition feature and ADB tool have been released!

Octoplus Box JTAG PRO Software v.1.1.7 Release Notes:

  • Released Resize/Repartition feature - possibility to resize/repartition eMMC flash with EFI partition table! One button click only!
    This new feature is important and should be used when you decide to replace your flash memory, use another chip with bigger or less flash memory size.
    Also, Resize/Repartition feature will come handy when you performed recovery operation and want the device to recognize the amount of available memory correctly.
    For example, you have a device with 16GB flash chip and corresponding restore file, created with the same device, with the same amount of memory – also 16GB.
    You changed the original flash chip on another flash chip with bigger capacity – 32GB and performed the restore operation, using recovery file (Repair File), which has been created on a similar device with 16GB flash memory size.
    As a result, after recovery operation, device will recognize 16GB only of new flash memory chip. To be able to access all 32GB on your new chip you have to perform Resize/Repartition operation!
    Note: Not all versions of firmware support repartition/resize operation.

    To perform Resize/Repartition do the following:
    - Connect device via eMMC
    - Go to «eMMC service» tab
    - Press «Resize/Repartition» button
    - Press «Autorepartition» button - software will perform Resize/Repartition operation with the real (maximum available) flash size
    - Or press «Set size» button - software will perform Resize/Repartition operation with custom size, which you have set in bytes
    - After «Resize/Repartition» ends make Factory Data reset from phone Settings.

  • Released ADB tool - possibility to read flash via ADB interface!

    To work with ABD complete the following steps:
    - Root device
    - Turn on USB Debugging Mode in the menu of the device
    - Install necessary ADB drivers
    - Select «ABD» interface in the software
    - Press «Connect» button in the software to connect device via ADB and read device info

    After successfully connection you will able to:
    - Read necessary device partitions (software will automatically detect the device partitions, if they are not damaged or partition table is present).
    You can read selected partitions into «*.mpt» file or into separate binary («*.bin») files (just select «Read each partition into separate binary («*.bin») file» option in the software before read).
    - Read Full Flash.
    - Read custom flash (with size that you required).

  • Improved Content Extractor:

    - Fixed contacts search operation for old Android versions (for old Android versions it is necessary to uncheck «Parse user data only» option in the software).
    - Fixed the incorrect showing process progress of software Progress Bar for some operations.
    - Fixed «Cancel» button operation problem in some cases.
    - Increased parsing data speed.

  • All pinouts and repair procedures described in the manual ("Help" button in the software)

Find out more at: www.octoplusbox.com